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Betelgeuse Soundset For Zebra2



Betelgeuse Soundset For Zebra2

Betelgeuse – A Different Soundset For Zebra2

Betelgeuse is a collection of malevolent, dramatic and damaged sounds. A well-balanced blend of organic and synth sounds specially designed for widescreen scores.

Betelgeuse is the most mysterious collection for Zebra2 from ZenSound. Inspired by the music of Ben Frost (Dark), Hildur Gudnadottir (Chernobyl), Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (Stranger Things), Betelgeuse also uses pitch shifting techniques to bring that slightly unstable and drifting analog feel.

Blood pounding basses and basslines, suspenseful percussion loops, dramatic leads and pads, deep infernal soundscapes, dynamic and intriguing emotive sequences, sinister keys and mallets going out of tune, an amalgam of bizarre noises infused with tension and drama which are a delight for cinematic compositions.


ZenSound offers a time-limited introduction price, you can get Betelgeuse directly from ZenSound.

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Curiosa by LUFTRUM: A Cinematic Sonic Odyssey for Zebra 2



Curiosa by LUFTRUM A Cinematic Sonic Odyssey for Zebra 2

Embark on a sonic odyssey where the imagination runs wild, and the sonic landscapes unfold like a Terry Gilliam dreamworld infused with a hint of Tim Burton’s quirkiness, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, and the impossible become possible.

Introducing Curiosa, a cabinet of curiosities filled with synth presets for Zebra 2 that will capture your imagination and transport you to the spaces on the periphery of sound, where the bizarre and the beautiful collide.

Curiosa by LUFTRUM ARP Natum Xon
Curiosa by LUFTRUM: A Cinematic Sonic Odyssey for Zebra 2 44

Curiosa sets itself apart from the norm as a realm imbued with cinematic oddities, from dark and subtle, to the heavily saturated and distorted, to the lush and otherworldly – expect the unexpected. Curiosa traces the outer perimeter, seeks out the corners, and explores cinematic sound design’s less traversed peaks and valleys.

Curiosa for Composers and Producers

With its distinctive sonic character, Curiosa is a versatile soundset catering to composers and producers across various genres.

Whether you are working on film scores, video game soundtracks, electronic music, or ambient soundscapes, Curiosa provides a rich palette of sounds that can elevate your productions to new heights.

Film and TV Composers

For film and TV composers, Curiosa offers diverse sounds that can add depth, texture, and a sense of wonder to any score. Its hypnotic arpeggios and evocative soundscapes can bring a sense of magic and whimsy to scenes, while its dark and subtle tones can add tension and intrigue.


The vast array of textures and moods available within Curiosa enables composers to create a unique and immersive auditory experience for viewers.

Video Game Soundtrack Designers

Video game soundtrack designers will find that Curiosa’s otherworldly atmospheres and driving rhythms are perfect for creating immersive gaming environments. The sound set’s cinematic quality lends itself to crafting memorable themes and interactive soundscapes.

At the same time, the variety of percussive hits and propelling pulses can help build tension and excitement during gameplay. Curiosa’s unconventional sounds also make it an excellent choice for designing distinctive audio elements for game characters and objects.

Electronic Music Producers

Curiosa’s fusion of experimental sound design and lush, melodic textures is an invaluable resource for electronic music producers.

The sound set’s kinetic sequences and asymmetric leads can help create unique and engaging tracks across IDM, ambient, techno, and downtempo genres. Additionally, the subversive mind-bending FX and enveloping pads can add depth and intrigue to your mixes, ensuring your productions stand out in a saturated market.


Ambient and Experimental Composers

Ambient and experimental composers will find inspiration in Curiosa’s lush, atmospheric soundscapes and tape-aged synths. The sound set’s rich textures and evocative tones lend themselves well to creating expansive, immersive compositions that transport listeners to other worlds.

With Curiosa’s wide range of unconventional sounds and detailed programming, composers can push the boundaries of their creative output and explore uncharted sonic territories.

Curiosa is an essential soundset for composers and producers seeking to push their creative boundaries and craft distinctive, memorable music.

The vast array of sounds and textures available in Curiosa offers endless possibilities for experimentation, ensuring that your productions will stand out in a crowded industry. Whether scoring a film, designing a video game soundtrack, or producing your next electronic masterpiece, Curiosa is the ultimate tool to elevate your sound and unlock your creative potential.

