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United Plugins’ New JMG Sound Expanse 3D Psychoacoustic Processing Tool



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Psychoacoustic Processing Tool Expanse 3D

Expanse 3D — the latest plug-in from founding partner JMG Sound, this time taking advantage of the latest developments in psychoacoustic processing, promoting super-massive-sounding music-making by effectively exploding tracks in three different dimensions to make them sound deeper, wider, and bigger.

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United Plugins' New JMG Sound Expanse 3D Psychoacoustic Processing Tool 43

It is widely accepted, flat-earthers notwithstanding, that the world is not flat — after all, the idea of a spherical Earth was first floated around by ancient Ionian Greek philosopher Pythagoras around 500 BC and validated by ancient Greek philosopher and polymath Aristotle a couple of centuries later, so why settle for flat-sounding music-making when fast-forwarding millennia to today’s DAW-driven production world? Which was exactly the thinking behind Expanse 3Dthe latest plug-in from United Plugins founding partner JMG Sound, specialising in making use of complex audio processing techniques but balancing them with easy-to-use controls, as established in its previous products, HyperspaceTransmutator, and Orbitron

Or, quite literally putting it into words, WIDTHDEPTH, and HEIGHT (with two, three, and four associated algorithmic modes to respectively choose from), as well as the self-explanatory IN (controls the input gain with a range of -24dB to +24dB) and OUT (controls the output gain with a range of -24dB to +24dB), in the case of Expanse 3D, which applies a liberal dusting of psychoacoustic magic to achieve the three-dimensional feel focused in its appropriate appellation using a combination of analogue-type saturation, spectral phase offsetting, re-synthesis, intricate delay networks, and more, making it a perfect candidate for mixing, mastering, and sound design — duly helping to glue sounds together while creating contrast and definition between sounds in a mix.

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United Plugins' New JMG Sound Expanse 3D Psychoacoustic Processing Tool 44

WIDTH is an advanced spectral phase processor for creating extended width while remaining natural and transparent. Tight bass is achieved by reducing stereo from the sub while widening progressively up to higher frequencies. Furthermore, it is fully mono compatible while preserving position focus, and can generate stereo from mono. This time there are two modes to choose from — Normal and Alternate, albeit both work in much the same way but with different frequency points, and each mode has a normal and an inverted implementation. In essence, grouping elements in a mix might be better served by sharing the same mode. More commonly, different modes can be used when wishing to separate elements — such as guitar and piano, for example — so that they will not share the same frequency offsets.

DEPTH — a complex algorithm of delay networks with channel and phase processing — enhances the perception of depth and adds space. Speaking of which, this can be used to add dynamic contrast between separate sounds and glue multiple elements together for a more cohesive mix. Modes available here have different delay times in the algorithm — namely, Normal, which will work best on the majority of sounds as a default; Tight, which uses shorter delays, so will work better for percussive sounds, such as drums; and Deep, which uses larger delays resulting in a deep effect better suited to sounds with a soft attack, such as pads.

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United Plugins' New JMG Sound Expanse 3D Psychoacoustic Processing Tool 45

HEIGHT helps make sounds larger than life by extending out the highs and low end. Expanse 3D generates additional harmonics to deliver deeper bass and brighter treble — unlike traditional EQ that boosts existing frequencies. Furthermore, it greatly improves the perception of low frequencies on speakers less able to produce them while adding controlled power and punch to larger systems. Any audio exhibiting little low- or high-frequency content may be relatively unaffected by HEIGHT; however, this can be compensated for by extending the range of the processor with the associated Ext. Lo+Hi algorithmic mode; it stands to reason, therefore, that Ext. Lo assists audio with little bass and Ext. Hi assists audio with little treble, while — for the most part — Normal will be the best choice, especially for full mixes.

Those three dimension enhancers each implement finely-tuned saturation in their processing. By being modelled on analogue distortion, all nuances such as harmonic distribution, dynamic consistency, and non-linear randomness are captured to add beautifully rich and warm colour, assisted by anti-aliasing algorithms. All Expanse 3D processes are applied to the appropriate frequency ranges using high-quality filters causing zero phase shift with no latency, making them suitable for mastering.

Indeed, impact and energy can be greatly improved when mastering using Expanse 3D, with up to 8x oversampling providing the highest quality saturation to add analogue colour, while the additional harmonics help add clarity. As a result, the whole mix gently becomes more cohesive as the parts share a common space, all of which can be perfectly balanced while retaining the original loudness using the right-click-menu-accessed Auto gain function that measures the loudness of the input and adjusts the output to match — useful for avoiding the ‘louder sounds better’ dilemma.


