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Patchpool Releasing Sonic Shades a Soundset for UVI Shade 1.2



Patchpool Releasing Sonic Shades a Soundset for UVI Shade 1.2 sonic shades main

Patchpool New Sonic Shades Soundset for Shade

The upcoming Sonic Shades for UVI Shade 1.2 will contain 100+ creative presets suitable for music, sound design and post production.

The presets are sorted in four folders: Atmospheres – Dynamic – Pitch – Rhythmical, some patches which use pitched sequences or resonances have variations installed that react to incoming Midi notes, a feature introduced in Shade version 1.2 – more info will follow as the production of this set progresses.

Many patches have several Macros assigned for immediate interaction.

Pricing and Availability

Sonic Shades is delivered via the e-mail attachment link, please allow me a few hours to send you the order confirmation. All pre-order customers will receive a first batch of currently 40 patches, updates will be deployed as the production progresses.

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Polyverse Music

Preset Expansion Spacewatch for Polyverse Comet by Patchpool



Spacewatch for Polyverse Comet

Spacewatch for Polyverse Comet (see also our Comet an Unprecedented Lush and Elastic Reverb by Polyverse Music Review) contains 80 presets which were produced by using numerous acoustic and electronic input sources in order to create a broad palette of useful spaces and effects for electronic and acoustic music but also for sound design purposes. From vast ambient spaces to alien self-resonating ambiances, from lush reverbs tails to smaller chambers and halls, from chorus effects to tempo-synced slap-backs for drums and percussion this expansion offers a versatile collection of patches to enhance your productions.

All patches are saved at 100% wet signal for inserting Comet on a bus. Often the gain staging was adjusted for big spaces in order to decreases the saturation/distortion Comet introduces at certain settings.

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Plugin Alliance

Carmen for BYOME by patchpool released



Image 24.12.18 at 17.16

Carmen for BYOME released

Carmen is an ambiguous Latin word meaning chant, magical formula, incantation, poem. Following these terms, Carmen for BYOME (our review) is a unique collection of patches comprising ambient soundscape-makers which will transform the incoming audio into fascinating and wondrous musical and sometimes alien textures. You will also find rhythmical gates, glitch-makers and filter-scapes, granular mayhem and complex delay lines, experimental craziness, deep spaces, stereo madness, complex drum processors and other effect combinations words fail to describe.

BYOME is Unfiltered Audio most energetic effect yet. The BYOME plugin effect got a complete UI refresh.  You can use a so-called cell as an individual effect and combine them to build your own modular effect.

All 102 presets are programmed 100% wet for inserting the plug-in on a bus, up to 8 Macros are assigned per patch for quick and easy interaction with the presets.

While programming the presets for Carmen, numerous acoustic instruments, percussion, drums but also synthetic sounds were used as audio input in order to create patches which are useful in a musical context but also for sound design and post-production.

You can view/download the PDF for this set including the license agreement, technical info and a patch list here.


  • 102 patches, up to 8 Macros assigned per patch.
  • Programmed 100% wet for bus insert.
  • Price: € 30 EUR.

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Virtual Instrument Library

Ether Fields a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review



Ether Fields 1

Ether Fields a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review

Ether Fields is based on sounds developed by Simon Stockhausen in early 2016. UVI released this advance Falcon expansion library in early 2017.

Simon Stockhausen is an artist based in Germany. Since 2008 Simon also produces sound effects and production music for various online sound libraries and designs sounds for software companies like UVI, Native Instruments, Steinberg, Applied Acoustic Systems and Camel Audio. 2009 Simon started his sound design website patchpool, where he publishes commercial and donationware patches for many software synthesizers, FX plug-ins, and samplers as well as sound files for post-production and sound design. Simon has composed and arranged music for many German theatres, the Berliner Ensemble, Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Staatstheater Mainz, Schauspiel Frankfurt and worked with directors like Peter Palitzsch, Burkhard C. Kosminski, and András Fricsay. UVI granted a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, UVI or possibly a reseller will send you a code that you can use to register the library with UVI and as well assign Ether Fields to your iLOK and UVI account. After downloading and activating the library in iLOK, you can use the library within Falcon. Falcon is required; it is not compatible with UVI Workstation.

Ether Fields Night


Ether Fields stands out from the existing Falcon expansion. Simon Stockhausen has created deep & atmospheric pads, luxurious and moving soundscapes. Simon added the possibility to control the programming of the “synth” through MIDI or OSC.

Ether Fields Mod

The 100 included presets are sorted thematically

  • Bells (Plucks)
  • Granular
  • Hybrid
  • Pads
  • Sequences
  • Soundscapes
  • Synths
  • Wavetable

Overall the signature sound of Simon can be detected in every single patch.

User interface & Usability

The UI of the expansion is easy to use, design and graphics by Anthony Hak Nathaniel Reeves. Both have done a great job to create an accessible with its straightforward to use customized interface. Simon Stockhausen managed to make many valuable Falcon features available as integrated pieces of his presets. Those parameters can be used by yourself to shape the sounds with the “guidance” of Simon further to something radically new.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Simon crafted a single Falcon expansion pack which stands out of the available Falcon expansions. The Simon factor is recognizable in the included vibrant sounding patches.  You can use the presets straight away, play several like a very well design keyboard synth and use the sounds in your sound design to create your own Simon inspired sounds. Overall you get a collection of creative sonic sensations which can be easily altered through the included controls.

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