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“Detonator:Rage” Review – a Cinematic Sound Design Library by PulseSetter-Sounds



Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds

“Detonator:Rage” by PulseSetter-Sounds Review

Detonator:Rage (Affiliate Link) is the initial library of the new RAGE line. Detonator:Rage (Affiliate Link) centers around aggressive & modern sound design for trailer music composers. PulseSetter-Sounds did send a review copy with no strings attached. There is an Intro Price ($89.99) for a limited time.

About PulseSetter-Sounds

Pulsesetter Sounds Team
Pulsesetter Sounds Team

PulseSetter-Sounds (PulseSetter LLC) is based in Los Angeles California. Owned by Freddy Sheinfeld and Guillermo Silberstein. PulseSetter-Sounds is a group of composers and sound designers living in Los Angeles making synth sound sets, sample/loop libraries and producing music for media. As every composer knows, a good theme helps the story and emotions evolve in a film score. Therefore, they created PulseSetter theme “PulseSetter” based on a futuristic dystopian-cyberpunk character who lives in one of several mega-cities where folks huddled together after a few world wars. Mixing new and old tech, PulseSetter anti-hero lives for music and sounds in a world more into overthrowing the megacity overload. PulseSetter-Sounds goal is to design modern custom sample instruments, synthesizer sound sets, and loops for cinematic scoring.


Detonator:Rage (Affiliate Link) primary focus is to equip trailer composers with a tremendous arsenal of tonal one-shots, impacts and playable melodic instruments. Detonator:Rage wants to help you to get closer to a trailer placement. You receive different Kontakt patches: Performance Patches, Trailer Elements, and Impacts.


  • 280 Patches
  • -44.1k – 24 Bit (Processed in 96k) / 9GB in Size
  • Sources recorded in 96k
  • For Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8+, Kontakt Full Only
  • 1700+ Trailer Elements
  • 800+ Full Trailer Hits
  • 26 Pads
  • 224 Impacts
  • 21 Plucks
  • 2 Custom Pianos
  • 22 Pulse Loops
  • 36 Rhythmic Loops
  • 26 Round Robin Impacts
  • 230 Wooshbangs
Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds Trfailer Pads
Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds Trailer Pads

PulseSetter-Sounds have been recorded from various sources. The company recorded hundreds of custom presets performed through different software synthesizer. Exceptional for wavetable, FM, Analog modeling, complex DSP effects chains to render out one-shots, braams, leads, bass, keys, etc. In addition, Analog Synthesizers have been sampled: Moog Sub37, Matrixbrute, Slim Phatty, Deepmind etc) Electric Guitars (Gibson SG, Fender, Jackson 7 String, Ibanez 6 String Bass), Pedals (Various), Modular Synths, Brass Instruments. The company made recordings of impacts, wooshes, bangs. PulseSetter-Sounds manipulated animal sounds, submarine pings, sirens, pianos, processed to create impacts, braams, distorted leads, and trailer sirens. All sounds played, edited, processed, mixed and custom mapped to create unique sounds for Trailers.

You can produce stunning rhythmic beds with the available melodic instruments, such as Ghost Pianos or synth leads – perfect for a trailer.

Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds Piano
Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds Piano

Detonator:Rage is packed with destructive rhythms and hard-hitting impacts. The content delivered in this library is astounding. Components all useful in a modern trailer, campaigns. Every sound is crafted with incredible attention to detail.

User interface & Usability

It is a bright UI, simple where it can and still supports the advanced user who wants to change and mangle the sounds. The yellowish Interface helps your creativity to realize your ideas in a new trailer project.

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Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds Guitar
Detonator Rage by Pulsesetter Sounds Guitar

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Detonator:Rage (Affiliate Link) is a butchering many of its competition products with new and exciting sounds. It is a Pandora’s box for great sounds. The library is part of any trailer composer arsenal and for many beginning composers. What a marvelous way to hit the ground running with the definitely outstanding library for trailer composers.

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Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring



DG Main Cover w text300dpi scaled

Dystopian Guitars

PulseSetter-Sounds sets the tone to stun with cool KONTAKT-hosted huge hybrid guitar factory for film scoring

DYSTOPIAN GUITARS issued a unique kind of Kontakt library totaling 21.32 GB of highly-creative content designed to cover all modern hybrid guitar grounds for film scoring. DYSTOPIAN GUITARS achieves an extensive variety of sounds, from clear and soothing moods to hellish industrial tones, three years in the making.