Features of Curiosa

Curiosa is packed with a variety of sounds that defy categorization. The soundset features dark and subtle tones, heavily saturated and distorted textures, and lush, otherworldly atmospheres.


Hypnotic and drifty arpeggios, kinetic sequences, and asymmetric leads take center stage as tape-aged synths dissolve into spiraling evocative soundscapes.

Subversive mind-bending FX blossoms against spacious enveloping pads, while vivid arpeggios burst alongside percussive hits, propelling pulses, and driving rhythms.

Inspiration Behind Curiosa

The inspiration for Curiosa is drawn from a diverse range of composers and artists. Iconic composers such as Danny Elfman (Alice in Wonderland, The Girl on the Train), Ben Frost (Fortitude, Raised by Wolves), Mica Levi (Under the Skin, Monos), and Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot, The Last of Us Part II) have all played a part in shaping the soundset.

Additionally, artists like Juno Reactor, Melodysheep, and Apparat have provided creative influence, ensuring that Curiosa delivers a sophisticated sonic palette for the daring cinematic composer.

Genre-Specific Applications of Curiosa: Unleashing the Sound Set’s Versatility

Curiosa, the groundbreaking soundset for Zebra 2, is a treasure trove of sonic possibilities that can be applied across various genres and styles. Its versatility allows composers and producers to find inspiration and create captivating audio experiences, regardless of the project type.

Curiosa by LUFTRUM PA a Room in the Past
Curiosa by LUFTRUM: A Cinematic Sonic Odyssey for Zebra 2 45

This section will highlight some specific use cases for Curiosa within different music genres and film styles, demonstrating the soundset’s adaptability and potential.

Horror Films:

Curiosa’s eerie and unsettling sounds are a perfect fit for horror films. The soundset’s dark and atmospheric pads can help create a sense of dread, while the dissonant and otherworldly FX can heighten tension and deliver chilling jump scares.

Subtle, unnerving sequences can be used to underscore suspenseful moments, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Science Fiction Films:

Curiosa’s sounds’ futuristic and experimental nature lends well to science fiction films. The soundset’s swirling and expansive soundscapes can evoke the vastness of space, while it’s pulsating arpeggios and kinetic sequences can create an exciting sense of movement and discovery.

Curiosa’s intricate and alien textures can be utilized to craft immersive environments, bringing futuristic worlds to life.

Fantasy Films:

Curiosa’s lush and ethereal sounds can be used to transport audiences to fantastical realms in fantasy films. The soundset’s dreamy pads and enchanting arpeggios can provide the perfect backdrop for magical and whimsical scenes.


At the same time, its evocative soundscapes can help to create an air of mystery and wonder. The versatility of Curiosa allows composers to craft a unique sonic identity for each fantastical setting, immersing viewers in the story.

Electronic Music:

Electronic music producers can harness the power of Curiosa to create innovative and genre-defying tracks. The sound set’s vibrant and dynamic sounds can be used to craft hypnotic rhythms and melodies, while its rich textures and experimental FX can add depth and intrigue to any composition.

Curiosa’s unconventional sounds can help producers stand out in the crowded electronic music landscape, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the genre.

Ambient Music:

Curiosa’s expansive and immersive sounds are an excellent resource for ambient music composers. The soundset’s lush pads, droning soundscapes, and soothing textures can create peaceful and meditative sonic environments, perfect for relaxation or introspection.

The experimental nature of Curiosa can also be harnessed to add subtle layers of complexity, keeping the listener engaged and providing a rich auditory experience.


Experimental Music:

Curiosa’s unique and boundary-pushing sounds make it an ideal tool for experimental music composers. By exploring the soundset’s unconventional and avant-garde patches, composers can challenge traditional norms and create groundbreaking works that defy expectations.

Curiosa’s extensive modulation options also enable endless customization, allowing artists to sculpt their own distinctive sonic signatures.

Curiosa offers various genre-specific applications, showcasing its versatility and adaptability. From horror and sci-fi films to electronic, ambient, and experimental music, this innovative soundset inspires composers and producers looking to push their creative boundaries and captivate their audiences. Embrace the world of Curiosa and unlock the full potential of your projects.

Technical Aspects of Curiosa

Curiosa features 180 Zebra patches with detailed and dynamic programming. Each patch is tagged by category with generous X/Y performance assignments, allowing seamless integration into your workflow. Destinations for mod wheel, velocity, and aftertouch ensure a nearly limitless personalization and deep sonic experimentation.

