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What’s New in Studio One 5.1



Studio One Pro Box and ScreenShot

Studio One 5.1

Studio One 5.1 has arrived! This update is free to PreSonus Sphere members, or anyone else who owns Studio One 5—Artist or Professional editions. Fire up Studio One and click “Check for Updates” to get it!

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What’s New in Studio One 5.1 44

This update addresses many user requests, particularly in the realms of composition and notation, but if you’re less old-school and more no-school, don’t fret!

Whats New in Studio One 5.1
What’s New in Studio One 5.1 45

Presonus got plenty of updates for you including Retrospective Record, External Instrument support for the Show Page, and a ton of workflow streamlining. All are detailed below.

1 Studio One 5 Pro Song Page MAIN
What’s New in Studio One 5.1 46

1. Score Printing

Version 5.1 adds score printing to Studio One Professional. Scores and individual parts can now be printed directly from Studio One! Printing is supported for any number of tracks, from single instruments to full orchestral arrangements.

2. Retrospective Recording

Never miss another great song idea again! Retrospective Recording captures everything you play on your keyboard or controller—even without hitting record! It works invisibly in the background on a track-by-track basis.

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What’s New in Studio One 5.1 47

3. Powerful Track/Channel search and filter options

Managing large projects with a huge track and channel count is now faster and easier than ever with the addition of powerful search and filter options.

4. Bypass option for Clip Gain Envelopes

Clip Gain Envelops can now be bypassed from the Event context menu and the Event Inspector, making it quick and easy to compare the result of your Gain Envelopes without losing any of your adjustments.

5. Combined Time/Key Signature Track

The Score View will reflect any Key Signature changes added to Studio One’s new Signature Track. These will also transfer to Notion when sending a score between applications.

6. Secondary Timeline Ruler option

View minutes:seconds with bars and beats at the same time! A must for film composers.

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7. Global Tracks in Editors

Global Tracks can now be displayed inside Editors and used as guides when editing audio or Note Events in Piano View and Drum View.

8. External Instruments support on Show Page

External MIDI instruments are now supported using Virtual Instrument Players. Patches can include program change and bank change messages so you can control an entire MIDI rig from your Show!

9. Ampire/Pedalboard Update

Drag and drop stompbox settings between Ampire and Pedalboard, so go ahead and steal that Big Fuzz tone from your guitarist… Presonus won’t tell!

10. TONS of Extended Integration with ATOM controller

Note Events in the Pattern Editor are now colorized to match the pad colors in Impact, ATOM and ATOM SQ, so you always know which sound is being triggered and which pad is controlling it. And there’s a new library of inspirational drum patterns and variations patterns in Musicloops format for easy, drag-and-drop saving and export.

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Complete 5.1 List of New features and improvements

Recording and Mixing

  • Retrospective Recording
  • Track/Channel search and filter options
  • Bypass option for Gain Envelopes
  • Drag & drop send chains

Arrangement and Editing

  • Improved presentation of Global Tracks
  • Secondary Timeline Ruler option
  • New combined Signature Track (time and key signature changes)
  • Transfer key signature events using ARA
  • Global Tracks in Editors (Marker, Arranger, Chords, Signature)
  • Score Printing
  • Score View: Key Signature Changes
  • Score View: Staff Presets
  • Score View: Staff Settings
  • Score View: Alternative views
  • Score View: Noteheads selection
  • [Impact XT] Colorized events in Pattern Editor

Live Performance

  • Edit indicator for Patches
  • External instrument support for Patches

Plug-ins and Instruments

  • [Ampire and Pedalboard] New Compressor and Gate FX pedals
  • Drag & Drop FX pedals between Ampire and Pedalboard


  • [Start Page] Search function for songs, projects, and shows
  • [Project Page] Digital Release never adds a 2-second pause

Improved ATOM integration

  • 4 Banks of assignable Encoders
  • 4 Banks of assignable Pad Commands
  • Scales in keyboard mode
  • Open Note FX editor option
  • Replace instrument option


