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Disco Latino by Organic Loops



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Disco Latino by Organic Loops

Organic Loops are proud to present Disco Latino, a rolling and transient selection of South American dancefloor percussion treats! With the sound of disco’s roots from the nightclubs of New York blending seamlessly with the salacious grooves of salsa and other Latin styles, this 100% royalty-free collection offers you something totally unique yet high in usability.

Over the course of 811 MB, Disco Latino brings you a huge array of Latin percussions sounds at tempos most suited to the dancefloor. Caxixis, agogos, tamborims, shakers, blocks, berimbaus, cowbells, ganzas, triangles and whistles are all included and ready for use in your music. Also included is a plethora of combo percussion loops made up of a varied combination of the above! 

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You’ll find the ingredients to 13 unique full percussion kits, meaning you can guild up your structures over the course of your arrangements. At tempos between 109-132bpm, you’ll find this collection perfect for the named genres, plus but will also work well in the house, tech house, hip hop and reggaeton music alongside other dancefloor styles.

In detail, expect to find 811 MB of content with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 13 Latin percussion sets, 96 mixed percussion loops, 55 drum & conga loops, 36 drum loops, 7 caxixi loops, 7 conga loops, 6 block loops, 5 tamborim loops, 4 agogo loops, 4 shaker loops, 2 berimbau loops, 2 cowbell loops, 2 ganza loops, 2 triangle loops, and 1 whistle loop. Also included are 229 Rex2 files.

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Virtual Instrument Library

Electric Disco an Elastik Soundset



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Electric Disco – Good Time Grooves

Electric Disco is Seventies retro sound combined with contemporary House production. Four on the floor grooves, signature basslines, extra cheesy pads and synths, classy pianos, and phunky guitars for disco-inspired tunes. 100% dance music. Whether in the Disco, in the House, or on the Bike, these sounds are perfect for adding a little French flair to your next production. Electric Disco has everything for a top position.

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Good Time Grooves. For music, film, TV, advert, radio or online productions.

Perfect Blend Of Classic Disco And Contemporary House

Electric Disco contains 10 huge constructions kits all recorded at original dance-friendly tempos between 116 and 122 BPM. The library totals 3.3 GB of sample data and contains nearly 700 loops and samples. Each kit includes 3 or 4 main music parts with separate intros, outros (and sometimes both) as well as additional one-shot drum samples for further flexibility. Individual loops have lengths of up to 30 seconds providing plenty of performance variety. Instruments include acoustic and electric pianos, electric guitars (Strat and Telecaster), electric bass (Fender Precision- and Jazzbass, Musicman Stingray), synth bass, synths, electronic drums, pads, strings, organs, FX vocals and soundeffects. Alongside the pre-mixed drum loops, some combination of individual loops is also provided including kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbals, toms, ride, shaker, conga, tambourine and cowbell, making it easy to craft the perfect drum mix for your project.

Electric Disco – Good Time Grooves

Ideal For The Modern Dance Floor

Electric Disco is ideal for busy media composers looking to add some modern Disco elements to their latest musical cue. However, for songwriters or producers, all you need to bring is your own vocal melody, and Electric Disco has everything you need to craft your next dance-floor smash.

Elastik Features

The Elastik player is the perfect plugin for modern music production. All loops in Electric Disco are tagged with information on key and tempo, making fast searches and immediate song integration very easy. The ReTune algorithm allows changing the key and scale of any tonal loop at the highest quality. All libraries are organized in the same browser and can be mixed and matched with each other.

Pricing and Availability

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Electric Disco is available now.

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Assertion by Hainbach Pre-order Vinyl or Digital Album



Assertion by Hainbach Pre order Vinyl or Digital Album

Assertion by Hainbach Pre-order Vinyl or Digital Album

Chase Bliss Records presents the physical edition of “Assurance” on high-quality 180gr vinyl with double-printed inner-sleeve. Artwork lovingly crafted by Nani Gutierrez.

“Dear listener, 
I have a new album coming, full of piano, tape, and wild oscillations. I am working together with Chase Bliss Records to make a vinyl release, too. Since records sold out fast in the past, you might want to make use of the pre-order. 


With the digital pre-order of Assertion. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

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In early 2020, as the first global pandemic of this century hit, Hainbach found himself in a dusty room in an old theatre, sitting next to the ventilation system, cutting tape loops. While the rest of the production staff and actors were depressedly drinking downstairs in the set of the canceled play, Hainbach was splicing meter after meter of the music. These were meant to be spares for the production, should the ones he made for rehearsal break. The simple manual process of running sound through my fingers into the small hours gave him a feeling of control back, as pointless as it might have been.

