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Feel the Bass with Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint



Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint

Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint

Plugin Alliance, supporting all major plugin formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof, is proud to announce availability of Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint — an innovative new low-frequency enhancement tool designed to rapidly improve the bottom end of individual tracks, stems, and even entire mixes.

Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint Carousel 3
Feel the Bass with Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint 39
  • Multiband enhancement for separately processing lower and upper frequencies
  • 5 carefully-tuned bass processing modes: Saturate, Resonate, Octave, Synthesize, and Overfold
  • Minimalist layout with 5 simple, intuitive knobs for dialing in ideal sounds
  • 6 additional toggles to automatically engage popular low end mixing tricks
  • Includes one of the most popular saturation algorithms from Unfiltered Audio’s Dent
  • Instant feedback from onboard Visualizer to see real-time spectral change

Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint’s musical heartbeats to the tune of its simple frequency splitter with an adjustable cutoff, separating the low band from the high band to deploy different types of processing on each. From there, each of the five main (SATURATE, RESONATE, OCTAVE, SYNTHESIZE, and OVERFOLD) modes — each accessing five simple, intuitive (CUTOFF, STRENGTH, SOFTEN, SHELF, and CLARITY) knobs for dialing in ideal sounds — offer new and exciting ways to tweak those high and low parts of the signal through a remarkably simple, creative, and intuitive workflow. With further control provided via the six additional (ANTI RUMBLE, MID ONLY, SOLO BASS, MONO BASS, SOFT CLIP, and BYPASS) toggle OPTIONS on the right side of the plugin GUI (Graphical User Interface), applying essential bass processing techniques are only the flip of an appropriate switch away!

Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint GUI
Feel the Bass with Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint 40

It is also worth noting that Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint makes use of one of the most popular saturation algorithms from its Southern Californian creator’s Dent, a duly different distortion/wave-shaping plugin par excellence, while providing users with instant feedback from its onscreen Visualizer showing real-time spectral change.

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Feel the Bass with Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint 41

Ultimately, Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint is the only plugin on the market that offers such a diverse control set for low-end enhancement and low- end frequency management alike. Spanning subtle enhancement of low-end frequencies to totally reshaping the frequency spectrum from the subs on up, truly wild things are possible with this plugin! Whether wishing to really mess things up for super-dirty-sounding bass or simply bringing kicks and bass into better balance, Bass-Mint can practically do anything anyone would want to do to their lows.

Pricing and Availability

Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint is available for purchase (as an AAX Native-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting effect plugin for macOS 10.11 through 10.15 and Windows 7 through 10) at an attractive introductory price of $129.99 USD until November 8, 2020 — rising thereafter to an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $149.00 USD — from here.

A fully-functional, 14-day trial of Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint is available to anyone registering for a free Plugin Alliance account here.

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Feel the Bass with Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint 42

Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint is included in Plugin Alliance’s monthly MEGA Bundle and annual MEGA Bundle subscription services, its monthly MIX & MASTER Bundle and annual MIX & MASTER Bundle subscription services, and also its monthly Unfiltered Audio Bundle subscription service at no extra cost!

Note that the proprietary Plugin Alliance Installation Manager means users can select, download, and install only the products and formats needed for their system.

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LION – Unfiltered Audio’s First Synthesizer!



PA Unfiltered Audio LION GUI 1

LION Synthesizer by Unfiltered Audio

LION is a digital synth and includes all the outstanding FX modules, modulation capabilities and intelligent technology we’ve come to learn & love from Unfiltered Audio plugins. This synthesizer wants to do only scream and roar.

LION Synthesizer by Unfiltered Audio Preset

Subsequent progressing some of the most innovative and forward-thinking audio processing tools in the world of plugins, Unfiltered Audio is reaching for new heights with their groundbreaking first synthesizer. LION is an extraordinarily deep synth that features an easy-to-use interface with everything you need for quick patching, endless experimentation, and intuitive sound design.

image 11

With the cutting- edge Californian company’s groundbreaking first foray into the wonderful world of software synthesizers similarly scaling new heights, it is set to become the King of the synthesis jungle! LION is an extremely versatile synthesizer with a very simple signal path, putting two oscillators through a mixer and running them through a filter. This software synth is much like a traditional subtractive synthesizer. LION is far from traditional in its exotic execution, however, effectively encouraging endless experimentation in typical Unfiltered Audio innovative and forward-thinking fashion.

