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Who We Are

Established in 2007 and headquartered near Munich, Germany, StrongMocha News Group is a leading online publication dedicated to providing in-depth content across diverse interests. Our mission is to inform, educate, and inspire readers through high-quality, detailed articles and reviews. With over 100 brands and magazines under our umbrella, we are committed to serving niche communities with specialized content tailored to their unique passions and needs.

Our Focus Areas

Music Production and Sound Design

StrongMocha is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of music production and sound design. We provide in-depth reviews, tutorials, and industry news about the latest gear, software, and techniques in the music production world. From synthesizers and audio plugins to sound libraries and production tips, our content is designed to help novice and professional music producers enhance their craft​​.

Aromatherapy and Wellness

We also cater to the wellness community with extensive articles on organic essential oils and aromatherapy. Our reviews highlight the best brands and products in the market, focusing on quality, purity, and effectiveness. Whether you are looking for oils for relaxation, pain relief, or general well-being, StrongMocha provides detailed guides to help you make informed choices​.

Home and Lifestyle

StrongMocha extends its expertise to home and lifestyle products, offering reviews and buying guides for everyday essentials. From eco-friendly laundry detergents to versatile car air fresheners, our articles aim to improve your daily life by recommending high-quality, sustainable products.

Specialized Content and Communities

We pride ourselves on catering to niche interests and specialized communities. For example, our Coffee Lovers 101 magazine offers insights and tips for coffee enthusiasts, covering everything from brewing techniques to the latest trends in coffee culture. This relaunch exemplifies our dedication to providing valuable content for diverse audiences​.

Our Mission

At StrongMocha News Group, we aim to be a trusted source of information and inspiration. We strive to deliver content that informs and empowers our readers to explore and pursue their passions. Whether you are a music producer, wellness advocate, or someone looking to enhance your lifestyle, StrongMocha supports you with reliable, engaging, and informative content.

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