Defining tracks is at Expanse 3D’s core, of course, creating contrast between musical elements by positioning them in the three-dimensional space, whether widening two sounds with one inverted to separate them, creating dynamic depth between deep and shallow sounds, or brightening sounds to make them stand out from the crowd — all helping to further define the individuality of each part that makes up a complete-, dynamic-, and full-sounding mix.

Thanks to the intelligent way all JMG Sound plug-ins manage bypassing while also compensating for latency to ensure that bypass states are perfectly in sync with each other, there is no need to worry about clicks or harmful noises when Expanse 3D’s bypass parameters are automated. And just like its HyperspaceTransmutator, and Orbitron siblings, Expanse 3D also intelligently detects whether it makes sense to perform processing at all by temporarily turning on sleep mode if no processing is required, reducing CPU (Central Processing Unit) usage to almost nothing, so saving valuable computing resources for other processes.

Expanse 3D
United Plugins' New JMG Sound Expanse 3D Psychoacoustic Processing Tool 46

Promoting massive-sounding music-making with easy-to-use controls through to CPU saving… Expanse 3D does it all (and more) — with a little help from the latest developments in psychoacoustic processing. Put it this way: working with Expanse 3D on any DAW-driven production is an intelligent musical move in itself! 

Pricing and Availability

JMG Sound’s Expanse 3D is available to purchase for a time-limited introductory promo price of only €29.00 EUR until May 31, 2021 — rising thereafter to its regular price of €99.00 EUR — as an AAX-, AU-, VST-, and VST3-compatible plug-in (using internal 64-bit audio processing capable of handling any sample rate) directly from United Plugins here. (A 15-day, fully-functional trial version for macOS 10.10 and newer and Windows 8/10 can be downloaded for free from here:

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United Plugins' New JMG Sound Expanse 3D Psychoacoustic Processing Tool 47

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AmpliTube TONEX Powered by AI Machine Modeling Technology



IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube TONEX Powered by AI Machine Modeling Technology

Are you looking for an authentic, vintage tone? Look no further than TONEX. IK Multimedia’s groundbreaking software and app ecosystem give you access to thousands of amp and pedal rigs to find the perfect sound for any situation.

And IK Multimedia AI-powered machine modeling delivers indistinguishable results from the real thing. So whether you’re practicing at home, jamming with friends, or performing live, TONEX has the perfect tone for you. Plus, the IK Multimedia system is easy to use so that you can turn your real amps, cabs, pedals, and complete rigs into your Tone Models in minutes.

AmpliTube TONEX Ecosystem

AmpliTube TONEX Ecosystem

IK Multimedia has just released AmpliTube TONEX, a revolutionary new product that uses AI Machine Modeling technology to create Tone Models of guitar and bass gear. With TONEX, you can capture the sound of any amp, cabinet, combo, or pedal and turn it into a Tone Model, all with ease and sonic accuracy that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. This is a massive breakthrough in rig modeling, and IK Multimedia is the first company to bring this technology to market.

If you’re a musician, there’s a good chance you’ve struggled with getting the perfect sound out of your rig. And if you’re a studio engineer, there’s a good chance you’ve worked with getting your clients’ rigs to sound exactly how they want them to. But what if there was a way to get the perfect sound every time, without all the hassle?

Enter TONEX Mac/PC, the revolutionary new rig modeling software that uses AI Machine Modeling technology to let users capture the sound of any amp, cabinet, combo, or pedal and turn it into a Tone Model. With TONEX, you can get the exact sound you’re looking for with ease and sonic accuracy that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real. So if you’re looking for the perfect tone, look no further than TONEX Mac/PC.

AI Machine Modeling

TONEX is a new AI Machine Modeling™ technology that enables guitarists to model the sound of any amp, cabinet, or combo with accuracy virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. IK’s robust deep learning network lets you model your rig’s tone in minutes using accurate guitar signals, not just test tones, for a level of authenticity like you’ve never imagined.


Create Your Tone Models

Ever wanted to clone your favorite rig? Now you can, with IK Multimedia’s new AI Machine Modeling software. Just record the sound of your rig using an IK Multimedia particular guitar/bass capture track, and feed it into IK Multimedia software with the original DI track.