LION’s Architecture

For below LION’s hood hides a dual-oscillator architecture with each oscillator featuring 26 modes, ranging from familiar classics to unique oscillators found nowhere else — pick and choose from FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis, subtractive or additive waveforms, ‘super’ oscillator stacks, microsound, noise, or variations on each! All algorithms have been specifically designed for deep modulation. Moreover, each oscillator engine features an optional Stereo mode, whereby WIDE images are available at the synthesis level. LION lets users thereafter take advantage of its deep Unison manipulation of every parameter and (optional) tuning DRIFT for creating rich, full, and lush sounds using the oscillators alone — and all before starting to reach for any external effects!

LION is also rather unique in the way that it turns oscillator mixing into another opportunity for creative synthesis since the Mix(er) offers distinct modes for combining the two oscillators (OSC 1 and OSC 2) in ways not seen in any other synthesizer! The default algorithm (ALGO) acts as a standard crossfader while more experimental modes all create non-standard relationships between the two oscillators themselves. These include: Bitter (bitwise operations are applied to the oscillators); Ash (various sample-and-hold algorithms are applied to the oscillators); Ring Mod (the two oscillators are ring-modulated together); Min-Max (amplitudes of the two oscillators are analyzed and the minimum and maximum values are found between the two with the mixer then crossfading between them); Terrain (a series of wave terrains are created that are then navigated by the two oscillators); and Compare (comparisons are found between the two oscillators). Obviously all lead to truly stunning sounds!

Integrated Modulation System

Still better, Unfiltered Audio’s acclaimed modulation system is integrated into LION, but better than ever! It includes a massive MIDI Input modulator that translates playing into numerous opportunities for deep expression — users can control the filter CUTOFF knob with the last MIDI note value or modulate the oscillators’ timbre through V (velocity) control, for instance. Indeed, full MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) support permits using ROLI Seaboard or Sensel Morph next-generation MIDI controllers for phenomenal per-voice articulation!

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User Interface

LION lends itself to creatively crafting powerful sounds that feel as though they were produced by a colossal chain of plugins, tabs, and automation — and all from within its innovative single-screen GUI (Graphical User Interface) with clear, intuitive controls. Clearly, time is better spent focusing from the outset on the musical job at hand by harnessing LION’s king-sized sonic complexity and versatility, rather than resorting to watching time-consuming tutorials to learn the intricacies and hidden features of a badly-executed synth — software-based or otherwise.

Internal LION Effects

Other soft synths may well only provide a small library of forgettable effects almost as an afterthought, yet LION lets users ditch the need for external effect plugins, should they wish, with Unfiltered Audio’s already-legendary BYOME effect row also integrated as a flexible library of over 40 modulatable effects. LION’s synthesis engines and BYOME processing engine all have access to the same modulation sources, so users can create complete presets with detailed effect chains that react to their playing.

LION Features

  • Over 20 unique oscillator modes, each with an optional, unique stereo algorithm
  • Per-voice modulation
  • Eight unique mixing algorithms for smashing together two oscillators
  • A complete BYOME row for unlimited, modular effect processing
  • Intuitive UX through carefully crafted single-page design (No Tabs!)
  • Modulatable unison depth for every oscillator control
  • A new tag-based preset browser
  • Full MPE support with modular routing
  • Full microtuning support (via TUN files)

John ‘Skippy’ Lehmkuhl aka PlugInGuru Overview

Watch an informative, in-depth video overview of Unfiltered Audio’s LION by professional sound designer and programmer John ‘Skippy’ Lehmkuhl (PlugInGuru). John created presets that are in the shipping LION product.

LION Presets

Possibilities are truly endless — enter LION’s fruitful factory library of nearly 600 presets spanning many musical genres and styles to hear how powerful the King of the synthesis jungle is in action! Ask award-winning composer, musician, technologist, and creator BT. After all, he has become well versed in LION, having already attended a successful ‘synth tasting’ event hosted by Plugin Alliance at Sphere Studios in North Hollywood earlier this year, where a prerelease was showcased to industry insiders and fellow electronica luminaries like Paul Haslinger (ex-Tangerine Dream) and Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a. Junkie XL) to critical acclaim. All three talented musicians happen to be also award-winning modern music-to-picture scoring specialists, so surely know somewhat more than a thing or two about standout synthesized sound between the three of them!

