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Accusonus Voice Changer – A Powerful Virtual Sound Designer for Sculpting Voice Tracks



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Voice Changer – Craft perfect voice effects fast

Just one piece of software, and an idea, that is the promise of Accusonus with Voice Changer.

Voice Changer art
Accusonus Voice Changer - A Powerful Virtual Sound Designer for Sculpting Voice Tracks 40

Accusonus released Voice Changer, their latest tool for democratizing content creation. By bringing a new product to their range of audio repair plugins and royalty-free audio libraries, users now have complete control over their own voice. A powerful voice processing tool, Voice Changer is an all-in-one virtual sound designer for applying effects to voice.

Voice Changer and ERA Bundle
Voice Changer and ERA Bundle

Voice Changer Character, Environment, and Effect

  • Character – from trailer narrations to monsters, robots to anime protagonists – content can require varying characters, in turn requiring varying voices.
  • Environment – users can leap out of their studio, and layout a fresh landscape beneath their voice. ‘Record’ inside a stadium, rainstorm, cave, airport, bathroom – anywhere.
  • Effect – regular microphones can become anything with this module. Emulate walkie-talkie chatter, a radio, vintage-style news broadcasts, space transmissions, and more.

These three aspects are combinable, as per user requirements. Accusonus has provided a wide range of presets, which can be used as a starting point. Alternatively, users can create their own voices from scratch, then save them as a custom setting for even faster voice changing. All of this composed with a simple UI, and enacted with sophisticated under-the-hood technology.

Voice changing is now for everyone, and capable of anything. Surgically sculpting voice tracks no longer requires years of med(ia) school.

Voice Changer Logo black
Accusonus Voice Changer - A Powerful Virtual Sound Designer for Sculpting Voice Tracks 41

Pricing and Availability

Voice Changer is available now from the accusonus website as a standalone product. Subscribers of the Creative and Post-Production Suites will now be able to access the tool, as part of their existing subscription; no extra cost.


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Virtual Instrument Library

This Black Friday, Accusonus Have a Company-Wide Sale



ERABundleSTN 1300x1300C 1

If you’re looking to build a successful business, then it is imperative that you do what makes sense for your company. It’s not enough to just put up a website and hope people will come. You need to work on conversion rate optimization strategies so that your marketing plan can be as effective as possible. One of the best ways to increase conversions is by running discounts and promotions periodically. This Black Friday, accusonus are running a company-wide sale! Any annual subscription that is purchased between November 22nd and early December will receive 20% off.

ERABundleSTN 1300x750C 1
This Black Friday, Accusonus Have a Company-Wide Sale 55

This includes the All Access Suite, a comprehensive bundle that includes all accusonus tools.

Fix Any Audio Problem. Optimize Any Audio Track.

The accusonus suite allows you to fix any audio problem. It also has tools to optimize any audio track.

Searching for the perfect audio clip in your arsenal of audio samples can be a tedious task. The Accusonus Suite, for example, offers tools that allow you to organize your entire library in an efficient manner. The suite enables you to find and playback any unfinished audio clip with lightning speed and precision.

The search function is particularly useful if you’re looking for specific clips but cannot recall their exact names. It also makes it easier to find and replace clips that share the same names (for example: “music loop 2”). You can use tags or metadata to identify what type of sound you’re looking for, such as “music loop” or “background music.”

The ERA Bundle is the fastest audio cleanup solution on the market, allowing anyone to attain professional-quality content in seconds. Easy-to-use plugins for every situation; make tracks the best they can be.


Craft Perfect Voice Effects, Fast

With the help of accusonus, people are able to craft perfect voice effects in a very short span of time. It takes audio tracks and applies various transformations to them in order to produce the desired effect. For instance, producers use it to create vocal distortions that sound like robots, air raid sirens, ghosts, etc.

Voice Changer is a quick, but powerful, voice design tool. Transform simple dialogue with new characters, environments, and effects. Craft and save a unique sound from scratch, or use presets for rapid scenarios.

Enrich Content With Royalty-Free Effects

It is important to make your content more engaging and attractive for viewers or readers. If you are looking at the cost of producing video, photos, graphics etcetera on an ongoing basis but don’t want them running out with no end in sight then now might be the time! There’s plenty happening within this industry where new forms like 3D animations can give us what we need- faster than ever before without having any monthly commitments.

SFX Cellar Premium has tons of easily-searchable tracks, ready to boost the production value of your content. Explore high-definition effects via AI-assisted searching and mark favorites for future use, to find the sound you need intuitively.