NKS Preset Included

The set is fully NKS compatible, containing NKS presets, tagged and sorted in an NKS sub bank, making it accessible for users of Native Instruments hardware.


Sound Design with Curiosa

Curiosa is a unique soundset for Zebra 2 that offers a treasure trove of possibilities for innovative sound design. Its cinematic and experimental nature and diverse textures and moods make it an invaluable resource for creating otherworldly sonic landscapes and engaging auditory experiences.

In this section, we will explore various aspects of sound design using Curiosa and discuss how it can be utilized to achieve exceptional results.

  1. Crafting Immersive Atmospheres: Curiosa’s rich, atmospheric soundscapes can create immersive environments for a wide range of media, including films, video games, and virtual reality experiences. By layering and blending various elements from the soundset, such as enveloping pads, evocative textures, and intricate arpeggios, sound designers can build complex and captivating sonic worlds that transport the listener to alternate realities.
  1. Adding Tension and Drama: With its dark and subtle tones, Curiosa is well-suited for crafting suspenseful and dramatic moments in your projects. The heavily saturated and distorted sounds can be used to build tension and unease, while the mind-bending FX can add an element of unpredictability and surprise. By combining these elements with rhythmic and percussive elements from the soundset, sound designers can create dynamic and engaging sequences that evoke strong emotional responses from the audience.
  1. Designing Unique Sound Effects: Curiosa’s unconventional and experimental nature provides a wealth of inspiration for creating unique sound effects. Sound designers can manipulate the various patches to craft custom effects for characters, objects, or environments, ensuring their projects have a distinct and memorable sonic identity. The detailed programming and extensive modulation options within Curiosa make it easy to tailor the sounds to your specific needs and achieve genuinely one-of-a-kind results.
  1. Enhancing Transitions and Audio Branding: The diverse range of sounds in Curiosa can be utilized to create smooth transitions and distinctive audio branding elements for your projects. By experimenting with the set’s vivid arpeggios, propelling pulses, and driving rhythms, sound designers can craft engaging intros, outros, and stingers that leave a lasting impression on listeners.
  1. Exploring New Sonic Territories: One of the most exciting aspects of sound design with Curiosa is the opportunity to explore new sonic territories and push the boundaries of your creativity. By venturing beyond conventional sounds and embracing the experimental nature of the soundset, you can discover fresh ideas and unique approaches to sound design that set your projects apart from the competition.

For a Sound Designer, Luftrum’s Curiosa offers a versatile and inspiring palette of sounds for sound designers looking to create innovative and memorable auditory experiences.

With its rich textures, cinematic oddities, and experimental nature, Curiosa provides endless opportunities for pushing the boundaries of sound design and crafting captivating sonic landscapes that resonate with audiences across various mediums. Embrace the world of Curiosa and unlock your creative potential in sound design.

Made for Composers and Producers

Curiosa is the ideal soundset for intrepid sonic explorers and those looking to elevate their productions with a unique blend of alternative sound designs. Dive into some of the good demos available on the Luftrum website to sample the diversity on offer.

With its decadent array of sounds and textures, Curiosa is a powerful tool for composers and producers seeking to push the boundaries of their creative output.


Collaboration Opportunities with Curiosa: A New Frontier in Creative Partnerships

Curiosa, the innovative soundset for Zebra 2, offers many possibilities for composers and sound designers seeking to push the boundaries of their creative endeavors. One of the most exciting prospects Curiosa presents is the potential for collaboration between these creative professionals. By joining forces and leveraging the unique capabilities of Curiosa, artists can explore new sonic territories and develop unique projects that leave a lasting impression on their audiences.

  1. Cross-disciplinary Collaborations:

Film and video game composers can benefit greatly from collaborating with sound designers using Curiosa. By combining their expertise in crafting captivating scores with the sound designer’s skill in creating immersive soundscapes, the duo can produce a truly cohesive and engaging audio experience. This can lead to more effective storytelling and a deeper emotional connection with the audience.

  1. Remixes and Reinterpretations:

Electronic music producers can collaborate with composers and sound designers to create remixes or reinterpretations of existing works. Using Curiosa’s diverse range of sounds, they can infuse a fresh perspective into the original piece, breathing new life into it and introducing it to new audiences.