The following issues have been fixed:

  • [Windows] flickering play cursor at 175% scaling
  • [Windows] Irregular grid lines at 125%, 150% and 175% scaling
  • [macOS] Note event vs. audio timing off grid at high buffer settings
  • [macOS HiSierra] When pinning Soothe 2, all other plug-in windows are stalled
  • [macOS] Graphical performance degrades when scrolling collapsed folder
  • [macOS] No redrawing of icons when switching resolution
  • [macOS] Text not clipped in browser tile
  • [macOS] Unwanted wrapping in certain text boxes
  • [macOS] Laggy graphics with certain 3rd party plug-ins
  • [Browser] Can’t delete certain custom folders
  • [Browser] Crash on expanding certain track folders
  • [Browser] Selecting multiple items in Tree View doesn’t work on first click w/ Shift
  • [Mixer] Monitoring live input from bus no longer possible
  • [Mixer] Multi Instrument primary/master channel name is not retained
  • [Mixer] Pipeline XT not passing audio when inserted to Listen Bus
  • [Mixer] Solo safe in aux channels forces realtime render when bouncing a virtual instrument track
  • [Mixer] Keyboard shortcut “add gain trim” always opens 1st insert slot
  • [Presence XT Editor] Decimal shift when entering tune values
  • [Presence XT Editor] Wrong conversion when entering negative ‘Tune’ values
  • [AutoFilter] Leftover TODO tooltip
  • [Impact XT] Sample offset settings are not recalled
  • [Exchange] .ioconfig “installs” to default “Download” folder
  • [Note FX] Arpeggiator chokes up in certain situations
  • Audio miscalculation on extreme tempo edits
  • Audition is suspended too early on recording with Auto Punch
  • Automation may migrate to a different track
  • Can’t create audio track above a folder track via drag and drop
  • Can’t duplicate a transformed Instrument Track
  • Certain original audio cannot be dragged into arrangement
  • Delay compensation / latency not updated unless the plugin is reset manually
  • Duplicating automation sometimes not working properly
  • Event text position is odd on high vertical zoom levels
  • Export mixdown is longer than loop range when an AUX channel is present
  • Graphic ghost and font space issue when event badges are disabled
  • In Step Recording mode, cursor does not advance after input notes when the Tempo Track contains nodes
  • Last track in the Arrangement cannot be resized if it has been minimized
  • Listen bus metering options are following audio track metering options
  • Misc 3rd party plug-in window resize issues (Kilohearts, Melda Productions, Waves…)
  • Noise when loading a song w/ Ampire when Dropout Protection is set to Maximum
  • Open folder range selection disappears on copy/paste command
  • Potential crash when editing audio bend markers
  • Second external device plugged-in is not auto-detected sometimes
  • Context menu reacts differently to mouse clicks on macOS and Windows
  • “Stop at Marker” is being ignored in certain situations
  • Unwanted behavior when copying sections w/ enclosed automation
  • Updating an Instrument+FX Preset creates .preset file instead of .instrument

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Presonus ends the template discussion | Studio One 5 tutorial



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I mean it, for me personally, Presonus ends the template discussion. In case, you are one of those people that don’t know if a template makes sense or not if you would like to be flexible and don’t want to be limited in your creativity, check out this Studio One 5 tutorial.

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Studio One 5.2 – PreSonus Second Major Update



Studio One 5 2 Sound

PreSonus Introduces Second Major Update to Award-Winning Studio One 5

PreSonus® is shipping Studio One® 5 Professional version 5.2, the second feature update to its award-winning digital audio workstation software for macOS® and Windows®. Version 5.2 adds more than 30 new features and improvements, many of which are based on user requests, including major new features for composers and performers.

