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Synth Anthology 2 by UVI – Review



Synth Anthology 2 by UVI Pads Longer Version

Synth Anthology 2 by UVI

I have been using Synth Anthology 2 for some time now and I am really impressed with many of the included synthesizers. I really did fall in love with some RLD Jup 8  pads and to be honest I could not remember when I did smile so much when I played recently a virtual instrument. With UVI’s Synth Anthology 2  you get selected patches created from 77 classic synthesizers, more than 2500 presets all based on more than 20,000 samples. Synth Anthology 2 has been released by UVI in late 2016.

There are different sections included, for example, the pads which provide a lot of value and vibe from those old gear. I was really impressed of the pads in their great variety and great sounding synthesizer that has been included. Other sections are Atmosphere, Bass, Bellish, Flutes, FX, Guitar, Keyboards, Leads, Organs, Pads, Polysynth, Shorts, Strings, Sweeps,  Synth Brass, and Vocals.

The included patches from hardware synthesizers and samplers are sorted by their hardware style. You get Classic Analog, Modern Analog, Analog Modeling, FM and Formant, Wavetable and Digital, Vector Synthesis, Additive, PCM Synth, and Samplers machines/keyboards.

Synth Anthology 2 Presets

UVI did enhance the captured original sound with different effects including reverb, delay, chorus, arpeggiators. Some effects are baked in by UVI are not available on the original hardware. UVI created with this treatment new pleasant instruments. When using UVI Workstation and Falcon you can control and turn down those effects for a more original sound.


The player: You have the choice to use the free UVI Workstation or Falcon which comes at additional costs.

Synth Anthology 2 Falcon

Synth Anthology 2 is based on UVI own player software/VST. You can use either the free UVI Workstation or the Falcon which is a powerful player and hybrid instrument which can be used to further shape and manipulate loaded Instruments. The Interface is a clean and modern UI which allows you to easy select, change and play a captured synthesizers. You can use Falcon or UVI’s Workstation standalone or as a VST plugin in your DAW.

Where Synth Anthology 2 stands out are the straight forward easy to use controls, UVI has done a great job in designing the User Interface. That is in these days of many available libraries and that a composer user many different ones an very important factor as it allows you to work faster and more efficient.

Synth Anthology 2 EDIT

On the UI you have six pages: Oscillators (OSC), Edit, Step Modulator (Step), LFO, Effex (FX), and Arpeggiator (Arp). Synth Anthology 2 includes 2 oscillators controller for what UVI calls MAIN and SUB. The  MAIN oscillators represent the sampled synth. The SUB oscillators is a phase distortion-type oscillator.

Synth Anthology 2 FX

Each of the two oscillators has a controller for ADSR, volume, monophonic & stereophonic, pan, filters, vibrato, tremolo, filter, drive and envelope generators for amplitude and filter.


Synth Anthology 2 OSC

The UVI is beside the included presets one of the strong points of this tool, it allows you to get things done in an easy way, it enables you to get the sound you want fast.

