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Audified Aims Tonespot One-shot Channel Processing Plug-in Idea At Quickly Magnifying Electric Guitar Sounds



TSEP promo 01

ToneSpot Electric Pro Released

ToneSpot Electric Pro is an innovative ToneSpot one-shot channel processing plug-in concept at easily promoting electric guitar tones as another aptly-named Swiss Army Knife-style solution fit for working with the heaviest of genres through to more established ones. Regardless of blends of guitar amps, pedals, or plug-ins are already being used in the tricky and time-consuming craft of pursuing electric guitar processing perfection.

 ToneSpot Electric Pro improves the tone, no matter what amps, stompboxes, or plug-ins its users are already using for their electric guitar processing. Putting it to the test should surely prove to be an ear-opening experience for anyone adding it to their tone-hunting plug-in collection! And anyone seeking something simpler still could consider Audified’s alternative ToneSpot Electric Express offering, featuring the same processing power as its bigger brother, but with a reduced control count. Clearly, pursuing electric guitar processing perfection is indisputably no longer the tricky and time-consuming craft it once was — thanks to Audified’s audacity! 

TSEP promo 06

Anyone who has ever tried to ape an exceptional-sounding electric guitar tone that they have heard on one of their favorite artist recordings should surely appreciate how tricky and time-consuming quest finding the ‘Holy Guitar Grail’ can be.

Acquiring an awesome guitar and amp combo, magnificent microphones, superb-sounding stompboxes, and outstanding outboard effects can be a costly business. Before trying to perfect putting those purchases into practice! Perhaps getting hold of some of the many magical guitar amps and authentic-sounding stompbox simulating plug-ins out there today better suits some aspiring artists and producers as an achievable alternative. As amazing as both ways of working can clearly sound, more often than not. That sought-after exceptional-sounding electric guitar tone proves to be beyond reach when recorded and mixed with the rest of the band. Even endless tweaking fails to yield the desired result — really frustrating for anyone, novice or otherwise.

Electric guitars can take a lot of processing. With many of today’s genres, giving guitars the treatment they need to musically shine is key to a mix’s success, so it is important to get the guitar sound just right. Reality dictates that guitars are often having to vie for attention with several layers of other instruments that can clash if left unchecked within the confines of a muddled mix. More often than not, it could be that the recordings themselves sound too thin, sterile, or harsh due to a lack of audio engineering skill. Similarly, bringing back overly muddy- or dark-sounding guitar recordings from the brink of disaster can prove problematic.

ToneSpot Electric Pro an pursuing electric guitar processing perfection needs not necessarily be the tricky and time-consuming craft it once was with just this one processing plug-in taking care of all the musical magic as the hitherto missing ‘magic bullet’ — truly the key to success since it bears bountiful tricks on tap that draws from a deep well of extensive engineering know-how, yet balances that with much in the way of creative freedom.

Availability and Pricing

ToneSpot Electric Pro is available to purchase for a time-limited introductory promo price of $49.00 USD until October 18, 2019 — rising thereafter to $99.00 USD — from Audified’s online shop.


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Linda RockStack – “Balance on the edge – the key to a great guitar tone”



Kopie souboru RockStack 3D white

3-Channel Guitar Software Amplifier & Cabinet Including Chorus & Delay Effects

Audified announces taking Linda Audio under its wing with Linda RockStack guitar amp and cabinet collaborative plug-in. Audified is proud to take experienced mastering/mixing engineer, musician, and programmer Martin Linda’s namesake Linda Audio under its wing with Linda RockStack — realizing a long-held dream of creating a virtual guitar amp sim suited to a wide range of rock and metal sub-genres as a chorus and delay effects-equipped three-channel amplifier and cabinet plug-in by working with the cutting-edge Czech software applications, software effects, and hardware processors developer’s design team to turn his vision into reality.

RockStack is a three-channel amplifier plug-in software with an independently switchable effects section and a continuously blendable cabinet impulse section. Equipped with extensive tone-shaping options such as Pre and Post gain EQ and additional Tight, Fat, Body contours, the tonal possibilities of this amp are virtually endless. On top of that, the effects section consists of independently engageable Multi-stage chorus and Delay processing.

Kopie souboru LindaAudio K
Linda RockStack - "Balance on the edge - the key to a great guitar tone" 61

As a longtime user of various amp sims and cab impulses, experienced mastering/mixing engineer, musician, and programmer Martin Linda started making inroads into programming his dream machine as a guitar amp plug-in perfectly suited to working with a wide range of rock and metal sub-genres many moons ago, but it was only by closely collaborating with software applications, software effects, and hardware processors developer Audified that he was finally able to realise that dream as a plug-in par excellence.

