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Chris Hein

Chris Hein Live at SoundTrack Cologne



Chris Hein Showtime

Chris Hein Live

SoundTrack Cologne, Europe’s leading congress for music & sound in film, games, and media, celebrates its 17th anniversary and we are delighted to be part of it. From October 14th – 17th, Chris Hein will demonstrate the full range of his virtual instruments live at the facilities of the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung in Cologne.

Every year, professional composers for film, games and media from all over Europe meet in Cologne for 4 days. 

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From October 14th – 17th, Chris Hein will demonstrate the full range of his virtual instruments live at the facilities of the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung in Cologne. Four times a day, various artists will perform live shows at the booth, and each day you can win selected libraries.r Europe meet in Cologne for 4 days. With over 40 round tables, panels, workshops, and networking events, SoundTrack Cologne is Europe’s leading congress for music and sound in film, games and media.

Chris Hein Showtime
Chris Hein Live at SoundTrack Cologne 35

For all those who cannot take part in the physical edition due to current travel restrictions, the conference offers an online alternative: On the streaming platform “Show4me”, visitors can also take part in the STC events virtually, the streaming pass costs 40 euros and is available here.

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Best Service

Exploring the World of CH-OCTA with Chris Hein – OCTA



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Chris Hein – OCTA (CH-OCTA) is a revolutionary new music instrument from Chris Hein Instruments. Its mission is to provide musicians with an innovative, comprehensive musical experience.

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Exploring the World of CH-OCTA with Chris Hein – OCTA 52

With its eight core mixers, solo and multi instruments, comprehensive sequencer features, and much more, CH-OCTA is quickly becoming the go-to instrument for professional musicians worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at what CH-OCTA has to offer.

Chris Hein Octa GUI Box
Exploring the World of CH-OCTA with Chris Hein – OCTA 53

Chris Hein – OCTA Crossgrade Option

Best Service has pulled out all the stops this time! ‘Chris Hein – OCTA‘ is now available, ready to make your music production woes become a distant memory. For those who already own a Chris Hein Library, you’re in luck – until January 31st, 2023 you can upgrade to this new powerful tool for only $239 with their Loyalty Crossgrade. So don’t miss out on one of the best upgrades you’ll ever see from Best Service – make sure you remember to grab it before 31st January is all we’re saying!

One thing worth noting about OCTA is that it isn’t stingy with its beauty. This instrument makes it easy to explore and find the music within yourself – whether you’re looking to craft a whimsical melody or an entire symphony. Its programmability gives you the freedom to be creative while its lyrical nature brings out that improvisational style of composition in a unique way. So, don’t be intimidated by how complex OCTA may seem at first glance – instead, let its peculiar charm gracefully draw you in and uncover some of your most creative pieces.


At the heart of CH-OCTA is its MEGA STRUCTURE engine. This 8-core mixer allows users to layer multiple instruments in up to 8 different channels or combine multiple instruments in a single track.

In addition, it offers a range of solo and multi instruments that can be further customized by changing their parameters or adding effects such as reverb and distortion.

For those who want more control over their sound creation process, the comprehensive sequencer features allow users to create intricate patterns and rhythms easily.

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CH-OCTA as the First Instrument in the Series As the first instrument in the CHRIS HEIN series, CH-OCTA has some impressive features that make it stand out from other instruments on the market today.

One of these features is its wide variety of solo instruments that can be used for both composing and recording purposes. These include guitars, basses, drums, strings, woodwinds, brass and synthesizers —all of which can be used alone or layered together to create unique sounds.

Also, CH-OCTA has a number of multi-channel instruments that make it easy and quick to combine different sounds and make complex compositions.

Finally, its sequencing capabilities are top notch; users can sequence up to 8 channels simultaneously for maximum flexibility when creating their music.

Comments and Reviews from Professional Musicians Many professional musicians have already been blown away by CH-OCTA’s impressive capabilities.

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From jazz guitarists who appreciate how easy it makes creating intricate compositions to DJs who love how powerful its mixing capabilities are—everyone seems to agree that this instrument has something special about it that sets it apart from other similar products on the market today.

Moreover, many users also attest to how intuitively designed this instrument is; they find that even novices can get up and running with minimal effort thanks to its user friendly interface design.

Chris Hein Blends Traditional and Unique Instruments to Create Out-of-this-World Soundscapes

Chris Hein not only recorded the beautiful Concert Vibraphone, Glockenspiel from the WDR Symphony Orchestra, and Grand Marimba from a friend – he also addd some truly unique instruments to his collection.

His self-made MyTube instrument, plucked instruments such as the Guitarette and Monochord, an array of Kalimbas and other “tonal” percussive instruments all make an appearance. After experimenting with combining these instrument with synths, pads and keys, Chris realized his collection could also be used as a sound source for a multi-instrument. Talk about out of this world!

OCTA Instrument: A Revolutionary New Product for Studio Creativity

Chris Hein’s OCTA instrument concept revolutionizes modern studio set-ups with groundbreaking versatility and comprehensive sound capabilities.