UVI with the help of  specialized sound engineers and in post the talented developer team did sample and recreate selected patches based and inspired by these fine machines and synthesizers:  Access Virus C,  Akai AX80,  Alesis Andromeda, Alesis Fusion, ARP Chroma Polaris, ARP Odyssey , ARP Quadra,  Casio CZ-1,  Casio VZ-1,  Clavia NordLead , Dave Smith Prophet 6 , Elka EK44,  Elka Synthex , Emu Emax,  E-MU Emulator 2,  Ensoniq ESQ-M,  Ensoniq Fizmo,  Ensoniq SQ80,  Ensoniq VFX,  Fairlight CMI IIx,  Formanta Polivoks,  Kawai K3,  Kawai K4R,  Kawai K5000,  Korg DS8, Korg DSS1 , Korg DW8000,  Korg Minilogue,  Korg MS20,  Korg M1 , Korg PS-3200,  Korg Triton, Korg Wavestation,  Mellotron M400,  M-Memory,  M-Mini,  M-Poly, M-Source, M-37, NED Synclavier 2, Novation Basstation 2,  Novation Nova,  Novation Ultranova,  Oberheim Matrix 6,  Oberheim OB6,  Oberheim OB-X,  Oberheim Xpander,  OSC OSCar, PPG Wave 2.3, RLD D-Fifty,  RLD JD800,  RLD J 60,  RLD J 106, RLD Jup 4,  RLD Jup 8,  RLD JX8P,  RLD 3o3,  RLD VP330,  RSF Kobol,  SCI Prophet 5, SCI Prophet VS,  Seiko DS301,  Siel DK80,  Studio Electronics ATC, Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089,  Yamaha AN1X,  Yamaha CS-80, Yamaha CS20m,  Yamaha DX7,  Yamaha DX100,  Yamaha FS1R, Yamaha SY77,  Yamaha SY22,  Vermona Tiracon 6V, Waldorf MicrowaveXT,  Waldorf Pulse, and  Waldorf Q



Rating:  Five out of five stars
UVI’s Synth Anthology 2  is a great patch collection of machines and synthesizers which provide you with many sounds and instruments that can be used over the next years to come. Synth Anthology 2 is a pleasure to use. The sound of the vintage and modern classics synths is warm, lovely, and if needed crunchy and you get access to many synths you always wanted to get your hands on.

As many do use Kontakt for many other libraries I can report that the user interface UVI designed is intuitive and easy to use – it has a modern interface design.

Areas of improvement: the included manual could be enhanced and is a bit basic.

Comments on the installations of UVIs products either be used with the Workstation or Falcon. You want to copy the UFS ( UVI File System) to a common place where you can access the files at a fast speed. I copy my UFS files to an external USB3 disk and have no issue with the performance.


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Pocket Miku: A Unique Vocal Synthesizer from Japan



Pocket Miku A Unique Vocal Synthesizer from Japan

One of the unique things about the Pocket Miku project is that it is a vocal synthesizer that is inspired by Vocaloid Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) , and yet it is not a Vocaloid in its own right. It uses existing vocal synthesizer technology from Vocaloid 2/3/4, but then repurposes it and adds features to make it a unique vocal synthesizer in its own right.

Gakken’s “Pocket Miku”

In a ribbon synthesizer, make music, write music, and sing with the world’s most famous virtual vocaloid pop star. A stylus for playing and a 3.5mm/0.125″ output are included with this 16-key NSX-39 keyboard. Five distinct sounds are available: A – E – I – O – U, with vibrato, octave control, and volume and vowel control.

About Gakken

Gakken was established in 1946 as a Japanese publishing house. They started selling instructional toys, books, periodicals, and electrical kits in the 1970s. In Japan and the United States, their uniforms are noted for their innovative design, ease of use, and large cult following.

Vocal Synthesizer

A vocal synthesizer is a device that can generate artificial or computer-generated speech. It is usually used to create singing or other sounds that are impossible to produce with the human voice. Vocal synthesizers can be used to create sounds that are similar to the human voice, or they can create entirely new and unique sounds.

Vocal synthesizers are pieces of audio equipment specifically made to produce sounds similar to a human voice. They can be used to create sounds that are similar to a real-life voice, or they can be used to create unique sounds. These extraordinary sounds can include anything from animal noises to electronic beats. With the recent development of software and technology, vocal synthesizers have become easier to use, allowing any person to create his or her unique sounds.


How Musicians can use a Vocal Synthesizer

A vocal synthesizer can be a powerful tool for musicians, allowing them to create and manipulate sounds that would otherwise be impossible to produce. Using various techniques, musicians can use a vocal synthesizer to develop new and unique sounds or imitate other instruments’ sounds. Vocal synthesis can create eclectic sounds, from simple melodies to complex textures.