DG Only Text 1 row
Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 58

I have high expectations from guitar libraries as I am a guitar player myself, and found DYSTOPIAN GUITARS to be very practical and usable right out of the box, writing music the minute I tried it — a great and inspirational library.” GRAMMY® Award-nominated composer and performer David Arkenstone (World of Warcraft), 2020

DG Big Ad 300dpi
Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 59

Ultimately unique in today’s swelling soundscape production toolset, DYSTOPIAN GUITARS includes several different types of KONTAKT instruments fashioned from the perspective of working film composers, ensuring everything is very useable right out of the box with no fillers and a very intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface).

It includes several so-called Natural Solo instruments and Unnatural Solo instruments — fully playable multisample patches; customizable Ensembles, capable of performing multi-samples, pulses, and sequences all at the same time; a playable Pulse Designer, with several guitar-based pulses and arpeggios; a collection of acoustic and processed Shimmers; several pads and ambiances; a collection of guitar Tools and FX; as well as PulseSetter-Sounds’ most powerful sequencer to date.

Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 60

Digging deeper, Ensembles are complex instruments that let DYSTOPIAN GUITARS users perform several simultaneous layers of music in a very organic way when combining loops, multisample guitars, pads, sequences, and other elements — especially effective for film composers wanting to perform and quickly compose complete scenes, while working well also as a starting point when writing sketches or building a unique palette. Possibilities are (almost) endless!

  • 334 LOOPS
  • 101 PADS

Elsewhere, DYSTOPIAN GUITARS showcases several multisample guitars and other string instruments, plus their alter egos — effectively hybrid Frankensteins that work well when writing modern film music.

Moreover, PulseSetter-Sounds tried to tweak even the natural versions by sampling them in unusual ways, as is its way — sampling an acoustic guitar by mostly playing open strings, for instance, or slapping an electric bass with different kinds of sticks.

Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 61

Shimmers are various combinations of fast arpeggios and tremolos that will add movement, air, and expression to any kind of score — from an intimate piano song to a king-sized sweeping orchestral scene. Several acoustic versions are included alongside processed versions to match any style, so users are also able to mix and match their own combos.

Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 62

Creativity abounds further still since PulseSetter-Sounds saw fit to helpfully provide DYSTOPIAN GUITARS with several kinds of pulses and loops that will match many different styles. Supplementing hundreds of pulses are their ‘playable’ versions, whereby users can play chords or combine loops in different keys — a very organic way of using loops. Last but far from least, the provided Pulse Designer duly lets users combine most loops for one-pass performances.

Performance-wise, DYSTOPIAN GUITARS also comes complete with more than a hundred customisable pads that its users can also mix and match in pairs, plus a powerful Gate and FX sequencer that lets users customise them to make them unique to their needs.

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DG Main Cover no text 300dpi
Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 63

Needless to say, PulseSetter-Sounds also added a number of different instruments to DYSTOPIAN GUITARS that did not sit easily in any other category, such as infinite raisers and downers, guitar impacts and scrapes, chords, a feedback machine, and more besides.

Besides being able to sequence all available effects in the FX GUI, discerning DYSTOPIAN GUITARS users can take advantage of PulseSetter-Sounds’ powerful Quad sequencer that will let them work with four independent lines, combining note sequences and arpeggiators in a very intuitive and musical way.

Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 64

While taking advantage of newer KONTAKT guitar effects, PulseSetter-Sounds succeeded in building very organic instruments, combining those new effects with its own ‘baked’ versions using its in-house guitar and synth rigs — Muted Metal Guitar Combo is a prime example of this in action, allowing anyone to play very convincing heavy grooves without the need for external effects or external guitar software. Since the PulseSetter-Sounds team had so much fun with this, they decided to include a whole set of metal sequences in DYSTOPIAN GUITARS.

With 21.32 GB of highly-creative content designed to cover all modern hybrid guitar grounds for film scoring as a huge KONTAKT-hosted virtual instrument incorporating a wide range of sounds, from clean and dreamy atmospheres to hellish industrial tones, it is going to take time to fully explore DYSTOPIAN GUITARS as a new kind of library in which PulseSetter-Sounds invested so much time — three years in the making, no less. Little wonder, then, that the company collectively hopes that each and every user of DYSTOPIAN GUITARS will find a permanent place for many of its inspiring instruments in their template for unique use in project after project, for many years to come!