In minutes, IK Multimedia AI software will generate an exact algorithm of the modeled rig. The result is a hyper-realistic, dynamic clone of your rig, called a “Tone Model.” Tone Models include every nuance of the amp and pedal in vivid detail. With advanced technology, you can even model an amp and cabinet together, then virtually separate the two to try other cabinets. Plus, the algorithm can capture an entire rig, including harmonically complex fuzz, overdrive, or other distortion pedals in front of an amp. So why wait? Clone your favorite rig today with IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling software.


Coming soon to an App Store near you, the TONEX App lets iOS users use Tone Models on their mobile devices and experience the power of AI Machine Modeling, minus the modeling capability. TONEX App works both as a standalone app and as an AU plug-in for recording inside all the major mobile DAWs and includes the same Player section as TONEX Mac/PC software to play and practice.

Owners of TONEX Mac/PC will be able to use the free TONEX App and sync their Tone Model library seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices in the studio, at home or on the go. So whether you’re a musician who likes to record on the go or a producer who wants to take their work with them when they travel, the TONEX App will be a welcome addition to your arsenal.

Model library seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices in the studio, at home or on the go. So whether you’re a musician who likes to record on the go, or a producer who likes to take their work with them when they travel, the TONEX App will be a welcome addition to your arsenal.



TONEX has always been committed to providing the best tone modeling system available. And now, for the first time, we’re making it available to everyone – regardless of budget. With our new TONEX ecosystem of products, you can start with just the accessible version of the software or app.

Or, if you need more power and flexibility, you can upgrade to one of our affordable download plans. Either way, you’ll get the most advanced tone modeling system available. So why wait? Get started today and experience the difference TONEX can make.

With over 1000 rigs instantly available to play, TONEX gives you access to the rarest and most sought-after amps ever made. Plus, you can model your guitar and bass rigs in minutes. And with ToneNET integration, you can share your Tone Models with other TONEX users worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Get TONEX today and start taking your guitar playing to new heights!

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Expert Guides

AudioThing’s Alborosie Dub Station: A Vintage Reggae Masterpiece




AudioThings Alborosie Dub Station

Are you looking for an authentic reggae experience? Look no further than AudioThing’s Alborosie Dub Station! This plugin recreates the vintage sounds of King Tubby himself and is perfect for adding that classic dub vibe to your music. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just getting started, this plugin will surely add some serious flavor to your tracks.

AudioThing’s Alborosie Dub Station

AudioThing’s Alborosie Dub Station is a new plug-in that uses three effects to produce vintage-style dub recordings. It’s based on the hardware that the legendary Jamaican dub producer King Tubby used to record his songs. Inspired by his personal collection of vintage recording equipment, this plug-in reproduces the sound and feel of King Tubby’s music.

Audiothing’s Alborosie Dub Station is a new plug-in that emulates the sounds of vintage reggae studios with the help of three new effects: echo, spring reverb, and filter. Inspired by the legendary Jamaican dub producer King Tubby, the Alborosie Dub Station re-creates his signature sound. With three hardware effects and an in-depth model of his original gear, the Alborosie Dub Station aims to be an all-in-one dub-production tool.

AudioThings Alborosie Dub Station 1
AudioThing’s Alborosie Dub Station

A Breakdown of Alborosie Dub Station by AudioThing

For anyone fan of dub reggae, the name King Tubby should need no introduction. For those unfamiliar, King Tubby was a producer, studio engineer, and pioneer of dub reggae from the golden era of the 70s. His work has influenced countless other artists and his legend continues to grow.

Now, audio company AudioThing has released a new plugin called Alborosie Dub Station, which aims to recreate the sounds that made King Tubby’s work so iconic. This blog post will look closely at what this plugin offers and see if it lives up to the hype.

Alborosie Dub Station Overview

Alborosie Dub Station is a software plugin that recreates the original filter, echos, and spring reverb used by King Tubby. The plugin is based on Alborosie’s vintage gear collection and was created using samples analyzed and carefully recreated by AudioThing.


The plugin includes an adjustable filter section with cutoff and resonance controls, two separate echo sections with feedback, delay time, and mix controls, and a spring reverb section with wet/dry mix and pre-delay controls.

The plugin also comes with a selection of presets created by Alborosie, which can be further customized using the controls as mentioned earlier. In terms of sound quality, the presets do an excellent job of capturing that classic dub reggae sound.


The MCI 2-track tape was used for recording in federal studios and King Tubby studio in Waterhouse Kingston. This echo effect created most of the classic and popular reggae overall and Tubby’s instrumental dub mixes.