By varying the pitch, timbre, and envelope of the sound, musicians can create infinite possibilities. By experimenting with different settings, musicians can find the perfect sound for their music. A vocal synthesizer can also be used to imitate the sounds of other instruments. By matching the pitch and timbre of the sound, musicians can create a realistic imitation of another instrument.

This can be useful for creating new textures and layers in a composition. Vocal synthesis can be a powerful and versatile tool for musicians. By experimenting with different settings, musicians can make various sounds, from simple melodies to complex textures. By matching the pitch and timbre of the sound, musicians can also create realistic imitations of other instruments.


Microcosm is an incredibly versatile machine that can create striking ambient effects to tight, tap-tempo synchronized rhythms. By utilizing granular sampling, delay, and looping techniques, Microcosm can take your sound and completely transform it into something new and exciting. This machine can do everything if you want to create cascading micro-loops, diffused drones, or hypnotic textures. David uses the Microcosm in his video below.


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Soviet PIF Synth: A Cute Analog Synthesizer for Children



Soviet PIF Synth A Cute Analog Synthesizer for Children

Do you remember the good old days of Soviet Russia? If you’re a fan of analog synthesizers, then you’ll love the new Soviet PIF Synth! This adorable little synth is perfect for children, and it comes with a FREE sample library that will give you hours of fun!

Soviet PIF Synth

These colorful little synths were clearly designed with children in mind. They are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. The controls are large and brightly colored, making them easy to use. And the sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small and inexpensive instrument.

The Pif was produced from roughly 1989-1993 in a city called Ромны in Ukraine. The factory that produced them, Роменский завод АТС, specialized in industrial telephone equipment, but also made several consumer products including this synthesizer.

Despite their child-friendly design, the Pif synths are capable of producing a wide range of sounds, from energetic dance beats to atmospheric pads to serene melodies. Thanks to their affordability and portability, the Pif synths remain popular among musicians of all ages.

Soviet PIF Synth: A Cute Analog Synthesizer for Children
Soviet PIF Synth: A Cute Analog Synthesizer for Children

A Cute Analog Synthesizer for Children

The Soviet PIF Synth is a unique and powerful tool for anyone looking to create original and arresting sounds. The synth uses raw analog waveforms to generate its sound, resulting in a harsh and industrial sound that is perfect for any aggressive or dark production.

In addition, the synth comes with a wide variety of modulation options, making it possible to create complex and evolving soundscapes. The Soviet PIF Synth is a must-have for any serious producer looking to add some edge to their productions.


USSR Synths – The Best Soviet Synthesizers of All Time

The Soviet Union was a powerhouse when it came to synthesizers. Many of the best synths of all time were developed in the USSR, and they remain popular to this day. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best Soviet synthesizers ever made. We will discuss their features and how they have influenced music over the years. If you are interested in learning more about Soviet synths, this blog post is for you!

The first synth on our list is the Polivoks. This synth was developed in the early 1980s and it quickly became one of the most popular synths in the USSR. The Polivoks is known for its unique sound, which has been used by many famous musicians over the years. The Polivoks is also notable for its durability; many of these synths are still in use today, more than 30 years after they were first created.

Next on our list is the Formanta EMS-01. This synth was developed in the late 1970s and it was one of the first affordable synthesizers available to Soviet musicians. The Formanta EMS-01 is a simple yet powerful synth that can create a wide variety of sounds. This synth is still used by many musicians today, and it remains a popular choice for those looking for an affordable and versatile synth.

Free Soviet PIF Synth Sample Library

This sample library performs with the FREE DecentSampler plug-in. You can download the Decent Library here.


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Donner B1: A 303-Style Analog Synth



Donner B1 A 303 Style Analog Synth for 152

I checked out the brand new Donner B1 Bass Synthesizer:

Donner B1 analog bass synthesizer has made unprecedented innovation in the operation interface, provide simpler and more intuitive interface for all music lovers

Donner B1- A 303-Style Analog Synth for $152!
Donner B1: A 303-Style Analog Synth for $152!

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