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Native Instruments Reaktor

Tutorial Expert Sleepers ES8 + Native Instruments Reaktor



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Expert Sleepers ES8 + Native Instruments Reaktor

In my humble opinion, the personal computer (mac/pc) is the most powerful modular synth you can get. You’d need a wall of modules to get even close to that processing power. The ES-8 helps you utilize that power. It’s not cheap, but it can help you to start small – before you end up with that wall of modules.

ES-8 is a PC audio interface you can mount in a eurorack and share all kinds of analog and digital signals between the PC and the real world. It works well with a lot of ‘virtual modular’ applications like VCV-Rack, Softube & Reason. I picked Reaktor 6 because I own a license and barely used it except for exploring presets. There’s a lot to learn and discover here. So I kind of feel like Omri Cohen firing up VCV for the first time. I’ll definitely share some more videos about how to integrate Reaktor and the ES-8 (ES-9 is about the same, but includes speaker and headphone outputs).

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Native Instruments

Native Instruments Launches Summer of Sound Sales



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Native Instruments Summer of Sound Sales Special

Many composer are waiting for this special summer sale to update to the latest Komplet Edition, now is the time! 50% off KOMPLETE 13 updates and upgrades, selected hardware and software bundles, plus half-price upgrades until June 30.

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Native Instruments Launches Summer of Sound Sales 40

Native Instruments today kicks off its annual Summer of Sound sales special, with 50% off updates and upgrades to KOMPLETE 13 collections, individual instruments and effects, TRAKTOR PRO 3, and MASCHINE software. The offer also includes hardware bundle deals, allowing new users to save up to 499.50 USD / 59400 JPY / 449.50 GBP / 499,50 EUR / 3899.50 CNY / 524 CHF / 649 CAD / 699.50 AUD by pairing Native hardware with hand-picked software collections.

img homepage sos homepage l2 kie 85f047d60fc5b5d1855c669fc68113e0 d@2x
Native Instruments Launches Summer of Sound Sales 41

For existing KOMPLETE users, Summer of Sound is the best time to step up to the latest edition or upgrade to a larger collection. KOMPLETE 13 is the biggest edition yet, with four curated bundles of instruments, effects, sounds, and Expansions catered to every production workflow. During the promotion, users save 50% on all update/upgrade paths available to them (visible by logging into the My KOMPLETE Offers page).

img homepage sos homepage l2 hwsw 76b09348e4922ef0bbfcab80a0375469 d@2x
Native Instruments Launches Summer of Sound Sales 42

For those who don’t yet own KOMPLETE, the special includes deals on hardware/software bundles, combining MASCHINE production systems, KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards, and KOMPLETE AUDIO interfaces with software upgrades at discounts of up to 499.50 USD / 59400 JPY / 449.50 GBP / 499,50 EUR / 3899.50 CNY / 524 CHF / 649 CAD / 699.50 AUD. The full range of bundles on offer can be found here.

Upgrades and updates to the latest versions of all individual KOMPLETE instruments and effects are also half-price for the duration of Summer of Sound. This includes updates to industry-standard sampling platform KONTAKT 6 and upgrades to full versions of the free products contained in KOMPLETE START.

img homepage massive x expansion homepage l2 option 01 00b867ff354e01be42f027224e3a5d01 d@2x
Native Instruments Launches Summer of Sound Sales 43

Owners of the original MASSIVE synth are also eligible to crossgrade to MASSIVE X for half price. Summer of Sound also includes a limited MASSIVE X crossgrade bundle for 99.50 USD / 13400 JPY / 89.50 GBP / 99,50 EUR / 799.50 CNY / 104.50 CHF / 129.50 CAD / 149.50 AUD that includes 10 MASSIVE X Expansions.

The MASCHINE 2 software update and upgrade from MASCHINE Essentials to the full factory library is also 50% off.

img homepage sos homepage l2 traktor 95c1192eb9e44d3e502ed743d46a207f d@2x
Native Instruments Launches Summer of Sound Sales 44

Finally, TRAKTOR PRO 3 updates for existing users of TRAKTOR desktop software are just 24.50 USD / 3300 JPY / 22.00 GBP / 24,50 EUR / 189.50 CNY / 24.50 CHF / 34.50 CAD / 39.50 AUD.