Background Music Made Simple & Stress-Free

Don’t just settle for the first song that comes on at your event. It can be difficult to find great background music, but don’t worry! We have all sorts of options from uplifting and exciting to calming yet captivating sounds designed with every type of occasion in mind. If you want something more traditional or ceremony-oriented feel free to contact us today so we’ll help make this aspect perfect for your big day!


Don’t take anything less than what makes sense – if there’s an opportunity for people dancing then give them their own space where they’re not bothersome throughout dinner time; also ask about soundproofing measures if needed because these details may seem insignificant until after everything happens already

Music Cellar’s royalty-free background tracks are great for adding atmosphere and fitting music to content. With new albums every week and curated playlists, you’ll never run out of fresh tracks with which to tell your story. Music Cellar is currently in Beta.

ERABundleSTN 1300x1300C
This Black Friday, Accusonus Have a Company-Wide Sale 56

About Accusonus

Accusonus is a team of engineers, researchers, and audio experts who believe that content creation should be fast, simple, and accessible to everyone. Accusonus believes that creator tools for audio and video editing, voice optimization, and sound design should be fast, fun, and intuitive. That’s why Accusonus developed their own patented Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology and we combined with breakthrough UX innovations in order to enable previously unimaginable sound processing workflows. Accusonus is based in Massachusetts (USA) and in Athens/Patras Greece.

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Handle Mouth Clicks Smarter, Not Harder – Accusonus’ Mouth De-Clicker is Now Available



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Accusonus’ Mouth De-Clicker – Handle Mouth Clicks Smarter, Not Harder

Quickly eliminate unwanted mouth noise, saliva crackle and lip smacks. From saliva crackle to lip smack, encountering mouth noise in your audio can be downright disgusting. Don’t devote hours of your time to finding and removing them all by hand – or worse, re-recording. Use ERA’s Mouth De-Clicker plugin, and let it highlight these unwanted mouth sounds for you.

Accusonus announces ERA 5.2, the latest addition to their audio repair repertoire. By further improving the range of tools the ERA bundle has to offer, new and existing users alike can now edit, clean and polish their audio, in a way that is quicker and more efficient than ever before.

The primary addition is Mouth De-Clicker. Mouth noises, such as lip smacks, saliva crackle and mouth clicks, are the bane of audio editing – they take a long time to manually remove, often require reshoots, and can necessitate expensive hardware upgrades. With Mouth De-Clicker, these are things of the past; the plugin swiftly highlights all unwanted sounds in a track, allowing the user to remove them at ease. A once laborious task, now transformed into a speedy step on the path to better content quality.

image 24
Handle Mouth Clicks Smarter, Not Harder - Accusonus' Mouth De-Clicker is Now Available 66

Alongside Mouth De-Clicker, 5.2 brings partial compatibility to Final Cut Pro on Big Sur. Currently limited to Intel processors, this update allows most ERA plugins to function on the platform – more information, here. The update also adds presets to the Audio Clean-Up Assistant, providing new options for those wanting to fully optimize their editing workflow.

These aspects of the ERA bundle follow in the footsteps of previous innovations; subscribers gain access to existing tools for leveling and AutoEQing their audio, as well as for removing noise, plosives, esses, clipping and reverb. Furthermore, Accusonus offers a huge collection of hand-picked sound effects (SFX Cellar) and royalty-free music tracks (Music Cellar).

You can then adjust a single knob to remove them. Create clean, cozy audio in seconds – no wet sounds. Worry less about changing hardware setups and recording techniques. Focus more on your creative workflow and editing priorities.


The Mouth De-Clicker comes as part of the ERA Standard and Pro Bundles. It’s a great package if you work with audio, whether that’s for a podcast, voice artistry, or to accompany video content. This all-in-one solution contains a series of single dial plugins – DeEsserReverb RemoverVoice LevelerPlosive RemoverNoise RemoverVoice AutoEQVoice DeepenerDe-Clipper, and the Audio Clean-Up Assistant. Together, they can solve any audio issue you are facing.

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Video Review – Accusonus Rhythmiq Review



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Accusonus Rhythmiq Review

Rhythmiq allows you to instantly jam with your beats. Get unlimited beat variations with the turn of a single knob. Generate and save new Rhythmiq (Affiliate Link) patterns and instantly create fills and build-ups. Enable your A.I. Beat Assistant and let Rhythmiq perform your beats in real-time like when you are jamming with a human band-mate.

Rhythmiq is the result of over 2 years of development and several tech breakthroughs. It was created to solve the eternal problem of lack of flexibility and freedom when jamming in the studio or performing electronic music in front of an audience. As a producer, you don’t want to fixate over which button to press and which knob to turn – you want to take spontaneous decisions and stay in the flow. 

Rhythmiq (Affiliate Link) utilizes A.I. to Produce Performances

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