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Spectrasonics Releases Trilian 1.5




Major Free Update with Expanded Features, New Patches and More

With the new version 1.5, Spectrasonics added major new enhancements to Trilian’s Arpeggiator, dramatically expanded the synthesis features and the interface has a whole new, refreshed look and feel! The 1.5 update also includes over 200 brand new patches and is FREE for all registered Trilian users.

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With its comprehensive design, Spectrasonics Trilian Total Bass Module® brings many different types of Bass together into one extraordinary-sounding virtual instrument. Trilian has long been recognized as the most versatile bass virtual instrument available and has become an industry standard. Whether you need production-ready sounds or prefer to carefully craft your own tones, Trilian is the ultimate bass tool for serious producers.

Major Arpeggiator Update

Trilian’s Arpeggiator has received a major update in v1.5 with all new creative tools, making it one of the most flexible arpeggiators ever. The many innovations include inspiring new Step Modifiers including Pattern Modes, Step Dividers, Pitch Slides and the unique ability to have altered Chord Voicings and Chord Inversions per step. Also included is a new Arpeggiator Preset Library that showcases all the creative possibilities. Best of all, Trilian 1.5 can now capture the MIDI data of the arpeggiator as a standard MIDI file, which can be dragged to any DAW for further editing!

Expanded Synthesis Features

Trilian 1.5 includes newly expanded synthesis features including many New Filter TypesEnhanced FMRing ModulationDoubled Harmonia Voices and Polyphonic Waveshaping – which have been added for extra tonal shaping capabilities. Full FX Modulation, double the amount of Mod Matrix slots and new modulation sources have been added for even more sonic control.

New Sounds

Trilian 1.5 features a newly expanded sound library with over 200 brand new patches produced by Eric Persing and the acclaimed Spectrasonics Sound Development team. The 1.5 update also includes the new “Trilian Creative” library, a cutting-edge collection of Omnisphere patches specially designed for users who also have both instruments. Trilian’s richly detailed bass sounds can be dramatically transformed using Omnisphere’s deep synthesis capabilities. The new Trilian Creative library features unique and surprising sounds that showcase the power of this killer combination. The new patches offer an extremely wide variety of incredible sounds for modern music producers.

Additional Features

Trilian 1.5 also features a newly redesigned Hi-res Resizable User Interface, a New Mini-Browser and New Full Browser and innovative production/browsing features like Sound Match™ to instantly locate any related sounds in the library, and Sound Lock™ to create endless useful patch variations by locking sound aspects while browsing other patches.


Pricing and Availability

Trilian 1.5 is available now as a FREE update for all registered Trilian users!

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Spectrasonics Keyscape Video Review [Extended Version]



maxresdefault 49

Spectrasonics Keyscape Video Review

KEYSCAPE® is an extraordinary virtual instrument featuring the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. From “holy grail” pianos to stunning keyboards you didn’t even know existed, this is a keyboardist’s dream come true.

Ten years in the making, each of these sought-after keyboards was carefully restored and then deeply multisampled by the renowned Spectrasonics Sound Development Team. These compelling and highly expressive sounds will inspire you to PLAY!

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Distorted Evolution 4 for Omnisphere – Movement



image 6

Distorted Evolution 4 for Omnisphere – Movement

Distorted Evolution Movement is a new cinematic soundset for the Omnisphere Synth which sets the focus on cinematic sounds with lots of movement in them.

When creating this new series of sound expanders, the primary design goal from Plughugger was to draw inspiration from the early works of Spectrasonics. Back in the day when sound libraries came on CD-ROMs for big clunky hardware samplers, Spectrasonics quickly became a name in the movie and TV-scoring world thanks to their Distorted Reality sound libraries. Distorted Evolution is based on the three most significant sound libraries Spectrasonics did in that time: Distorted Reality, Distorted Reality 2 and Bizarre Guitar.

image 6
Distorted Evolution 4 for Omnisphere - Movement 71

Distorted Evolution 4: Movement contains 285 sounds.

  • 124 Arpeggios & Rhythmic sounds
  • 3 Pads & Strings
  • 108 Textures and Soundscapes
  • 50 Multi patches


The Distorted Evolution Movement library is available now at an introductory price of €9.90 / 60% off until the 12th of April, 2020. (normal price €24.90). Use coupon code MOVEMENT to get the discount.

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Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe Releases New Omnisphere Soundset – Atomos



Atomos Square

Tom Wolfe Releases New Omnisphere Soundset – Atomos

The latest Omnisphere 2 soundset from Tom Wolfe, Atomos for Omnisphere is available now.

Atomos for Omnisphere is featuring 100 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, Atomos focuses on the darker side of cinematic composition. Inspired by the score for hit TV show Chernobyl, this set places emphasis on Omnisphere’s vast range of organic sound sources to create dramatic and powerful patches from the unexpected. From gritty sequences and eerie pads to unusual textures and impactful percussion, Atomos will add a unique and distinctive concrète-style character to your compositions.

Also available now is the Cinematic Collection, combining the Atomos, Ares and Oblivion sound banks into a single discounted bundle, featuring 300 presets for Omnisphere to help add a unique cinematic spin to your tracks.

For a limited time only, Atomos is available for the introductory price of £11.99 (regularly £19.99), while the Cinematic Collection is available for £39.99 (regularly £49.99). Offers end 15th April 2020 at 11:59 BST.

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