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Yves Big City

Big City Sample Collection – FREE



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“Big City Sample Pack Collection” for Elektron Digitakt

Yves Big City decided to compile the finest Big City samples and turn them into the perfect go-to pack when you run out of inspiration. Drums have been sourced from classic drum machines, filtered, clipped, and processed to perfection to your favorite DAWs and samplers.

Drums have been sourced form classsic drum machines, filtered, clipped and processed to perfection to your favorite DAWs and samplers.

At a glance :

  • 128 Samples sorted by category :
    • 32 Kicks
    • 33 Snares and Claps
    • 17 Hi Hats
    • 28 Percussions
    • 7 Real instruments ( Bells etc.. )
    • 11 Bass & Lead synths
  • Super light and easy load ( less than 10 megas in memory )
  • Perfect for a wide variety of genres and productions
  • the GOTO pack to start something and having an instant rewarding result
  • Coming from the famous big city samples library
  • Designed to fit in the 128 slots of the Elektron Digitakt BUT compatible with your favorite DAWS and samplers.
  • Standard WAVs files format

Pricing and Availability

it’s freeBig City Sample Collection

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Big City Sample Collection - FREE 33


Chiptune Dreams: Yves Big City – Novation Circuit Rhythm & Elektron Digitak Packs!



Chiptune Dreams Yves Big City Novation Circuit Rhythm Elektron Digitak Pack

If you’re anything like me, you love the nostalgic sounds of 8-bit video games! There’s something about those bleeps and bloops that just takes me back to my childhood. Well, I’m excited to share with you a new chiptune album that will send you on a musical journey through time and space!

Chiptune Dreams: Yves Big City – Novation Circuit Rhythm & Elektron Digitak Packs!

Digital and analog samples have been created especially for the Digitakt engine: The best of both worlds. Also compatible with your preferred DAWs and samplers, there are more than 256 samples available. Standard WAVs files are used.


Chiptune Dreams “Rhythm Edition” is a full set of 256 sounds that are redone and remixed for the Novation Rhythm, including an old school/new school pair.

You’ll discover the sounds that rocked your youth, re-imagined for today’s audiences, while retaining the “old school” tracker sound of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

From harsh, unprocessed, and powerful sounds to delicate and brilliant sounds, from the famous Commodore 64 to the contemporary synth via legendary Amiga sounds, you’ll find everything you need to re-create, remix, and become a video games music genius.


Chiptune Dreams “Digitakt Edition” is a full collection of 256 samples that we remodel and remix, especially for the Elektron Digitakt. It mixes old with new in two sets. The sounds that rocked your childhood will be updated yet still remain true to the “old school” tracker sound of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

From basic to advanced, from the legendary Commodore 64 to the modern synth, you’ll discover everything you need to create, remix, and become one of those innovators who will forever change the video game music soundtrack.

Yves Big City – Chiptune Dreams – Rhythm & Digitakt Editions

This collection was created using the Novation Circuit rhythm machine and Elektron Digitakt sampler, and it’s definitely one of my favorites. If you’re looking for some retro-inspired tunes to add to your playlist, be sure to check out Chiptune Dreams by Yves Big City!

In 1992, you sit in front of your computer with a floppy disk in your hand and press the MS-DOS command line to begin ‘StateOfArt-spaceballs.exe,’ the disk’s noise begins to rumble, then there is complete silence…a black screen in which nothing happens.

Yves Big City’s Testimony for The 80s and 90s

You believe your buddy passed you a faulty disk, but then…you see scrolling text and hear a futuristic electro soundtrack with dazzling lights that leave you breathless. You can’t help listening; it’s an immediate infatuation….

This little tale was part of Yves Big City’s memory and they brought it back to life through this nostalgia for classic video game music. This sound pack was created in 2006, and it was Yves Big City’s first attempt to merge old school and contemporary samples.

Finally, in light of Cuckoo’s tremendous talents, it was about time to discover creativity as a result of one of the most creative individuals known as ‘Cuckoo.’ He’s the one who revives chiptune music in such a beautiful way that you just want to create music on your old video game system every day.

So this is Yves Big City’s testimony for the 80s and 90s computer, as well as all of the video games that came along with it.