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Linda RockStack - "Balance on the edge - the key to a great guitar tone" 62

Enter Linda RockStack — not to be confused with retired American singer Linda Ronstadt, who performed and recorded in diverse genres including rock, country, light opera, and Latin! Linda RockStack is a three-channel amplifier plug-in with an independently-switchable — MOD (multi-stage chorus) and DELAY — effects section and a continuously-blend-able cabinet IMPULSE section. It is also equipped with extensive tone-shaping options, such as PRE and POST (LOMID, and HI) gain EQ alongside additional TIGHTFAT, and BODY contours, so its tonal possibilities are almost endless. Engaging that multi-stage chorus and delay effects processing independently all adds up to a unique- sounding and unbelievably-versatile virtual amp that provides its user with control over a vast tonal palette with mind-blowing flexibility — fresh from the excellent ear and musical mind of Linda Audio’s Martin Linda, complete with mix-ready guitar tones.

Tuned by an experienced producer’s ear rather than simply taking an already existing design and recreating it in the software domain, Linda RockStack provides its users with the tools to create their own mix-ready rock and metal sounds rather than simply copying what has gone before. Better said by Martin Linda himself: “There is no need to simulate a brand when you can create your dream guitar tone instead!”

Kopie souboru RockStack promo 01
Linda RockStack - "Balance on the edge - the key to a great guitar tone" 63

No need, indeed, which is why Linda RockStack duly delivers three distinctly different voicings — CLEANROCK, and METAL, each with their own colouration and gain structure, and can be tailored to taste by providing the controls needed to create that dream guitar tone that users might hitherto have only heard in their heads. Having said that, then, the difference between EQ shaping before and after a gain stage is huge — hence Linda RockStack providing PRE EQ controls to push the gain stage in particular frequency ranges and POST EQ controls to finalise the sound, making it more mix ready. The TIGHT control makes both the low end and the gain structure more focused as it is increased, increasing the FAT control results in a fuller lower midrange response, while turning up the BODY control makes the amp push more aggressively in the higher midrange. Meanwhile, the three-stage multi-switch dynamically accentuates higher frequencies with both active positions being sensitive to the input signal level — BRIGHT 1 being more focused on the higher midrange, while BRIGHT II emphasises even higher frequencies with a little bass boosting to boot.

Kopie souboru RockStack promo 02
Linda RockStack - "Balance on the edge - the key to a great guitar tone" 64

Beyond that, though, the chorus can be positioned PRE or POST the gain stages, and has two switchable modes — TYPE 1 and 2. The DELAY is positioned after the gain stages, and capable of delivering anything from clean and precise digital delay to the degraded and clipped repeats that typified yesteryear’s analogue delays.

Down below those effective effects, Linda RockStack flexibly features two CABINET impulses — and B. Better still, users can blend between them, though the cabinet section can also be switched off — just in case users wish to pair Linda RockStack with their own choice of impulses. Indeed, it is worth noting that the plug-in’s amp and effects sections can also be separately switched on and off, offering users freedom of choice when it comes to their usage at any given time.

The noise GATE can be switched to ON or OFF positions, the former proving particularly useful when pushing the ROCK and METAL voicings into higher saturation, while the latter works well when playing with the CLEAN voicing or lower gain sounds to maximise dynamics and retain attack information.

Kopie souboru RockStack WK
Linda RockStack - "Balance on the edge - the key to a great guitar tone" 65

By balancing on the edge, Linda RockStack is the key to a great guitar tone. That dream guitar tone so sought after by Martin Linda for so long is surely there for the taking — only others could clearly tap into their own dream guitar tone in a matter of minutes, thanks to Linda RockStack

Pricing and Availability

Linda RockStack is available to purchase for an introductory price of $29.00 USD — rising thereafter to its regular price of $49.00 USD.

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Audified New Self-explanatory Tonespot Voice Pro



ToneSpot Voice Pro promo 01

Audified Readily Rounds Out One-shot Channel Processing Plug-in Series With Self-explanatory Tonespot Voice Pro

Audified has been busy throughout the year applying its innovative ToneSpot one-shot channel processing plug-in concept to quickly creating the perfect bass guitar tone (with the January 2019 release of ToneSpot Bass Pro), perfect-sounding stringed acoustic instruments (with the April 2019 release of ToneSpot Acoustic Pro), perfect-sounding percussion (with the June 2019 release of ToneSpot Drum Pro), and achieving amazing-sounding electric guitar tones (with the September 2019 release of ToneSpot Electric Pro), software applications, software effects, and hardware processors developer Audified is proud to readily round out the ToneSpot series with the self-explanatory ToneSpot Voice Pro — providing all the tools to mix any kind of vocal track to sit in the mix wonderfully with only one plug-in.

Achieving an amazing-sounding vocal is crucial to today’s anticipated and accepted music production standards — so much so, in fact, that it is arguably the production pivot on which the balance of any successful song surely rests. Indeed, it is often the key to success in almost every style of music. After all, the lead vocal track is usually the main guide for the listener throughout the song. Though there are many different approaches and aesthetics of vocal production from which to choose, they share some similarities.

