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U-he REPRO 1

RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished



RePro Substrata

RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished

RePro-1 Substrata is a collection of 150 dark and powerful patches for u-he’s stellar Pro-One emulation.

RePro 1 Substrata by The Unfinished 2
RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished 38

Substrata is focused on RePro-1’s main strengths: its ballsy low end, premier sequencer and vibrant effects. It’s full of pumping basslines, pulsing analogue drumloops, crunchy riffs, aggressive bass, menacing synths and tense textures – all engineered with analogue grit, space and punch.

Warm, distorted and atmospheric; Substrata provides a twisted, expressive and deep library of synth patches for the more driven and dynamic side of Hollywood film scores.

Inspired by composers such as Tyler BatesJunkie XL and Brian Tyler, film franchise scores such as John Wick and Fast & Furious, as well as electronic artists such as HybridCrystal Method and The Prodigy.

Designed to be surrounded by soaring orchestras, big beats and chugging guitars, the violent energy of Substrata will hep you create compelling, dramatic, thematic soundtracks for your future scoring and electronic music projects.

RePro-1 Substrata Patches

There are 175 patches, including the 25 bonus patches, in RePro-1 Substrata.

  • 3 Arp
  • 39 Basses
  • 47 Basslines
  • 4 Drums
  • 1 Keys
  • 9 Leads
  • 19 Loops
  • 7 Pads
  • 28 Sequences
  • 11 Soundscapes
  • 7 Synths
RePro 1 Substrata by The Unfinished Presets scaled
RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished 39

RePro-1 Substrata Project Team

Matt Bowdler (aka The Unfinished) joined by Andre Williams, Andy Kotz, Antal Nusselder, Christian Birawski, Glen Nicholls, Ingo Wegener, Jonathan Sharp, Jonathan van den Wijngaarden, Julian Joppig, Kris Krause, Michael Sinay, Paul Darbot, Roy Tosseram, Stephan Baer, Tyler Bates, and Sarah, Emilia & Charlotte Bowdler.

Pricing and Availability

Substrata will also now include a Bonus Patch folder, with 25 new and remixed patches created during the demo track writing sessions.

RePro-1 Substrata comes with an NKS-ready version of the soundset, as well as a native format, and will be available for £19.99 +VAT on Friday, 26th June.

RePro 1 Substrata by The Unfinished 3
RePro-1 Substrata by The Unfinished 40

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Virtual Instrument Library

Triple Spiral Audio Releases DIVA & Repro 1/5 Soundsets from Subsonic Artz and Heartwood Soundware



Triple Spiral Audio Releases DIVA Repro 15 Soundsets from Subsonic Artz and Heartwood Soundware

DIVA & Repro 1/5 Soundsets from Subsonic Artz and Heartwood Soundware

Subsonic Artz – Yesterday’s Harvest for DIVA

Yesterday’s Harvest is a free adaptation of the Boards Of Canada type of sounds but, of course, you can
use those presets for a lot of different styles of music (EDM, ambient, cinematic, electronic music…)
Yesterday’s Harvest will bring some nostalgic, vintage, dreamy, emotional, and analog touch to your

There are 131 patches in DIVA – YESTERDAY’S HARVEST.

12 Ar (Arppegiator) , 7 BL (Bass Lines) , 13 BS (Bass) , 7 FX (Effects) , 11 KY (Keys) , 7 LD (Leads) ,
16 PD (Pads) , 21 PL (Pulses) , 12 RY (Rhythms) , 9 SC (Soundscapes) , 5 SQ (Sequences) , 11 SY (Synths).
The mod wheel, the velocity, or the aftertouch have an action on every patch for subtle or drastic changes on
on the sounds.

Heartwood Soundware – Replicate for Repro 1 + 5

Replicate is a soundset for u-he’s Repro1 and Repro 5 synths. You will need to own this softsynth to make use of
these patches.

This set comprises a total of 150 patches, 75 patches each for Repro1 and Repro5. Expect a range of glossy synthwave and gritty cinematics. These synths excel at Bladerunner….


In all cases try using the mod wheel, something interesting or unpredictable is likely to happen.

Pricing and Availability


Both Yesterday’s Harvest & Replicate are available now.

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Tom Wolfe

Synthesized Solutions for Film Synth Vault by Tom Wolfe



Overlap Header

Synth Vault – a Free Monthly Preset Club

Tom Wolfe launches Synth Vault – a free monthly preset club. Sound designer Tom Wolfe has announced the launch of Synth Vault – a free monthly preset club.

With presets available for a range of software synths, members will gain access to the vault where they’ll find 20 brand new presets every month – for completely free! Presets will be available for Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Arturia Pigments, as well as a different U-he synth each month.