Crafted with Love and Passion

This collection was created, sampled, and processed on UAD tape from the following computer hardware and software:

  • Commodore 64
  • Amiga 500
  • MSX
  • OPL Adlib Soundcard
  • Soundtracker

The result is a bit crush sound with a lot of punch characters, as you would expect. We didn’t forget about the new generation of synthesizers that will be ideal for mixing vintage sound with today’s music. To create a chiptune analog drum and synth kit based on the following gear.

  • Elektron Analog Four
  • Dreadbox Typhon
  • Sequential Circuit Pro3
  • Novation Mono Station
  • Teenage Engineering PO20 & 32 ( Thanks to Claas Falldorf for the sample recording )

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Return to the 80s and Experience a Childhood Filled with Nostalgia with Delorean Rhythm



Return to the 80s and Experience a Childhood Filled with Nostalgia with Delorean Rhythm

Delorean Rhythm by Yves Big City – Novation Circuit RHYTHM Pack

It’s time to return to the 80s. Just imagine and create your perfect film score of a childhood full of memories, from movies like E.T., Back To The Future II, or HowardTheDuck!

Return to the 80s and Experience a Childhood Filled with Nostalgia with Delorean Rhythm 2
Return to the 80s and Experience a Childhood Filled with Nostalgia with Delorean Rhythm 41
  • Two packs taking benefit of the hot-swap features : Light and ready to load in less than 15 seconds.
  • Analog and Acoustic Digital samples specially design for the circuit rhythm engine: The best of both world
  • More than 256 samples compatible also with your favorite DAWS and samplers. Standard WAVs files format

Music like no other

Yves Big City is a band that specializes in recording their songs using different instruments, but it’s not just any assortment. They use the Juno 106 as well as classic Yamaha DX7 and many other iconic synths from the 80s to cover all of this generation’s spectrum!

About Yves Big City

Stuck between nostalgia for the past and temptation of the future, Big City has been raised by the techno soul rhythm of the ’90s. As a result appears a mix of Disco New Wave, inspired by the rise and fall of industrial society. Always looking for the perfect disco pop beat, he combines two different worlds…featuring new-wave and groovy sounds. His roots are, for the soul sounds, Detroit City and Detroit artists, from Iggy Pop to the Godfather of Techno, for the cold side, New Order / Joy Division are his main inspirations, Prince influence completes the funky pop side, and many more as inspiration can come from anywhere.

Pricing and Availability

DELOREAN RHYTHM is available now.

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Virtual Instrument Library

Techno Foundations Time To Step Up The Game!



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Techno Foundations by Techtronix & Yves Big City – Novation Circuit Tracks Pack

Techno Foundations was created to give the modern Techno Producer a great starting point for both drum sounds and patches.  It goes without saying that techno is one of the most important genres of our age with so much spawning from it, it’s certainly not going anywhere. The aim of this pack is to keep the Circuit Tracks in line with the modern way. All 72 patches were designed to fit perfectly within the mix, no extra processing is needed!

This pack aims to fill all your Techno needs from slow atmospheric Techno with a focus on complex sounds all the way to dance floor slammers, that leave you wanting more.

This pack contains 72 Complex patches

  • 32 Slamming Bass Sounds
  • 16 Lush pads that will stand out a mile in your productions.
  • 16 Chord stabs or lead patches
  • 8  soaring leads
  • 56 Additional presets carefully selected from the Novation Factory.
  • 19 Sessions with a wide range of sound within the Techno Genre 
  • 64 Highly curated Drum vocal and chord stab sounds, the ultimate starting place
  • Samples are arranged into columns

Kicks, Claps, HI ‘hats, Snares, Fx, Vocal, Chord Stabs.

About Techtronix & Big City

New to the Circuit ecosystem. Techtronix has raised quite a storm. First releasing free packs for the Novation Circuit, along with a series of tips and tricks videos that have quickly gained him a following on his new youtube channel. With over 20 years of experience in sound design and music production, no stone is left unturned. Inspired by artists such as virtual riot, pegboards nerds, gabe miller, and older artists such as calyx and teebee, Techtronix has an acquired taste and a unique style of old and modern techniques. He has a long history of designing software synthesizers on programs such as Reaktor and VCV rack as well as making patches.


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