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StrongMocha Brand Resources

Our corporate logo is an important part of our brand. It represents our identity and is a valuable piece of intellectual property. Letting other companies use our logo does not mean that we favor or endorse them.

Guiding Principles for Use of the StrongMocha Logo

Below are some of the design and brand guidelines for any copy written leveraging the StrongMocha brand.

  • Do not create your version of the StrongMocha logo.
  • Do not modify the size, color, or proportion of the artwork provided.
  • Do not use the logo within the structure of a sentence, within a title, or in conjunction with another company’s logo.
  • Always allow a “safe space” around the logotype that is equal to or higher than the height of the logo in use.
  • Do not place the logo on busy backgrounds that may decrease legibility.
  • The StrongMocha logo, if used as a linking device on the Internet, must always link to
  • The StrongMocha logo should not be used in any manner that might suggest StrongMocha is the owner of the event.
  • Always include trademark attribution on the page where the logo is being used or in the legal attribution segment of the publication. 

The StrongMocha Logo

strongmochastrongmocha scaled
strongmocha icon 1strongmocha name
StrongMocha Logo

Download the StrongMocha Brand Pack

Using the StrongMocha Logo

The StrongMocha Logo always needs a safe space that is free of imagery and text surrounding it. Use half of the icon’s width to measure the space.

StrongMocha Naming Usage

The “S” and the “M” in StrongMocha are always capitalized. “StrongMocha” must be kept as a single word.

Use the StrongMocha Brand Pack assets to promote and share your experience. Do not combine the StrongMocha logo with any other logo, company name, mark, or generic terms.

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