LION Synthesizer by Unfiltered Audio Presets

Availability and Pricing

Unfiltered Audio’s LION is available for purchase — as an AAX Native-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting Virtual Instrument plugin for MacOS (10.9 through 10.14) and Windows (7 through 10) — exclusively from distribution partner Plugin Alliance for an introductory price of $169.00 USD until September 30, 2019, rising to an MSRP of $199.00 USD thereafter — from here. Unfiltered Audio LION is included in Plugin Alliance’s new MEGA Bundle and Unfiltered Audio Bundle monthly — and annual — subscriptions at no extra cost!

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Unfiltered Audio

Unfiltered Audio Released TRIAD – BYOME on Steroids. An Advanced Multi-Band Processor



TRIAD by Unfiltered Audio

TRIAD builds on the success of BYOME, Unfiltered Audio is at it again with their latest creation, Triad. With the ability to split up the signal into three bands and apply BYOME effects to each band individually, this three-headed beast will put the rest of your plugins to shame. BYOME is Unfiltered Audio most energetic effect yet. You can use a so-called cell as an individual effect and combine them to build your own modular effect. TRIAD does load your BYOME presets.

Some say that good things come in threes. TRIAD literally lives up to that saying — in name and nature. Why? Well, with an ability to split an audio signal into three bands and apply BYOME effects — themselves tapping into Unfiltered Audio’s abundant MOD (modulation) control choices via virtual cables (conceptually similar to establishing all the connections between the separate modules on a modular synth system with patch cables to generate tones and sound effects) — to each band individually, this three-pronged approach to multi-band processing par excellence easily has what it takes to stand out from the sound of the crowd.

Presets fit for Unfiltered Audio’s latest and greatest creation have been carefully crafted by acclaimed artists and world-class sound designers to showcase its individualistic capabilities, covering functional frequency splitting to putting it through its innovative paces as the most advanced multiband processing plugin around.

TRIAD by Unfiltered Audio Presets
TRIAD by Unfiltered Audio Presets

TRIAD truly advances the phenomenal possibilities of its single-band BYOME predecessor by bringing a new level of control to the myriad of onboard effects. Essentially, then, it is a three-band frequency splitter capable of processing the LOW, MID, and HIGH-frequency bands with different effect rows, consisting of 40 effect cells arranged into eight categories; each effect cell can be expanded and added to. These range from multi-band compression to frequency-dependent reverb, complex distortions to intricate delays, plus pitch shifting and an array of modulation-based effects — all of this and much more besides are a breeze to set up and control.

TRIAD Details

  • Flat-Sum Frequency Splitter with adjustable per-band gain automatically routed to multiple BYOME effect rows
  • Mid-Side, Left-Right, and Parallel modes are also included for maximum effect routing possibilities
  • Quick workflow features: permutate, per-row load/save/copy/paste, and an interactive visualizer
  • Dynamic Spectral Snap feature allows automatic frequency cutoff balancing- the first such effect in the industry
  • Individual low/mid/high band outputs are available in most DAWs, meaning that Triad can be used as a fully routable splitter
  • Variable slope allows you to change from smooth band transitions to razor sharp cutoffs (12dB to 72dB per octave)
  • Loads all BYOME presets

Readily refrain from using any of the effects — easier said than done, admittedly — and TRIAD can be used as a ‘flat-sum’ frequency splitter with adjustable cutoff points, guided by a first-rate FFS (Fast Fourier Transform) visualizer that displays the signal and allows for precise control over the band amplitudes and cutoffs on the fly. Furthermore, the DYNAMIC SPECTRAL SNAP feature allows automatic frequency cutoff balancing — an industry first, while well-crafted tools like Auto Cutoff and Unity Gain will keep the frequency distribution balanced between the bands, or even adjust the amplitude ratio without any overall volume change. Critical listening required? Simply solo or mute any of the individual bands with one click.

Changing the frequency splitting into a number of other multi-band processors — namely, 2-Band, 3x Parallel, 2x Parallel, Mid-Side, and Left-Right — maximizes effect routing possibilities. Many modes have a flexible Pre/Post row that can quickly swap positions from the start of the chain to the end, turning the tables on patches for facilitating speedy sound design workflows. With that thought in mind, TRIAD features a unique Permutation engine that rotates the function of each active band. Put it this way: what, for instance, if a user had an amazing delay set up on the MID frequency band, but would rather hear it instead applied to the HIGH-frequency band? Then their wish becomes TRIAD’s command by clicking on the Permutation arrows to hear it exactly as they wanted — without destroying the rest of their preset.