After the cascade of cancellations in the previous days, Hainbach felt good for the first time. Returning home, Hainbach embarked on a mad dash of activity – a set of samples from his studio Hainbach called “Isolation Loops”, so everyone could jam with him in their confinement, a streamed live show from balcony to balcony with nearest neighbor Orca, a marathon of music and technology live streams and finally this record.

My new album Assertion is my way out of the gloom of this situation, that sees a world becoming in many ways smaller and more closed-minded, while our most vulnerable waste away. It is an attempt at hope, a conscious choice of traveling joyously in music, while the body stays in isolation. It is a celebration of collaboration, as musicians Maysun and Andrew Raffo Dewar contribute to the sound of this album and Nani Gutierrez spins her fantastic visual world further, in the seventh year of our work together. It is an album Hainbach hopes you can put on anytime you need something to underscore your happiness or take you out of the ever-threatening darkness.

If you are curious about how Hainbach made this record, he is documenting the process on video every step of the way


Assertion by Hainbach releases May 25, 2020, Vinyl brought to you courtesy of CHASE BLISS RECORDS. 

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House of Loops

House R&B & Disco Vol.2 by House of Loop



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House R&B & Disco Vol.2 by House of Loop

Disco and R&B (Affiliate Link) are both very dance-able forms of music, while Disco can be thought of as being a more upbeat form, R&B has slower grooves. Yes, thanks to House of Loop, the two are “Back Together Again” with House Music. From the soulful melodies to the infectious beats that will make your listeners get on the floors.

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House R&B & Disco Vol.2 by House of Loop 54

You Should be acquainted with House R&B and Disco Vol. 1 (Affiliate Link) but if not check it out!.  With any purchase of House R&B & Disco Vol. 2 (Affiliate Link) you will receive a 70% off Discount code for Volume 1.

Included are

  • Drum Loops at 110 BPM and 115BPM in the forms of Claps with Bass drums that get the dancing started. 
  • Full drum kit, Hi-Hat only (which lends well to the Disco side of the spectrum), No bass drum whatsoever (here this can create a more down-tempo atmosphere that could go well with R&B) Percussion only.
  • 30 Bass Loops at 110BPM to make your fans want to Bump and Grind either on the love-seat or on the dance-floor.  30 Bass Loops at 115BPM, 16 Pad Loops at 110BPM, 17 Pad Loops at 115BPM, 31 Synth Loops at 110BPM,  31 Synth Loops at 115BPM.
  • 29 EXTRA Loops that include: ARP, EFX, Guitars, and Snare Fills!  20 EFX Shots to create changes in your music mood.
  • 20 Kick Shots that blend in well with the bass loops for that Smooth vibe with Presence)
  • 20 Hat Shots that can lend themselves to Disco or R&B (from the ones with more attack to the more subtle)
  • 20 Drum Clap Shots that lend well isolated for slower tempos and then can be combined for faster tempos.
  • 20 Percussion Shots, 20 Bass Shots for bumping and grooving with smooth warm tones

This Pack is a Double Dose of Rhythm in the 110BPM (more for the R&B) and then in the 115BPM (more Disco-inclined)

House of Loop has done it Again! Get this pack to make Smooth Grooves and then switch it up so that your fans and yourself will be, “Stayin’ Alive”

*** Be sure to couple “House, R&B and Disco Vol.1 (Affiliate Link)” using the discount code included with this one for a Huge catalog of both flavors with the reliable central point of House Music.

House R&B & Disco Vol.2 by House of Loop 55

House R&B & Disco Vol.2 Features

  • 16 drum loops 110 bpm divided in Full/Nokick/hat/Perc/Kick&Clap 17 drum loops 115 bpm divided in Full/Nokick/hat/Perc/Kick&Clap 30 bass loops 110 bpm
  • 30 bass loops 115 bpm
  • 17 pad loops 115 bpm
  • 16 pad loops 110 bpm
  • 31 synth loops 110 bpm
  • 31 synth loops 115 bpm
  • 29 Extra loops, guitars, arp, efx and snare fills 20 Efx shots
  • 20 kick shots
  • 20 hat shots
  • 20 drum clap shots 20 percent shots
  • 20 bass shots
  • 4 Battery Sampler patches
  • 61 Kontakt 5 Sampler patches 61 NNXT Sampler patches

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