Synth Vault Header
Synthesized Solutions for Film Synth Vault by Tom Wolfe 58

The Vault will also include presets for a different Wildcard synth each month, with presets planned for a range of free and paid software synths including Pendulate, Vital and Knifonium. On top of this, members will have access to new sound design tutorials each month to help with creating their own presets. With Synth Vault, Tom Wolfe’s aim is to provide members with an endless source of inspiration to get their creativity flowing and keep creating music.

In The Vault Header
Synthesized Solutions for Film Synth Vault by Tom Wolfe 59

What Members Get Each Month

Each month you’ll receive 20 brand new presets for some of the biggest and best software synthesizers on the market! Use the presets to improve your sound design skills! Each month Tom Wolfe takes two of the free presets and deconstruct them on video, showing you exactly how they were made!


Every month you’ll get 5 free Omnisphere presets to use in your tracks. Presets will be in a range of styles and genres, but they’ll always be diverse.


You’ll also get 5 brand new presets for Arturia Pigments, each with the macros assigned so that they’re easy to tweak and shape to your tracks! You might even get a free sample or wavetable.


There will also be 5 presets for a different U-he synth each and every month. Whether it’s Diva, Zebra, Repro, Hive or Bazille, you’ll receive a handful of presets designed to inspire you.



You’ll also receive 5 presets for the monthly wildcard synth – this could be any software synth by any company, either free or paid. The only condition is – the synth has to kick some serious ass! Upcoming and past wildcard synths include Pendulate, Vital and Knifonium!

About Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe is a British sound designer. Also an award-winning independent film composer, Tom is a prolific voice in the synthesizer reset world and, through, has released sound banks for some of the biggest and most popular software synthesizers and effects plugins on the market. With his presets being celebrated for their uniqueness, creativity, and usability by users and critics alike, Tom has worked with a number of industry-leading companies including Arturia, Kilohearts, and GForce Software. His sounds have been used by Oscar-winning film composers, Grammy-winning record producers, and AAA game composers.

Pricing and Availability

To start receiving free presets every month, sign up for the Synth Vault now at Synth Vault.


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Virtual Instrument Library

The Unfinished Releases REPRO-1 Structure – Modern Analogue Essentials



image 40


The Unfinished released a new soundset for RePro-1 and RePro-5. RePro-1 Structure is a collection of 150 patches for RePro-1. Structure is designed to provide contemporary analog synth sounds that feature in the work of genre-crossing artists such as Olafur Arnalds, Clark, Jon Hopkins, and Max Cooper: a hinterland of neo-classical composing and minimal, experimental electronica; soundtrack meets techno.

image 39
The Unfinished Releases REPRO-1 Structure - Modern Analogue Essentials 72

Rich and thick with warm, swarming synths, deep and dark pulses, sumptuous and sparkling textures; Structure offers a cornucopia of essential analogue sounds – modern, yet imbued with the vintage flavours of the Sequential Circuits Pro One.

RePro-1 Structure focuses on sequenced patches (basslines, loops, and riffs), as well as monosynths and basses. Move seamlessly between the worlds of contemporary scoring and riveting electronica.

From the tight and elegaic work of acts like Kiasmos and Christian Loffler, through the sparkling and throbbing vibes of Rival Consoles and Daniel Avery, to the smooth and wide colours of Nils Frahm and Max RichterStructure is a deep and accessible world of thoroughly modern analogue patches.

The Unfinished Releases REPRO-1 Structure - Modern Analogue Essentials 73

RePro-1 Structure also comes in NKS format. There is also a RePro-5 Structure available, as well as RePro Structure with both soundsets bundled together.

image 41
The Unfinished Releases REPRO-1 Structure - Modern Analogue Essentials 74

The World Of The Unfinished & Matt Bowdler

The Unfinished is Matt Bowdler, composer and sound designer. Matt lives in Oxford with his wife and two daughters. He has been creating cutting-edge, cinematic sound design for less than a decade, Matt’s sounds are regularly used on Hollywood movies, AAA game scores, and hit TV shows around the globe. Matt Bowdler collaborated with the likes of Hans Zimmer, Stephen Barton, Sascha Dikicyan, Martin Phipps, Lorne Balfe, and Paul Haslinger. And Matt also created original synth programming and sound design for audio developers such as u-heSpectrasonicsSpitfire AudioSoniccouture, and Access synths.

The World Of The Unfinished Matt Bowdler
The Unfinished Releases REPRO-1 Structure - Modern Analogue Essentials 75

Pricing and Availability


RePro-1 Structure is available now.

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