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Particular Sound

Particular Sound Launches Synth Motions – for Arturia Pigments



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Synth Motions – for Arturia Pigments

Particular Sound released Synth Motions Vol.1 – for Arturia Pigments, the latest addition to Particular Sound well-known series of 80s “Synth Motions” synth-wave soundsets.

Synth Motions – for “Arturia Pigments” Features

  • 1.2GByte
  • 387 Samples
  • 270 patches instruments/sounds
  • Arps, Sequences, Basses, Leads, Chords, Bell, Ambient Sounds

The powerful Pigments from Arturia is beast when you look at the features and synthesis types. With the fully fleshed implementation of the Sampler section, Particular Sound decided to give it a go and started creating their Synth Motions soundset. It took quite some time to arrange and recreate the sounds, and Particular Sound’s is finally ready to release Synth Motions.

Synth Motions Vol.1 – for Arturia Pigments contains 270 presets containing Ambient, Arp, Bass, Bell, Lead Sounds and more. Newly programmed, using the digital and analogue technology to get back the old 80s vibe useable for Synthwave, retro pop, retro wave, retro electro or actual genres. Every instrument was recorded without any effects like reverb or delay, use your own trusty 80s reverb and delay and get your personal feeling.

Pricing and Availability

Synth Motions Vol.1 – for Arturia Pigments is available now.

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Native Instruments Kontakt

Aphelion – Cinematic Loops 2 for Kontakt Released by Particular Sound



Aphelion Cinematic Loops 2 for Kontakt Released by Particular Sound

Aphelion – Cinematic Loops 2 Available

Aphelion – Cinematic Loops 2 is a collection of 124 cinematic percussion loops for Kontakt5 und up, designed to be used in underscore, action or electronic musical pieces. Like in the first version, Particular Sound used everything they got as a sound source processed through analog gear and our great collection of plugins, to make the loops dark, dynamic and percussive to underlay them to your next orchestral piece.

Combined with a neat & functional Kontakt GUI, effects and a sequencer perfectly synched to your tempo.

Aphelion – Cinematic Loops 2 UI
Aphelion - Cinematic Loops 2 for Kontakt Released by Particular Sound 36


Aphelion Cinematic Loops part 2 is available now at Particular-Sound. You can purchase Cinematic Loops 2 currently at an introduction price.

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VPS Avenger: Synth Motions – Drum Edition



Synth Motions – Drum for VPS Avenger

Synth Motions – Drum for VPS Avenger was released by Particular Sound. As Synthwave music was popular in the 80s, drum computers like the Roland TR808, the LinnDrum, the Korg Minipops or Oberheim DX were used very often. Now Synthwave music is becoming even more popular and we took this opportunity, to go ahead and dive into sound-making, again.

Sound of the 80s

For sure we all liked the flair and sounds from the Eighties, but Particular Sound wanted to take it a step forward. Particular Sound applied additionally the technology from today and created new powerful sounds, nice punchy kicks and “in your face” snares.

Collected together in 20 Drum kits, everything was sampled and layered together included the midi files. Currently there two out of three editions released. Synth Motion is available for TAL-SAMPLER and VPS Avenger. The producing company works on a library to support a third sampler/synth.


Synth Motions – Drum Edition can be purchased here.

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