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Performance Samples

Perfperc – Volume I Performance-Sourced Percussion by Performance Samples



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With Perfperc – Volume I Jasper Blunk founder of Performance Samples introduces a unique series of an examination of percussion libraries built using multi-samples captured from repeated performance phrases. This library was produced with a heavy focus on start-time consistency and timbral cohesion between RRs wrapped up in a performance-sourced repetition approach. This leads when playing percussion to a natural flow between notes, tighter playing, and more uniform dynamics. There was also significance placed on making the velocity response predictable and smooth, aided by the wide dynamic range recorded (up to 15 dynamics).

Perfperc – Volume I Instruments

  • Bongo Set (three bongos: low, medium, and high)
  • Low Tom
  • High Tom
  • Gran Cassa
  • Low Surdo
  • High Surdo
  • Low Taiko
  • High Taiko
  • Timpani 1 (tuned down)
  • Timpani 2 (tuned down)
  • Timpani 3 (tuned down)
  • Timpani 4 (tuned down)
  • Snare Drum (snares disengaged)
  • Two Shakers

Shakers are only 1 dynamic, for both the hits and rolls.

The library also dips its toes into the realm of playable rolls, building on top of the established performance-sourced repetition sampling approach. Playing ultra-fast triggers these samples (which work specifically well on things like the bongos and timpani). Deeper and more finessed sampling of playable rolls is the shape of things to come with further Perfperc.

Perfperc – Volume I Articulations

  • Performance-sourced hits with up to 15* dynamics, with playable rolls triggering in based on playing speed
  • X-fade rolls with both “roll-to-hit”/accented and normal releases (controlled by velocity)
  • Bonus material (rubs, scrapes, crescendos, etc)
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Perfperc – Volume I Performance-Sourced Percussion by Performance Samples 36

Perfperc Features

  • Repetition sampling, similar to Fluid Shorts, which offers natural cohesion between notes and the ability to play at faster speeds naturally.
  • Playable rolls, captured from small performance phrases, so you can play really fast and it will trigger them in and sound like a real roll.
  • Up to 15 dynamics, with a strong emphasis on smoothness across the velocity range.
  • Bonus material, including crescendos, rubs, and other FX

A little background on the playable rolls. Recording moderate-speed reps, while serving a purpose, does not satisfy really fast material to the level Jasper Blunk liked. This is an idea that evolved throughout post-production and Jasper ultimately decided to repurpose some other content he recorded for the library and apply it in a playable way – which required rebuilding some of the libraries. Since it was repurposed content recorded for another aspect of the library, there wasn’t much to work with, and it’s a little rough around the edges, but it planted seeds in regards to offshoots on the concept. 

Whether the result is convincing, you can judge for yourself, but there’s a lot of potential in flowing/repetition-based percussion sampling, and Performance Samples will continue building on the “playable rolls” concept for the future Perfperc volumes.

Perfperc is my multi-volume exploration of bridging percussion and performance-sourced sampling.

Pricing and Availability

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Perfperc – Volume I is available with at an introduction price of $179 (norm. $279) through June, 14th 2020.

Virtual Instrument Library

ANGRY WOODWINDS PRO a Loud Action Toolkit



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Angry Woodwinds Pro is a loud (ff-fff), bare-bones solo woodwinds library, recorded in the same space as OceaniaOceania IIAngry Brass Pro – EnsemblesAngry Brass Pro SoloistsVista Strings, the upcoming Voyage, and others.  It consists of five leans, yet energetic instruments – solo flute, solo piccolo, solo bassoon, solo clarinet, and solo oboe – with the capability to vary note lengths fluently from a tongued staccato to a longer marcato.

  • Five individual soloists: solo flute, solo piccolo, solo bassoon, solo clarinet, and solo oboe
  • Multi-functional, looped patches with up to 5 RR on the attacks and releases, featuring performances derived from phrases
  • Two speeds of release samples which react to note length
  • Loud (ff-fff) dynamic, with EQ modeling on CC1/mod-wheel (based on recorded dynamic references)
  • Recorded in a hall* with close and Decca mic positions
  • 48kHz / 24bit
  • NCW-compressed, ~742 MB total
  • Built for Kontakt 5.8.1 and above – full, retail version of Kontakt required
  • Download via Continuata

All of the instruments feature round-robin attacks and releases, the latter of which comes with two speeds to aid with note length flexibility (particularly for shorter notes and, as the flute and piccolo highlight best, measured tremolos). The library is intended for thematic, aggressive-leaning passages contextualized within an orchestral setting (as opposed to exposed, lyrical functions). 

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ANGRY WOODWINDS PRO a Loud Action Toolkit 50

ANGRY WOODWINDS PRO is available now for $99 NORMAL INTRO (through March 25,2021)

If you own Caspian, Vista, Oceania, Oceania II, or Angry Brass Pro – Ensembles (NFRs don’t count), you can use code AWPLOYALTYINTRO to bring the intro from $99 to $69. Your purchase may be subject to verification.

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Virtual Instrument Library

Tutorial on Layering Sample Libraries: Performance Samples Vista and Cinematic Studio Strings



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Performance Samples Vista and Cinematic Studio Strings

In this video, we are going to not compare sample libraries but getting into the process of layering them.

Let’s get into the process of layering Performance Sample Vista and Cinematic Studio Strings.

We will also talk about further processing such as reverb, mixing, and mastering. In this example, I am using Audio Ease Altiverb, Seventh Heaven and also Slate Tape Machine, the Shadow Hills compressor, and the Stealth Limiter by IK Multimedia.

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Virtual Instrument Library

Library Spotlight – Vista Strings by Performance Samples



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Performance Samples’ Vista Strings

Vista is a legato strings library featuring a larger-than-life, romantic chamber sound, four dynamics (from a true PP all the way up to an intense FFF), slurred legato, same-note bow-change repetition samples, multiple attack types, and more.

Just like Con Moto, the sustains, legato, and other assets were recorded “in motion.” The sustains specifically use an “active-bow” approach (employed on Con Moto and others) which offers continuously re-expressed vibrato & emotion, via performance & editing processes. 

Vista features 5 violins, 4 violas, 3 cellos, and 3 basses. There are some bonuses, one of which is a basic full strings patch (created from the individual sections), useful for sketching and pads.

Also included is an overlay patch featuring 3 violins playing sustains and legato with heavy vibrato at FFF, useful for layering on the main 5 violins patch for more legato gel and detail. Lastly, there’s a harp, with notes recorded in repetition so that it can do repeated notes fluently.

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