ToneSpot Voice Pro PRO 3D white
Audified New Self-explanatory Tonespot Voice Pro 81

Musically, many steps of getting the right vocal mix are based on the same acoustic principles. Put it this way: whether mixing old school swing or the latest pop sensation, some equalization and compression, plus some kind of ambiance, are likely to be the order of the day. Depending on the genre, this could conceivably range from a subtle touch through to heavy-duty sound processing. An applicable approach might well be carefully chosen, yet achieving the desired result is not necessarily a straightforward or speedy process. Professional mix engineers can spend years honing their creative craft. Which is perhaps the way it should be. But there is another way. This is exactly where Audified’s self-explanatory ToneSpot Voice Pro clearly comes into its own.

Of course, having already refined its innovative ToneSpot one-shot channel processing plug-in concept to suit specific instrument tracks with several product releases that have been well received throughout the year, it should come as little surprise to learn that ToneSpot Voice Pro is suited to mixing any kind of vocal track — from fanciful-sounding singing through to throaty screaming, and anything in between! Backing vocals, vocal layers, and harmonies will blend with the greatest of ease. Equally at home when being used to mix the spoken word, ToneSpot Voice Pro puts users in control of achieving an amazing-sounding vocal with minimum fuss.

Fortunately for anyone putting it to the test, ToneSpot Voice Pro provides ten powerful ‘modules’ alongside all-important Input and Output sections. Those ten ‘modules’ represent the usual vocal mix workflow with the audio signal being fed through them in series from left to right, as follows: Character (determines the basic flavor of the sound and affects many of the subsequent sections); Distortion (replicates real valve distortion circuitry based on a vintage guitar amp, perfect for executing extreme vocal techniques); Saturation (is an advanced model of a real valve saturation circuit that brings about an agreeable higher harmonics punch); DeEssAir (removes unwanted vocal sibilance while bringing back some ‘air’ at the same time); Shaping (shapes the tone with an eight-band musically-labelled EQ); Punch (is quite a strong compressor with slower attack time and a medium compression ratio); Surgery (is an extreme surgical peak EQ with two identical filters and up to -50 dB attenuation); Smash (is a peak-eating leveling compressor with faster attack time and a gentle compression ratio); Effects (comprises Delay and Reverb, the two most important time-based effects for handling any vocal processing task); and Finalizer (is the mastering section of the ToneSpot Voice Pro processing chain; sometimes a voice just needs that final touch — some sweetness or fatness, for example). Each can be separately switched on or off, as needed, and an AGC (Automatic Gain Control) is included in both the Input and Output sections, setting the plug-in’s signal level to 0 dB VU.

Ultimately, then, ToneSpot Voice Pro rounds out Audified’s acclaimed ToneSpot series, following in the footsteps of several specific plug-in predecessors to provide the tools to allow anyone to realize their musical ideas. After all, great musical ideas need great sound in this day and age, where the quality of sound and sound aesthetics can often determine the success of the music. A great mix can help a great song to become better — better able to compete in today’s radically changing music industry, in other words.


With Audified’s ToneSpot Voice Pro-augmented ToneSpot series, anyone can quickly produce well rounded, better-sounding music mixes from now on. On the face of it, spotting the perfect-sounding tone has never been more achievable than today, applying Audified’s innovative ToneSpot one-shot channel processing plug-in concept to bass guitars, stringed acoustic instruments, percussion, electric guitars, and vocals!

Demo Download

ToneSpot Voice Pro can be directly downloaded as an AAX, AU, VST2, VST3, 32- and 64-bit native plug-in for macOS (10.9 and above) and Windows (7, 8, and 10) — alongside a demo version — from Audified here: (Note that all Audified’s ToneSpot series plug-ins are serial number-protected, so no iLok is required.)

Availability and Pricing

ToneSpot Voice Pro is available to purchase for a time-limited introductory promo price of $49.00 USD until December 23, 2019 — rising thereafter to $99.00 USD

ToneSpot Voice Express — featuring the same processing power as its bigger brother, but with a reduced control count — will be available to purchase from December 20, 2019 for a time-limited introductory promo price of $19.00 USD until January 10, 2020 — rising thereafter to $49.00 USD — from Audified’s online shop here.


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Audiofier Winter Sales



Audiofier WinterSales

 Audiofier offers a 40% discount on selected products till 7th January 2020.

image 52
Audiofier Winter Sales 88

Participating products

  • Aerkord
  • Abstrung
  • Vesper
  • Randomisers Bundle
  • Veevum Trilogy
  • AetherArp
  • Sequi2r EX
  • Sequi2r Synth

Audiofier is a developer based in the UK. They specialize in sounds for Native Instruments Kontakt. Audiofier is a company founded by Roby Meola, who is at present actively working as a composer and sound designer for Films and Tv Commercials.

Special Pricing

No need for coupons, the discounted price will be automatically calculated in the basket.

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