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Drums of the Deep Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Auddict



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60% OFF Virtuosic Violin by Auddict



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Virtuosic Violin by Auddict Sale

Weighing in at a massive 60 GB, The virtuosic violin by Auddict is a content-rich instrument, with many different articulations, legato modes, and other features, and much like a real violin, takes special care to ensure you get the most out of the instrument.

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60% OFF Virtuosic Violin by Auddict 37

Everything in VIRTUOSIC VIOLIN (Affiliate Link) has been skilfully programmed to ensure everything is easily and readily accessible, to minimize any “learning time”, and let you get on to writing music with virtuosic violin as soon as possible.

Slurred and bowed legato were specially sampled so you can correctly and realistically phrase passages. You also get a specially sampled “fast legato” set of intervals, which will allow you to play virtuosic runs and scale passages.

Auddict wanted to make VIRTUOSIC VIOLIN (Affiliate Link) even more musical, so they have once again used their idea of the “phrase builder”, which allows you to select the attack, or beginning sound of a phrase, and then switch around the type of legato throughout a musical phrase.

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60% OFF Virtuosic Violin by Auddict 38

One huge give-away that an instrument is a sampled one and not a real instrument is how the beginning of every musical phrase sounds the same. A great performer will not sound like this. They will vary the phrase beginnings, and perhaps start some quietly, some with an FP, some with a stutter, and so we have included five options for this, to ensure that your compositions sound evolving, musical, and extremely convincing.

The width of the stereo mic perspective can be changed by dragging the bottom pair of microphones in the interface, and dynamics can be brought up and down by either the mod wheel or expression Midi CC – depending on whether you have MOD or EXP selected in the bottom right hand corner of the instrument GUI, and the shorts’ dynamics are controlled by velocity.

Pricing and Availability


60 OFF Virtuosic Violin by Auddict 970x250 1
60% OFF Virtuosic Violin by Auddict 39

This is a limited-time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! For only $47.99 (normally $120), get VIRTUOSIC VIOLIN (Affiliate Link), The most living, breathing solo violin virtual instrument by Auddict!

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63% OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 – FLURRIES by Auddict



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Angel Strings Vol. 2 (FLURRIES) by Auddict

For only $54.99 (normally $150), get ANGEL STRINGS VOL. 2 (Affiliate Link) by AUDDICT!

63 OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 FLURRIES by Auddict 1200x627 1
63% OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 - FLURRIES by Auddict 54

Weighing in at a massive 10GB, ANGEL STRINGS VOL. 2 (Affiliate Link) explores even more specialized string articulations and various orchestral textures. which includes completely unique, never before sampled articulations and an entire string orchestra range playable via keyboard-wide sample maps.

This library was recorded at Angel Studios in London, where countless pop/rock stars have recorded (notably Adele’s “21”), and many major film and video game scores have been recorded, including The Lion King, Jackie, Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Horizon: Zero Dawn and many more.

63 OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 FLURRIES by Auddict 970x250 1
63% OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 - FLURRIES by Auddict 55


With this Vol.2 of ANGEL STRINGS (Affiliate Link) exploring even more specialized string articulations and various orchestral textures, the Auddict team decided that it will be released as a series of slightly smaller, expansion-pack style libraries. The advantage of this is that you can now choose exactly which articulations and techniques you’d like to purchase and add to your composing palette. These libraries will run separately and do not require Angel Strings Vol.1 to run.

Angel Strings Vol. 2 FLURRIES by Auddict GUI2
63% OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 - FLURRIES by Auddict 56


The “flurries” refer to specially orchestrated sequences of notes played in quick succession by each player, creating a beautiful and lush string sound, which – due to the subtle spontaneity of the individual players – can really create the feeling of a real orchestra playing. We recommend watching the videos and listening to the demos as this is best demonstrated with music rather than words!

The flurries were orchestrated, recorded and programmed/mapped very carefully so that they can be performed, layered in different combinations and blend with other instruments smoothly. The techniques heard in this library are regularly written into orchestral music, whether it be modern film scores or romantic symphonies; however they are not sounds you can simulate even remotely with per-note sample libraries; they require specific orchestration and recording dedicated specially to these techniques, and we have done just that.

This instrument is organised into five main articulations, each one having an almost keyboard-wide palette of sounds to choose from. The five articulations are named:

  • Ionian Flurries 3/5’s
  • Aeolian Flurries 3/5’s
  • Ionian Flurries + Bar
  • Aeolian Flurries + Bar
  • Fifths and Unis
63 OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 FLURRIES by Auddict 930x180 1
63% OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 - FLURRIES by Auddict 57

The different articulation names refer simply to major and minor tonalities, as well as the notes used/techniques included. “Bar” stands for bariolage, which is a string technique where players quickly sweep the bow up and down the different strings to create quick arpeggios. Ionian can simply be thought of as “major” and Aeolian as “minor”, so depending on whether your music/chord is major or minor, you’d know which articulations to use. Fifths and unis are just that, and can be used in any tonality!.

There is a lot to be explored in this library. Different articulations and flurries can even be used to add interesting harmonic content to your music, beyond the standard root-position chords, but we will leave this up to you; the composer!


Kontakt VST / AU / AAX (full version only – Player/Free version will run for 10 minutes at a time before plugin needs to be re-loaded)

Pricing and Availability

This is a limited time offer you should not miss! ANGEL STRINGS VOL. 2 (Affiliate Link) is available now for just $54.99 from January 11th until January 24th, 2021.

63 OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 FLURRIES by Auddict 980x120 1
63% OFF Angel Strings Vol. 2 - FLURRIES by Auddict 58

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Virtual Instrument Library

Checking Out Celestial Voices – Calypso by Auddict



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Checking Out Celestial Voices – Calypso

Celestial Voices – Calypso by Auddict is a beautiful and versatile female vocal sample library for Kontakt (FULL version required). The library includes true legato and multiple vowels (Mm, Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh) and even multiple consonants sounds for a unique, true-to-life performance every time.

The voice we have is perfect for nuanced. ethereal cinematic music, as well as bold, epic lines and even, can cover more operatic and ethnic territory as well. There’s a really nice resonance in the upper range that can be very powerful depending on the articulation selected (for instance, Mm is almost always intimate and subdued, where Oh and Ah can be quite powerful and bold!)

There are 5 true legato modes, and in a nice touch, you are also able to select from multiple consonant sounds (sah, lah, rah, reh, leh, meh, fee, ree, tee, soh, roh, doh).

This selection will apply to the first word of the legato sequence only, and you can use the included keyswitches to create/morph your own phrases on the fly, all while retaining the super smooth and fluid legato transitions in between each note.

In addition to these features, they’ve recorded multiple mic positions, so you can totally sculpt the sound to be as dry, wet, up close, or as distant as possible. The stage mics allow you to dial in a magical, ethereal sound, while the spot mics offer more detail and power for something bold and epic.


Pricing and Availability

For only $39.99 (normally $106.18), get Celestial Voices – Calypso by AUDDICT!

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