About PulseSetter-Sounds

PulseSetter-Sounds is a cinematic sound design company, creating sound sets, loops, and sample-based products for film and video game composers, owned by award-winning composers Freddy Sheinfeld and Guillermo Silberstein. As a group of media music producers and sound designers living in Los Angeles, the company clearly knows that a strong theme tune helps tell the story and evolve emotions in a film score.

Pulsesetter Graphic Logo
Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 65

Since they are also huge sci-fi-fi — yes, you read that right! — fans, the company collectively created its own ‘PulseSetter theme’ based on a futuristic dystopian-cyberpunk character who lives in one of several megacities where people have huddled together after several world wars; mixing new and old tech, this anti-hero lives for music and sounds in a world more into overthrowing the megacity overlord. Obviously this theme helps PulseSetter-Sounds propel its own sound story into hybrid and new sonic territories.

Pulsesetter Text Logo
Dystopian Guitars an Enormous Hybrid Guitar Workshop for Film Scoring 66

Pricing and Availability

DYSTOPIAN GUITARS can be purchased as a 21.32 GB (16 GB compressed) KONTAKT instrument for a time-limited introductory promo price of $169.00 USD until November 19, 2020 — rising thereafter to $199.00 USD

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Note that DYSTOPIAN GUITARS requires the full version — 5.7 or higher — of KONTAKT, Native Instruments’ advanced flagship sampler for macOS 10.12 – 10.15, and Windows 7 / 8 / 10.

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Cello Ibrida – Quick Start & Video Manual




Cello Ibrida – Quick Start & Video Manual

Guillermo Silberstein by PulseSetter-Sounds published a video manual to understand the Cello Ibrida engine.

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PulseSetter’s Cello Ibrida



PulseSetter Sounds Cello Ibrida

Cello Ibrida – Sound Design Collection

Cello Ibrida is a sound design cello sample library. This Kontakt instrument combines textural samples using the normal cello section with hybrid samples from those samples like pads, sfx, multisamples, and finally loops as pulses, sfx, mostly in the low/lower mids keys | left side of the keyboard. Plus some added hardware synths.

PulseSetter loves sound design and recording a cello section to later use it as a sound playground was just the start. There was also a cheap blue cello involved that barley survived the mangling when recording it. There is also Gabriel Di Marco’s (Bear McCreary Cellist)  amazing Cello sound and PulseSetter also sampled a Moog sub37, the Arturia Matrixbrute, and finally they also ran the Cello multi-samples through eurorack modular and Cassette decks. We call these patches “sound sources” and there are about 260 of them.

  • 260 Patches: Cello, Hybrid, Pads, Loops, Sfx
  • 500+ Snapshots made from patches.
  • 6gb Sample content
  • Film composing oriented sounds
  • Advanced Kontakt GUI (Not Player compatible)
  • MIDI assignable cc parameters for Macro1&2, Xfade and LFOs
PulseSetter Sounds Cello Ibrida Cello Ibrida Split
PulseSetter's Cello Ibrida 92
  • When I first played the first 3 patches that are predefined I was already blown away and found very useful sounds, anyone, a composer can use in their track.

Cello Ibrida contains different types of sampling and sound design techniques inside one advanced GUI. The concept relies on not focusing on a single traditional library concept but several that when combined will bring out modern sounds that retain an organic sound. A cello section was recorded to do “texture” articulations and multisample.  From there we edited and processed a variety of sound design style patches to create low pulses, hybrid plucks, pads and sfx.

PulseSetter Sounds Cello Ibrida 1
PulseSetter's Cello Ibrida 93

The matrix GUI contains a two-layer system each with its own effects chain, LFOs, Sequencer, and gate. But the magic happens in the performance matrix page where two macros, two envelope sequencers, and velocity source modulators can be individually assigned to different master effects, chord maker, and a detuner. This enables even the simplest of sounds to be continuously modulated and ever-changing. Additionally, we added CC assignable inputs for crossfade, macro1/2 and LFO rate/amount to let composers modulate all these parameters in real-time and thus, creating a great performance sound design instrument.

Pricing and Availability

Cello Ibrida is available now.

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