TRIAD takes Unfiltered Audio’s Build Your Own Modular Effect technology to new heights, combining state-of-the-art processing, versatile modulation, dozens of powerful effects, and a limitless multi-band workflow with all the power of BYONE — but now in three dimensions. Discerning sound designers and artists alike should seriously consider checking out TRIAD today, traveling to sonic vistas that they have hitherto heard only in their dreams.

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Virtual Instrument Library

Euro Reakt for Reaktor 6.3+ by Unfiltered Audio Review



Euro Reakt Arp

Euro Reakt by Unfiltered Audio Review

In our review today we are looking at Euro Reakt for Reaktor 6.3+ by Unfiltered Audio. There are two versions available Euro Reakt for Reaktor 6.3+ and a Euro Reakt – Free Edition available free of charge. Both versions complete each other. The Free Edition contains a lot of Blocks that will remain free. This is due to how derivative they are from other people’s products and research and shows how third-party Blocks can integrate with the NI ecosystem. We did cover other Unfiltered Audio effect plugins like SpecOps and BYOME earlier.

Unfiltered Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached. Michael Hetrick is the creator of Euro Reakt, a collection of over 140 Blocks for Reaktor 6. Michael started Unfiltered Audio with his friends Joshua Dickinson and Ryan McGee – a group of musicians, composers, and researchers. In Michael’s dissertation he describes the current hardware situation on Eurorack on point: “In the past decade, hardware modular synthesizers have seen a massive resurgence. Electronic musicians and composers are discovering the flexibility and hands-on nature of this creative equipment at an unprecedented rate. New Eurorack module designs are reaching this market on a weekly basis, and computer musicians have an expanding variety of software modular platforms to choose from.

Saving the bank

Nobody mentions that pretty much all Eurorack Systems eat up any budget with not such a great return. If you do want to dive into modular and still feed your family and don’t spend thousands of Euro/Dollar your choices are limited. In the box, you should look at Euro Reakt for Reaktor 6.3 or if you have to go outside the box with aggressively priced systems like AE MODULAR by tangible waves.


The Installation of both the free and paid version of Euro Reakt is very easy. Copy Euro Reakt into your preferred location. Launch Native Access and add Serial Number of the product, Native Access will ask where the product is installed.


Euro Reakt for Reaktor is a compilation of 140 blocks including virtual front-panel patching (like a real eurorack) and NKS support. Unfiltered Audio Euro Reakt includes an extensive variety of modules across oscillators, effects, modulators, sequencers, drum modules, vocoder and more. More than 100 Rack presets provides with a starting point and some ideas to get going if you are new to Eurorack. To use every included Rack, make sure to also pick up a copy of Euro Reakt – Free Edition, which includes 18 Blocks not found here and additional Racks to explore.

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Euro Reakt 1
Euro Reakt

This modular collection leads you into Eurorack in the box. You can be creative, learn more about oscillators, effects, and sequencers without spending any money on all those modules. After you get used to the UI and how you wire up sounds you will enjoy some exciting adventures with modular. You can build rather quickly your next drone, ambiance patch or texture. You just need to export the WAV files and have some new and unique elements available when you compose the next time to picture, trailer or an ad. Example like the Lofi Haunting patch shows you clearly what is possible if you invest the time. The included Racks cover also advanced techniques to allow you to grow with your experience. You can dive into moving forming synthesis, drum sequencing, procreative composition, creative effects and so much more.

Euro Reakt Drum Machine
Euro Reakt Drum Machine

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Unfiltered Audio’s Euro Reakt for Reaktor is unique and a must have for any composer, Eurocrack addict who want to reduce the spent and anyone who want to get their feet wet with Eurorack. As a big bonus is the included example racks which are very instructive and get you started in no time. The absolutely ground-breaking Euro Reakt is one of the best collections for REAKTOR. Produced for sound design, great for any composer, and amazingly worthwhile for anyone working with Eurorack.

Euro Reakt Lofi Haunting
Euro Reakt Lofi Haunting

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