The Fairchild Spring Reverb was modified and used by King Tubby himself in most of the records he produced in his studio in Waterhouse Kingston.


FILTER MAN was inspired by Tubby’s “Big Knob”, a passive high-pass filter with eleven frequency steps from 70Hz to 7.5KHz. This filter helped shape the sound of Jamaican music in the early days.


Ease of Use

Alborosie Dub Station is straightforward to use thanks to its clear interface. All the controls are clearly labeled and easy to understand, making creating your own presets a breeze.

AudioThings Alborosie Dub Station UI
AudioThing’s Alborosie Dub Station UI

About Alborosie

His real name is Alberto D’Ascola, and he was born in Marsala, Sicily, Italy. He founded the Reggae National Tickets and led them on several national and international tours throughout the mid-to-late 1990s. Alborosie was immediately charmed by Jamaica when the Tickets performed there on the eve of the new millennium. He then took a job as an engineer at Gee Jam studios in Port Antonio, which is a secluded paradise on Jamaica’s north coast that Amy Winehouse, No Doubt, and many other foreign and local celebrities love to record in.

Overview Header
AudioThing's Alborosie Dub Station: A Vintage Reggae Masterpiece 75

Alborosie Dub Station is a powerful tool for blending sounds and features two distinct frequency modes. The original mode features slightly different bands of frequencies, while the measured mode provides smoother highs. You can also adjust Impedance to change the overall resonance of the filter. The instrument also works with onboard effects.

Alberto D’Ascola was born in Marsala, Sicily, in 1977. His interest in reggae music began when he was just fifteen years old. He toured Europe with Reggae National Tickets, and later moved to Jamaica to be near the genre. During his time in Jamaica, he worked at Gee Jam Studios, a tropical recording studio where many stars like Amy Winehouse and No Doubt recorded. His talent led to numerous awards and accolades, including the 2011 MOBO for Best Reggae Act.

Alborosie Dub Station was designed with the help of Lloyd James, an internationally known dub producer. The plug-in emulates King Tubby’s style of production. It also features filters, reverb, and echos. These three effects will help you recreate the unique sound of dub music.

Alborosie has been touring internationally and has released numerous albums. He has collaborated with many international artists, including Beenie Man, Lutan Fya, and Dean Frazer. He also produced The Singerz album, featuring the talent of up-and-coming Jamaican artists.

In 2011, Alborosie made history as the first white artist to win the M.O.B.O. (Music of Black Origin) Awards in the Best Reggae Act category

Product AudioThings Alborosie Dub Station
AudioThing’s Alborosie Dub Station


If you’re looking for a plugin to help you recreate the classic sounds of dub reggae, then Alborosie Dub Station is worth checking out. The presets do an excellent job of capturing that classic sound, and the interface is user-friendly. It is highly recommended for any fan of dub reggae.

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Drum / Percussion

Beat Scholar by Modalics – A New Way to Compose Rhythm: The Ultimate Rhythmic Playground



Beat Scholar by Melodics A New Way to Compose Rhythm The Ultimate Rhythmic Playground

Making music has always been a way to express oneself. With the invention of digital audio workstations, anyone can make professional-sounding beats in their bedroom. However, one challenge that many producers face is finding new and exciting ways to compose rhythm.

Beat Scholar by Modalics is a new app that solves this problem. It presents an entirely new way to manage rhythm in the digital domain. Beat Scholar is the ultimate rhythmic playground to ensure your beats sound like no other!

The Ultimate Rhythmic Playground
The Ultimate Rhythmic Playground

The Right Beat Can Make or Break a Track

As any music producer knows, the right beat can make or break a track. A well-crafted beat can provide the perfect foundation for a song, while a poorly executed one can ruin the momentum and kill the vibe.

That’s why it’s so important to have a versatile arsenal of drum sounds and rhythms at your disposal. And that’s where Beat Scholar comes in. Beat Scholar is a new plugin that offers a novel way of creating beats. With its unique interface and powerful sound engine, BeatGen makes it easy to create complex rhythms and patterns that would be impossible to program with conventional drum machines.

In addition, Beat Scholar offers various features that make it perfect for live performers. With its built-in sequencer and MIDI support, Beat Scholar is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of beat making.