  1. Live Performances:

Composers and sound designers using Curiosa can collaborate on live performances, combining their talents to create an unforgettable audio-visual experience. Live improvisation, dynamic sound manipulation, and synchronized visuals can come together to form a mesmerizing show that pushes the boundaries of traditional live music.

  1. Experimental Projects:

Curiosa’s unconventional and experimental nature offers fertile ground for composers and sound designers to explore together. By collaborating on avant-garde or experimental projects, these artists can challenge themselves, break away from traditional norms, and produce groundbreaking works that defy expectations.

  1. Educational Workshops:

Composers and sound designers can join forces to host educational workshops or masterclasses focused on using Curiosa in various applications. By sharing their insights and experiences, they can inspire and empower others to harness the full potential of this versatile soundset in their own creative endeavors.

  1. Online Communities and Challenges:

By participating in online communities and challenges focused on Curiosa, composers and sound designers can connect with like-minded individuals, share their work, and learn from each other. These interactions can lead to exciting collaborations and opportunities to push their creative limits together.

Curiosa presents an exciting opportunity for composers and sound designers to form creative partnerships and embark on unique projects. By leveraging the soundset’s versatility and experimental nature, these artists can challenge themselves, push their creative boundaries, and produce distinctive and memorable works that resonate with audiences across various mediums.

Embrace the world of Curiosa and unlock the potential of collaborative creativity.


Curiosa by Luftrum is a unique and imaginative addition to Zebra 2’s soundset, offering an extensive palette of cinematic oddities and experimental sound design.

It is an invaluable resource for composers and producers seeking to explore new sonic possibilities and elevate their productions with a touch of the unexpected. Take the plunge and dive into the world of Curiosa – your sonic adventures await.


Rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)

Overall, Curiosa by LUFTRUM is a remarkable soundset for Zebra 2, deserving of a five-star rating. Its versatility, cinematic quality, detailed programming, and inspirational nature make it an invaluable resource for composers and sound designers.

While there may be a learning curve to appreciate its potential fully, and its niche appeal may not suit everyone, Curiosa remains a powerful tool for those looking to push their creative boundaries and craft distinctive, memorable music and sound design.

What we like

  • Versatility: Curiosa offers a wide range of sounds and textures that cater to various genres and projects, from film scores and video game soundtracks to electronic music and ambient soundscapes.
  • Cinematic Quality: The sound-set’s cinematic oddities and experimental nature make it an excellent choice for composers and sound designers looking to create immersive and engaging auditory experiences.
  • Detailed Programming: The 180 Zebra patches in Curiosa feature dynamic programming with extensive modulation options, making it easy to tailor the sounds to your specific needs and achieve truly unique results.
  • Inspirational: Drawing inspiration from diverse composers and artists, Curiosa provides a sophisticated sonic palette that can spark creativity and push the boundaries of your projects.
  • NKS Compatibility: Curiosa is fully NKS compatible, making it accessible for users of Native Instruments hardware and ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

What we don’t like

  • Learning Curve: The experimental nature of Curiosa might require some time for users to explore and understand its potential fully. However, this challenge can also be seen as an opportunity to push your creative boundaries and discover new sonic possibilities.
  • Niche Appeal: While the versatility of Curiosa caters to a broad range of projects, some users may find that its unconventional sounds may not suit their specific needs or preferences. Nevertheless, the soundest’s unique character can provide a refreshing alternative to traditional sound libraries.

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Tom Wolfe’s Premier Collection 2: A Stellar Selection of Omnisphere, Pigments and Zebra Presets



Tom Wolfes Premier Collection 2 A Stellar Selection of Omnisphere Pigments and Zebra Presets Square

Tom Wolfe’s Premier Collection 2 – Tom Wolfe is back with another sensational soundset for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Pigments and Zebra. Premier Collection 2 will give your music the edge it needs to stand out from the crowd. From soaring pads and intense leads to funky bass lines and hallucinogenic effects, these sounds will add an extra layer of polish to your tracks.

Tom Wolfe’s Premier Collection 2

Premier Collection 2 is an impressive toolkit of cinematic synth sounds. With a huge range of cinematic styles and genres, 2350 presets are guaranteed to get your creativity flowing when you need it most.

Tom Wolfe's Premier Collection 2: A Stellar Selection of Omnisphere, Pigments and Zebra Presets
Tom Wolfe’s Premier Collection 2: A Stellar Selection of Omnisphere, Pigments and Zebra Presets

The sheer number of options available makes this collection an essential tool for any film scorer or sound designer. In addition to the huge range of preset sounds, Premier Collection 2 also includes powerful tools for creating your own custom sounds.

