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88% off “API Collection” by Waves



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“API Collection” by Waves Sale

Developed in association with API, the “API Collection” (Affiliate Link) features four precision-modeled plugins based on renowned API equalizer and compressor modules: the API 550A 3-Band EQAPI 550B 4-Band EQAPI 560 Graphic EQ, and API 2500 Stereo Compressor.

From its beginnings in 1968, the API sound has been a favorite of audio engineers. Easy to use, with remarkable flexibility right out of the box, these precision-modeled plugins authentically replicate every component of these classic modules:

  • API 550A 3-Band EQ
  • API 550B 4-Band EQ
  • API 560 Graphic EQ
  • API 2500 Stereo Compressor

Hundreds of API consoles are still in daily use in the world’s leading studios, and countless legends – Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers – have been recorded and mixed using API EQ and compression modules.

API 550A & 550B Equalizers

Modeled on the late 1960s legend, the API 550A EQ provides reciprocal and repeatable equalization at 15 points in 5 steps of boost, divided into three overlapping ranges. Its high and low-frequency ranges are individually selectable as either peaking or shelving, and a band-pass filter can be inserted independently of all other settings.

88% off “API Collection” by Waves 41

The 550B, with its renowned four, overlapped EQ bands, is invaluable as both a problem solver and a sweetening device. With 7 switchable filter frequencies spanning up to 5 octaves per band, the 550B’s “Proportional Q” automatically widens the filter bandwidth at minimal settings and narrows it at higher settings.

It even lets you undo previous processing, affect or even reverse tonal modifications. With their vast range of tonal possibilities, the API 550A and 550B are a pair of versatile EQs with that one-of-a-kind API sound.

  • Modeled vintage EQ plugins
  • Developed in association with API
  • API 550A: 5 selected frequency centers per band
  • API 550A: Maximum 12 dB of boost/cut per band in 2-3 dB steps
  • API 550A: “Proportional Q” narrows filter Q at extremes High headroom +30 dB clip level
  • API 550B: 7 selected frequency centers
  • API 550B: 12 dB of boost/cut per band
  • API 550B: Bands 1 and 4 offer shelf/peak switching
  • API 550B: High headroom +30 dB clip level

API 560 Graphic EQ

Based on the 1967 classic, the API 560 10-Band graphic equalizer features precision filtering and high headroom, ideal for signal enhancement and room tuning.

The API 560’s curve shaping potential is unmatched, while API’s unique “Proportional Q design intuitively widens the filter bandwidth at lower boost/cut levels and narrows it at higher settings.


And since boost and cut characteristics are identical, previous actions can be easily undone.

For precision equalization with unmatched versatility, turn to the EQ heard on top recordings for decades: the API 560.

  • Modeled vintage EQ plugin
  • Developed in association with API
  • Familiar one-octave centers
  • 12 dB of boost/cut per band
  • “Proportional Q” narrows filter Q at extremes
  • Additional resolution in the critical ±4 dB region
  • Clip level > +28 dBu

API 2500 Stereo Compressor

The API 2500 is a versatile dynamics processor that lets you shape the punch and tone of mixes with absolute accuracy.

Its dual-channel design lets 2500 also function as two separate mono channels via a single compression setting.

You can adjust Threshold or Ratio using auto-makeup gain while automatically maintaining a constant output level.

With both “feedback” and “feed-forward” compression types, the API 2500 boasts a wide range of incredibly musical parameters which have made it a favorite of engineers the world over.

  • Modeled vintage compressor plugin
  • Developed in association with API
  • Switchable 3-position Thrust high-pass filter
  • Variable link left and right channels
  • 3 Variable link filter types
  • 3 Compression modes: soft, medium and hard knee
  • 6 Release settings: 5 fixed, 1 continuous
88% off “API Collection” by Waves 42

Pricing and Availability

Normally €506 – get the “API Collection” (Affiliate Link) at 88% off before it’s gone

API Collection FB 2
88% off “API Collection” by Waves 43

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Iceland sounds – Ambient Hydrophone Sample Pack ! Underwater, Ice, Snow River & Waterfalls



Iceland sounds Ambient Hydrophone Sample Pack Underwater Ice Snow River Waterfalls

Ambient Hydrophone Sample Pack ! Underwater, Ice, Snow River & Waterfalls

freetousesounds just released Ambient Hydrophone Sample Pack ! Underwater, Ice, Snow River & Waterfalls.

New 4Gb underwater sound sample recorded with the Ambient ASF2 MK2 hydrophone in rivers, waterfalls, oceans, harbors, ice, and snow with it while traveling around Iceland.

  • Files: 37 files • Including metadata
  • Size: 4GB
  • Sample Rate: 192-32 WAV
  • Duration: Approx. 40 min
  • Gear: Zoom F6, Ambient ASF2 MK2
  • Delivery: Instant – blazingly-fast – digital download on Bandcamp
  • License type: Royalty-free

Pricing and Availability

Released July 12, 2020 and available now on bandcamp.


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Piano Library Comparison



A  piano improvisation from Ronald Ng Yuan Chang recorded especially for you to allow you to compare different pianos.  There is also a Soft, Felt, Emotional Piano Library Comparison.







Bengt Nilsson

bigcat instruments

Cinematic Studio Series


Chocolate Audio

Echo Sound Works

Galaxy Instruments

 Ivy Audio

Kirk Hunter Studios

 Q Up Arts





Spitfire Audio




VI Labs

Voices Improvisation


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