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OCTA combines 8 core mixers, multi instruments, a comprehensive sequencer and more for an unprecedented music creation experience. This new product marks the entry of the CHRIS HEIN series into modern studio creativity, with its amazing range of features and functionalities that will take musicians to new heights of sound exploration.

After 3 long years of research, development, and hard work, the introduction of Chris Hein’s OCTA instrument concept is finally here! This groundbreaking new product brings a variety of sounds and textures to the studio that were previously unavailable.

Users have praised its complexity for being so versatile and comprehensive, allowing them to create not just unique sounds but entire musical ideas in one place.

From elegantly plucked harps to layered synths and strings, Chris Hein has truly revolutionized the modern studio set-up with OCTA and given producers far-reaching creative potential.

Unleash Your Musical Creativity with the Revolutionary MEGA STRUCTURE Engine

The MEGA STRUCTURE engine is an intriguing musical tool that offers composers the chance to explore their talents in the digital realm.

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With eight core mixers and a host of solo and multi-instrument options, it has everything a musician needs to create and enhance their sound.

Including a comprehensive sequencer also allows musicians to sequence various instruments at different times and layer different melodies and parts over one another.

This opens up a world of possibilities for musicians venturing into the digital realm, allowing them to take their compositions further than ever before without sacrificing quality or creativity.

Revolutionize Your Vocal Sound with the Groundbreaking CH-OCTA: 8-Channel Dynamic Vocal Processor

The CH-OCTA is a groundbreaking instrument and the first of its kind to be developed in the MEGA STRUCTURE series. It houses an amazing 8-channel dynamic vocal processor, which allows users to shape their sound with unprecedented control.

The unique combination of advanced technology and user-friendly controls make it easy to create professional-quality vocal sounds quickly and easily. With the ability to record, mix, and master up to 8 different channels of sound simultaneously, this instrument stands out as a powerful tool for any musician.

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Whether you’re a novice or professional, the CH-OCTA can help you take your musical creativity to an entirely new level.

CH OCTA Mixer Page 1200
Exploring the World of CH-OCTA with Chris Hein – OCTA 54

Unleash Your Creativity and Explore a New Sonic Environment by Combining Multiple Sound Sources

What happens when you take the natural woody tones of a marimba and layer them with the metallic voices of a vibraphone? You might think you’ve heard beautiful music, but why not take it to the next level? CH-OCTA is here to do exactly that – it allows you to combine up to 8 sound sources and explore an entirely new sonic environment.

Get creative! Carefully arrange different instruments in order to create something totally unique, and channel your inner music maestro.

CH-OCTA: The Ultimate Music Production System Combining Cutting Edge Technology and Simple Design

CH-OCTA marries cutting edge technology with a refreshingly simple design, making it one of the most powerful music production systems in the industry.

With 100 high-quality solo instruments, 8 core multi-channel instruments, and an 8-channel sequencer, there is something for everyone no matter their level of expertise or the style of music they are creating.

Allowing users to mix and match different sound combinations provides endless options for experienced and novice musicians. Experience the flexibility and power of CH-OCTA today!

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CH Octa Banner 1
Exploring the World of CH-OCTA with Chris Hein – OCTA 55


CH-OCTA’s debut to the MEGA STRUCTURE series is a prizewinning performance – its versatility in both the solo and 8-channel instruments led it to top the ranks when it comes to creative, improvisational sound.

Boasting an impressive line-up of 100 solo instruments and 8 core multi-channel ones, all under the aegis of an 8-channel sequencer, this workhorse is ready to make your every musical impulse come alive! With CH-OCTA’s incredible blend of functionality and spark, you’re just one spark away from creating your very own symphonic masterpiece.

CH OCTA Preset Page 1200
Exploring the World of CH-OCTA with Chris Hein – OCTA 56

If you’re looking for an innovative way to compose or perform your music without sacrificing quality or creativity then you should definitely check out Chris Hein – OCTA!

With its wide variety of solo instruments along with its powerful multi channel options and comprehensive sequencing tools—you’ll quickly discover why so many professionals are now choosing CH-OCTA as their go-to instrument for all their music making needs! Try it out today!

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Chris Hein

Chris Hein Strings Professional Video Review



maxresdefault 20

Chris Hein Strings Professional Review

Chris Hein has taken a unique approach for this sound library, by taking individual instruments and recording them independently and joining them together after the fact – and this was done with a goal in mind, the remove issues that come with an ensemble, tuning issues, little mistakes and this approach has benefited the sound quite heavily, making it sound really pure and nice and it is standing to be one of the best string libraries out there.

In the library, you solo strings and ensemble string, in the ensemble string you get All Mix Full High, Low and Mid and All Mix Small High, Low and Mid. And it does not mess around.

You have a full orchestra that is range accurate, so it will not try to pitch down violin sounds and only play the physical ranges of the instruments. The collection is designed masterfully and everything is sorted out by their specifications and ranges that are packed nicely and neatly.