Studio One 5 2 Sound Variations 4775x2613
Studio One 5.2 - PreSonus Second Major Update 65

The next level in articulation support, Studio One 5.2’s new Sound Variations can handle even the most complex virtual instruments and orchestral libraries that are essential for modern composers. The core of the new Sound Variations system is a powerful, yet easy to use mapping editor that provides tools for managing complex articulation maps. Each Sound Variation can be customized with its own name and color and can be dragged-and-dropped in any order and placed into custom folders. Sound Variations can be triggered by key switches, as well as from remote commands, including hardware controllers, keyboard shortcuts, custom macros, and more. Use the Paint Tool to enter Sound Variations directly into the associated automation lane inside the Note Editor or select any number of notes and assign a Sound Variation from a convenient right-click popup menu. There’s much more! A new API allows third-party developers to enable their VST2 and VST3 instruments’ articulations to be queried by Studio One so that Sound Variation maps are automatically generated. Currently, all Synchron-enabled Vienna Symphonic Instruments, as well as instruments from UJAM fully support dynamic  Sound Variations mapping with Studio One.

The Score View received another major update with the addition of drum notation and tablature. Users can choose between viewing standard notation with tablature or select tablature only to print lead sheets and more. The new drum-map interface lets you add both the drum and note names to a corresponding notated pitch. A General MIDI map is included for quick setup. New symbols in the Score View allow open/closed/half-open techniques to be added as well. A new Voices icon allows up to four voices per staff to be created. Select the desired voice, then enter notes and rests as normal; Studio One will automatically handle stem direction and rest positions. Notes can be entered into multiple voices for a single instrument; up to four voices can be created per staff.

Studio One 5 2 Show Page Arranger
Studio One 5.2 - PreSonus Second Major Update 66

Studio One Professional version 5 introduced the all-new Show Page, allowing you to perform your productions live. Now, with version 5.2, Studio One’s Arranger Track has been added to the Show Page, letting users experiment on the fly with new arrangements. Each Arranger section in every Setlist item has five playback mode options: Continue, Stop at End, Skip, Loop, or Loop and Continue; the latter lets you repeat any section for a specific number of times before playback continues to the next Arranger Section—perfect for extending solos and breakdowns on stage to keep the audience fired up. The new Arranger Track also supports patch changes mid-song, making the Studio One Show Page the ultimate live and streaming performance rig. Live Arranging in real-time is available on both the Song Page and the Show Page, with an updated Performance View. Experiment with new arrangements before you commit them. Perform your arrangements live with real-time looping and jumping – never missing a beat.

An imminent update to Studio One Remote will let you use your favorite mobile devices as master controllers for your live performance. Take the Performance View with you on stage to take charge of your Show from your tablet: loop song sections, change patches, and more, all from your mobile device. Best of all, multiple devices can connect to the same computer running Studio One, so each player has control over their own patches at their fingertips.

Studio One Remote 1 6 Perform View Action Shot
Studio One 5.2 - PreSonus Second Major Update 67

Version 5.2 adds a number of other welcome features, including the ability to create multiple clip versions, allowing the user to apply clip-based edits in Gain Envelopes or Melodyne independently to Events sharing the same audio; a new “Smart” tool for editing Note Events in the Piano Roll editor; and deeper integration with both ATOM SQ and FaderPort-series controllers. PreSonus Sphere workspaces are also now available directly from the Studio One Browser for easy bidirectional file transfer. And Studio One is now officially supported for Apple Silicon ARM processors in Rosetta 2 compatibility mode.

Studio One 5 2 Tablature 5760x3240
Studio One 5.2 - PreSonus Second Major Update 68

Pricing and Availability

Studio One 5.2 is a free update to all registered Studio One 5 customers and is available free to PreSonus Sphere members. Also you can launch Studio One and click “Check for Updates” on the Start Page to update.

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Creating an Orchestral Template in Presonus Studio One with Vienna Ensemble Pro



maxresdefault 17

Orchestral Template in Presonus Studio One

Hey, join in and check out my recent live stream about creating an orchestral template in Presonus Studio One in combination with Vienna Ensemble Pro.

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