Trap Beat Scholar
Trap – Beat Scholar

Beat Scholar is a Modern Beat-Making Powerhouse 

Beat Scholar is a powerful beat-making tool that allows you to create professional-quality music easily. With its easy-to-use interface, Beat Scholar gives you everything you need to compose and produce beats in minutes. And because it’s so easy to use, you can stay focused on music production’s creative, artistic side. As a result, Beat Scholar helps you produce the best music possible. Beat Scholar is the perfect tool for creating beats that will shine, whether a beginner or a seasoned producer. So don’t wait any longer; get started with Beat Scholar today and see how easy it is to make great music.

I have been a fan of electronic music for many years, and I have always been intrigued by the idea of creating my tracks. However, I have never had the time or money to invest in a full-fledged studio setup.


That all changed when I discovered Beat Scholar. This powerful little device has completely changed the way I make music. With its easy-to-use interface and sound library, I can easily create complex grooves and rhythms. And best of all, it’s affordable! I would highly recommend Beat Scholar to anyone interested in making electronic music.

Beat Scholar by Melodics
Beat Scholar by Modalics.A New Way to Compose Rhythm: The Ultimate Rhythmic Playground

Reminding Me of My Eurorack Drums and Sequencer

There are always new ways to create rhythm and beat in music composition. With Beat Scholar, you can make beats no one has ever heard. This program offers a unique way to compose rhythm in the digital domain. Using various sounds and instruments, you can create a beat that is unlike any other. In addition, Beat Scholar provides multiple tools to help you create the perfect beat.

I was excited about this groove machine when I first saw it; reminding me of my euro rack drums and sequencer. It’s just a lower price point and easier to use, which makes it perfect for those who are just getting into making their music. I love that you can import your samples, and the patterns are straightforward to create and edit. The only downside is that there aren’t as many features as some of the other hardware drum machines on the market, but it’s an excellent product for the price.

Whether you are looking for a simple drum loop or a complex arrangement, this program has everything you need to create the next beat.

New Way to Compose Rhythm

Beat Scholar is a new way to compose rhythm. You can combine subdivisions to create rich, unique-sounding rhythms in a few clicks. You can place any drum on any beat, and Beat Scholar gives you total freedom to create drum fills and linear grooves and quickly put them anywhere.

You can add bars, change measures, and beat values easily. Beat Scholar keeps you in a musical context, encouraging experimentation and innovation. With Beat Scholar, you can quickly and easily create creative and expressive rhythms. So try it out today and see how easy it is to add some spice to your music.


250 Factory Samples

The Robust Sampler in Beat Scholar provides everything you need to start quickly. With over 250 selected factory samples, from classic drum machine sounds to hand-made synthesized drums, we have the bases covered.

You can load custom samples with a simple drag n’ drop interface. And for each pad, there is a wide variety of samples. You can control the attack, length & pitch to shape them to perfection. Plus, built-in effects will make your samples nice and stylish with just a couple o’ knobs.

Beat Scholar The Ultimate Percussive Playground

Imagine you’re sitting in a room. It’s comfortable and safe, with no distractions. You’re relaxed but ready to focus. In front of you is a door. Slowly, it opens. Music washes over you, complex and exciting. You can feel the beat, but much more is going on. The melody weaves in and out, forming patterns you’ve never heard before. The rhythm ebbs and flows, creating a mood that draws you in. This is Beat Scholar.

Making great music isn’t always easy. But with Beat Scholar, you have everything you need to create amazing rhythms and beats. This unique composition system makes it easy to get the perfect groove every time. With total freedom to place drums anywhere on the moment, you can create linear tracks and fills that sound great. And if you want to change things up, it’s easy to add bars or change measures and beat values.

Plus, Beat Scholar keeps you in a musical context, so you can experiment and innovate to your heart’s content. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, Beat Scholar is the perfect tool for you. So try it out today and see how easy it is to create amazing music.

The Ultimate Rhythmic Playground
The Ultimate Rhythmic Playground


Beat Scholar by Modalics is a new way to compose rhythm. You can combine subdivisions to create rich, unique-sounding rhythms in a few clicks. With over 250 selected factory samples, you have everything you need to start.

In a world where music is more accessible than ever before, it would seem that creating and sharing your art would be easy. However, the reality is that it can be pretty tricky for modern musicians to stand out from the crowd. With so much competition, it can be hard to create something truly unique.

That’s where Beat Scholar comes in. With its innovative and intuitive interface, ‘Beat Scholar’ allows you to create and experiment with complex beats easily. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just getting started, Beat Scholar provides the tools you need to take your music to the next level. So why wait? Start creating the most advanced beats today with Beat Scholar.

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