About Native Instruments

For more than 20 years, Native Instruments has been at the heart of musical innovation. We’ve created communities, pushed technological boundaries, and opened new creative horizons for amateurs and professionals alike. Today, driven by our mission to make music creation more inclusive and accessible, Native hardware, software, and digital services provide fully-integrated solutions for musicians, producers, and DJs of all genres and levels of experience.

Pricing and Availability

Summer of Sound begins now and runs until June 30, 2021. The Summer of Sound special offer is valid until June 30, 2021, at the Native Instruments Online Shop and at participating retailers worldwide while supplies last.

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Native Instruments Reaktor

Toybox Launches New Vintage Sampler User Blocks for Reaktor



New Vintage Sampler User Blocks for Reaktor

Vintage Sampler & Vintage Sampler Lite (free)

These blocks have the ability to ‘sample’ audio from their input port (like a real hardware sampler), for independent recording and playing back of samples. The controls have been laid out to make jamming with a sample very easy and fun!

A high-quality playback engine allows click-free looping, juggling and granulizing of samples using the ‘crossfade’ control. Plus there are 5 different FM modes including a ‘scratch’ mode for scratching effect.

New Vintage Sampler User Blocks for Reaktor
Toybox Launches New Vintage Sampler User Blocks for Reaktor 58

The blocks feature a fantastic GUI designed by Christian Schneider from Sonidiom (who also designed the GUI for the Toybox Sequential Switch, which is also in the free User Blocks Pack). Of course, being modular, all functions (including arming, recording, scratching etc.) can be modulated using the other blocks in the User Blocks Pack.

Toybox Launches New Vintage Sampler User Blocks for Reaktor
Toybox Launches New Vintage Sampler User Blocks for Reaktor 59

The ‘Vintage Sampler’ block features high quality modelling of a variety of vintage hardware samplers (not available in the ‘Lite’ version). A lot of work has gone into accurately emulating the signal path of several vintage units. The sampler has 5 different ‘models’ which can be selected from the block’s ‘Options’ page: TOY1, TOY2, 80s, 90s and CLEAN.

Pricing and Availability

The ‘Vintage Sampler Lite‘ block is available for free as part of the Toybox User Blocks Pack, and the ‘Vintage Sampler‘ block can be purchased for $19 (or just $14.25 using the current SPOOKY25 discount). Reaktor 6.4 (not the player version) is required to use either block as they are both ‘User Blocks’.

Enter the code SPOOKY25 at the checkout for 25% off all packs and bundles

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Reaktor 6

Ethernium – sound library for DRON-E



Ethernium sound library for DRON E

DRON-E – Free Drone And Soundscape Reaktor Instrument

Ethernium is a Soundset collection of presets for DRON-E (not included), free ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor. It comes in form of Reaktor snapshots – several Reaktor banks, each for one category.

DRON-E is a Reaktor Instrument created by Antonio Blanca that specializes in creating ambient, generative, abstract and cinematic soundscapes or drones. DRON-E’s flexible parameters and controls are perfect for creating everything from delicate atmospheres to complex walls of sound. Ethernium is a soundset for DRON-E

Content included in this library is directed for composers, sound designers, game developers and anybody that likes to experiments with sounds. Ethernium is all about atmospheric sounds, drones, soundcapes and textures. Sounds are oriented towards dark, sci-fi, horror genres and can be used to create music or sound effects for a game or any other type of media.

Included snapshots can be easily modified thanks to the extensive randomization capabilities of DRON-E. In this way, user can build a custom library of sounds using provided content as a starting point.

What’s included

  • 150 snapshots in the following categories: Soundscapes (35), Textures (35), Drones (30), Pulses (10), Rises (15), Effects (25)
  • 128 samples – sound sources for generating presets in DRON-E
  • Documentation
  • License agreement


  • ​DRON-E 1.5 Ensemble which can be downloaded at Twisted Tools
  • Native Instruments Reaktor – check requirements on provided DRON-E website (recommended version Reaktor 6+) 

NOTE: if you’re using Reaktor 5, please check the demo version first to find out if you’re able to use the product 

Pricing and Availability

Ethernium for DRON-E a Soundset Pack with 150 snapshots for DRON-E Reaktor ensemble is available now.

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