The user interface when opened will drop you in the main page, which only has a few buttons and indicators: an indicator that shows you which note you are playing, the play tab, which is pretty much your star screen, the control tab, which lets you control the velocity, dynamic mode, select the layers, control the vibrato, the Xfade and select the note head.

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You will also find the room tab, where you can control the reverb settings by adjusting volume, delay and type of the reverb.

But that is not where Chris string capabilities end. Not only does Chris Hein deliver the best string samples, if you open up the articulation presets tab. The amount of options alone makes this the best cinematic strings VST out there at the moment.

The compact version of the library is a bit limited, but it still has plenty to offer. The compact version includes the dynamic expression long, sustain vibrato, short 1 and short 3, spiccato 5 and spiccato 6, trill 1 minor, tremolo and pizzicato loose, which is a wonderful and deep collection of articulations even for the compact version and to most, that as much as you will ever need.

And those are just the presets, just you wait to see all of the control you get. In the Articulation tab, once you have chosen your preset, you can control the dynamics, choosing keyboard, x-fade, keyboard and x-fade or auto x-fade.

You get to adjust the note head, by once again choosing between keyboard and x-fade, selecting the dynamic layer and adjusting the velocity. You can control the blending by adjusting the tremolo and the trill 1 minor, adjust the vibrato from LFO to Auto and setting the amount, speed and EQ.

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And adjusting the ensemble by choosing the number of players, the spread and detune of the ensemble.

And these settings are just under the dynamic expression long preset alone. For example, you can adjust the key vibrato by setting the volume, tune, EQ intensity, frequency and bandwidth both on vibrato up and vibrato down separately.

And over all the articulations you can set the main volume, panorama, transposition and speed. You can also adjust the transient settings, by changing attack and sustain.

You also get a legato pedal with polyphon, legato short with adjustable speed, legato long with adjustable speed and offset. And boy is this an insanely detailed and amazing list of settings that will help you create the perfect orchestra and create music like never before.

If you are a classical musician this is a wonderful powerhouse that will feel like a toy with the power of a rocket launcher. To put it simply it is a fun and incredibly powerful orchestral tool.

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Chris Hein Brass Compact Review



maxresdefault 38

Chris Hein Brass Compact Review

Just as with the Chris Hein String collection, it is a wonderful assembly of masterfully recorded instruments.

In this video, we will take a look at the wonderful Kontakt-Players sample library from Chris Hein, the Chris Hein Brass Collection.

In this Chris Hein orchestral brass complete collection we will go over why this collection is just as great as the one we covered recently. The collection includes Trumpets, Trombones and French-Horns. Both the complete and the compact versions contain the same instruments but reduced articulations and functions. But the wonderful sound is still there.

All of the Chris Hein collections include wonderful tools for expressive your creative ideas. You can utilise phase-aligned samples, true intelligent legato, note head designer, hotkeys, automatic glide, x-fade and a vibrato. Which might not come as a surprise for a synth, but this is a samples library, so having such powerful tools with the ability to use real instruments is incredible.

And with the Brass collection, the list of features gets pushed further, including extended dynamic range, extended playable range and portamento legato, which are great additions, really pushing what this collection is capable of.

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The interface is also quite similar to the rest of the collection by Chris Hein, so it isn’t much different from our video on the Strings, including tabs for control and room and most importantly all the options for articulation. You get a list of both short, long and special articulations.

Such as sustain, crescendo, flutter tongue, run-up, run-down, fall and a few rips. And of course 6 different short articulations. You can also control the note head with a sustain pedal, introducing great realism and dynamic into the sample library.

As we take a look at the Chris Hein orchestral brass compact, the feature list is not as extensive as the complete edition, but it is still a wonderfully powerful collection. The instruments were recorded in a very special way that allows you to use all the three instruments cohesively.

As the players could see and hear each other, but acoustically were separated into three rooms, allowing you to use the instruments individually and as if they were in the same room.

The full power of the library allows you to record a full ensemble of instruments by using different instruments, convolution effects and the included ensemble function. Once you choose an instrument to start your ensemble, you can control the individual body and room of the trumpet, french horn or the trombone you choose.

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Controlling the volume and delay of the body and the volume and delay of the room, even choosing presets, such as the big symphony hall preset for the room. Creating a midi melody you can play a single instrument or an entire ensemble as simply as just enabling more instruments.

You can even increase the number of virtual players to create massive performances or you can use the instruments individually and craft every aspect of your composition immaculately.

The library also introduces to different legato options, the standard one and a portamento, which you can switch to with a sustain pedal. You can also control the speed of the portamento.

And if you are tired of hearing me say pedal too much in this Chris Hein brass reviews, I have good news for you, you can assign the properties of the filters and functions to any midi output you want, making your workflow your own.

Chris Hein orchestral brass is a wonderful orchestral library offering something no one else managed.

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Best Service Chris Hein horns vol 3 muted brass Kontakt is a library like no other, combining features and sounds that were crafted with love and care, making it a masterful tool for composers who want to work in the digital space. Saving time, money and working efficiently.

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