With the included step sequencer, you can create hundreds of new textures and rhythms, and the onboard effects allow you to further shape and sculpt your sound.

Tom Wolfe is a well-known name in the world of cinematic synth music. His first collection, Premier Collection, was released to critical acclaim and praised for its innovative use of sound design and creative composition.

Now, Wolfe has returned with Premier Collection 2, an updated version of the original that includes, even more, sounds and presets.


With this new release, Wolfe continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with synthesis, creating a unique and unforgettable sonic experience. Whether you’re a fan of electronic music or just looking for something new and exciting to listen to, Premier Collection 2 is definitely worth checking out.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect score cue or just looking to add some depth and dimension to your sound palette, Premier Collection 2 is sure to have what you need.

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Crime Fundamentals 2 Cinematic Soundset Released: Rumbling Basses, Emotional Pads & More



Crime Fundamentals 2 Cinematic Soundset Released

Crime Fundamentals 2, the cinematic soundset for u-he Zebra 2, is now available. This new release from Whatabaudio offers rumbling basses, emotional pads, driving pulses and tickies next to suspenseful swells and effects – ready for production right out of the box.

Whether you’re scoring Crime Thrillers or Horror movies Crime Fundamentals 2 will give you the edge in modern soundtrack production.

CF2 Promo Landscape 1920x1080px
Crime Fundamentals 2 Cinematic Soundset Released: Rumbling Basses, Emotional Pads & More

Designed with The Crime Drama

Crime dramas are some of the most intense and suspenseful movies around, and with Crime Fundamentals 2, you can bring that same level of intensity to your own soundtracks. This cinematic soundset offers a range of sounds that are perfect for Crime Thrillers and Horror movies, from rumbling basses to emotional pads.

With Crime Fundamentals 2, you’ll have everything you need to create modern soundtracks that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

Crime Fundamentals 2 adds rumbling basses, emotional pads, driving pulses, and tickies to the mix alongside suspenseful rises and effects – all ready for production out of the box.

Whatabaudio’s Crime Fundamentals 2 is the second installment (Crime Fundamentals) in its Crime Fundamentals series. The collection builds on the original library’s dark and suspenseful atmosphere while also introducing new categories such as thrilling bends, Hollywood guitars, or gritty tonal hits.


Crime Fundamentals 2 moves at a quick pace with a strong showing of driving pulses and tickies, thrilling swells, and effects. In crime and thriller soundtracks and documentary scores, the soundtrack continues to maintain up the pace in Crime Fundamentals 2.

Crime Fundamentals 2 is inspired by stirring soundtracks like Young Wallander (Matti Bye), The Sinner (Ronit Kirchman), or Deadwind (Juri Sepp) but is also real-world tested with Andreas Moisa’s scoring work for Germany’s biggest crime-drama series SOKO Leipzig.

Crime Fundamentals 2 revisits the dark and suspenseful atmosphere of the original Crime Fundamentals soundset, adding new categories such as thrilling bends, cinematic guitars, and gritty tonal hits.

Crime Fundamentals 2 continues the dramatic and action soundtracks, but it also maintains the tempo in crime and thriller soundtracks. It has a strong showing of driving pulses and tickings, as well as exciting swells and effects.

A crime show or thriller movie requires a wide range of styles and sentiments. Each of these things, taken alone, might not be enough. But when they’re combined in a meaningful way—as the author intended—these components provide the story with texture and depth. Furthermore, there’s a mystery, suspense, tension, sadness, despair, hope, and comfort.


In a race against time, there’s murder, investigation, suspicion, interrogation, action, drama, and the always ticking clock, composing the vibe with ease with Crime Fundamentals 2.

Simplicity Is Key

Crime Fundamentals 2, a complementary set of tools to cover all aspects of your work as a film composer, which is similar to its predecessor. Deep, thumb basses, emotional and glassy pads, simple and effective pulses and ticks, dark drones, quirky keys, and a wide range of useful effects and swells are all part of the mix.

As a film composer, you know that creating a great soundtrack requires a wide range of sounds. Crime Fundamentals 2 gives you everything you need to create modern soundtracks that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. With rumbling basses, emotional pads, and driving pulses, Crime Fundamentals 2 will help you create suspenseful soundtracks that are perfect for Crime Thrillers and Horror movies

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