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What Does It Mean to Say Field Recordings Capture Ambient Sounds?



What Does It Mean to Say Field Recordings Capture Ambient Sounds
Field Recordist
Field Recordist

Field Recordings Record Ambient Sounds

It’s fun recording nature noise, places, devices, and other assorted sounds. I always make a recording of the sound I hear from my phone and the recordings.

Every season, nature unleashes a new and varied sound composition on Earth, which is made up of a variety of sounds. The sound of the wind, waterfalls, birds’ songs and other natural sounds are always changing.

Vivid ambiance will add life to any scene. So it’s important to know what ambient sound is and how to capture it. Rainy days are the best opportunity for field recording adventure. Whether you’re out in nature exploring or just looking to take a break from your day, this collection has everything needed! You can make your recordings sound as if they are coming from different places in the world, such as a small-town cafe or river. Try adding some of these elements to add more authenticity!

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What Does It Mean to Say Field Recordings Capture Ambient Sounds? 60

Your recordings are like a journey through the different sounds of our world. 

The Art of Ambient Sound and Atmosphere

One of the things that I really like about field recording is capturing those kinds of moments; those little accidents sometimes where you’re walking down the street and somebody says something, or you bump into somebody, or if somebody comes up to you and says something, or if somebody drops something it’s kind of an unplanned event.

Especially when you get there and all the gear is set up and everything’s ready to go, and you’ve been listening to some sounds before you get there, half of the fun for me is not knowing exactly what I’m going to record while I’m there. In the end, that kind of spontaneity I think is really what makes things worthwhile capturing.

In general, I’m not a huge fan of field recordings being used as music in and of themselves because if you’re going to present it as a musical composition or performance piece – especially for live performance – there’s only so much you can do with it, and I think that people would expect to hear traditional instruments or voices or something like that. It starts to become more of a question of how close an interpretation can be before it becomes too important as the music, versus letting the sound work stand on its own merit.

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The Art of Ambient Sound and Atmosphere
The Art of Ambient Sound and Atmosphere

Field recording is a complex art form. It has many different skills and tools that contribute to the process of capturing good sound. Understanding these components helps us to understand how we can use them in a creative way for our own compositional needs. Field Recording Techniques Field recordings are usually taken from the location where they will be used as part of the final project. We have to ask ourselves, what are we trying to record?

Field recording can be many things for many different people. It is not about the gear or equipment, but about capturing great sound and atmosphere of the location. It is an open-minded perspective with outside sounds included that makes field recording work. With this, knowing what you are looking for in the location is key to your recording. Next, deciding what you want to do with your audio after it has been captured can be just as important in making sure you capture great sound. Lastly, the way you present the sound to your audience is key. Sometimes managing expectations for what field recording can be will help you manage what your audience should hear. Pushing that envelope of ambient, environmental soundscapes is a great way to go artistically with field recording.

In this article about field recording techniques, I’ll talk a little bit about my approach for recording sounds in general and some of the things that I think make my recordings work well together with the compositional needs when it comes to sound design. Basically, it’s about how I perceive sound and atmosphere when I’m out there working.

Milford Sound 1
Milford Sound

Field Recording Equipment Although field recording is an open-minded method of capturing the world around us, understanding where you are in relation to your subject is important for finding the best position to capture it.

Finding the Unexpected

There is an incredible amount of musical variation that can make it difficult to know what to do first. When analyzing your specific sounds you might want to try to get outside the world or in the home to get to the sounds you want. You should also know two things: The sound may be different than expected without your visual cues, so expect to work harder for something evocative than the actual image you’ve seen. Secondly, be prepared to hear strange sounds; record this sound in upcoming projects.

What is an ambient sound called?

Ambient sound (also known as ambient audio, ambiance, atmosphere, atmos, or background noise) is the totality of sounds that exist in a location. Wind, water, birdsong, crowds, office noises, traffic are just a few of the common ambient noises. Ambient sound is critical in film and video production.

Field recording is a term that comes from archivists, historians, and others interested in recorded sound. It refers to the practice of capturing sounds not being performed by musicians, singers, or actors.

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What Does It Mean to Say Field Recordings Capture Ambient Sound?

The work involves going outside the normal realm of performance-based recordings and includes such documentation as bird songs and other natural sounds as well as background noise in public spaces, traffic sounds, fans at a distance, recordings of people talking in the background of an event that is being recorded for other purposes (such as a sports game or political speech), and anything else that does not fit into the normal definition of music.

Field recordings capture meticulously recorded nature sounds

The field recording technique is used in the recording of ambient sounds made by humans and non-humans for documentation purposes or for specific artistic purposes.

It’s important to record all available ambient noise when you make a field recording.

Kenepuru Sound Marlborough Sounds
Kenepuru Sound, Marlborough Sounds

Field recordings sound like they were recorded in nature

What does it mean to say that field recordings capture ambient sounds? The term “field recording” may be used to describe the act of making an audio recording, either for documentation purposes or for artistic expression. These recordings are usually made outdoors, capturing many different types of noises, both natural and man-made.

A Short Guide to Field Recording

Field recordings are intended to capture the ambient sounds of the location being recorded. Microphones are typically set up at least 30 feet away (and often much further away) to pick up the natural sound. They’re not intended necessarily to be heard by the visitor but are rather an audio record of what was heard at the time of recording.

Field Recordings Are Not Music, But Why?

Field recording is an audio recording technique where the sounds are captured indiscriminately within a soundscape, instead of being specifically composed or arranged for the purpose of recording. Field recordings are documentary in nature.

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The sounds that are the focus of a field recording may be of any audio source, including music, everyday actions, events, organic atmospheres (such as wind or surf), objects in motion such as automobiles, aircraft, machinery. Field recordings often capture the audible effects of both natural and human-made environments. The process of accessing, and placing microphones in, remote locations can be extremely challenging.


Types of Field Recordings

There are many different types of field recordings:

  1. Natural sounds such as wildlife, thunderstorms, and insects
  2. Human-made environments such as streets, yards, offices and factories 3) Everyday activities such as communicating in a public space
  3. Atmospheric and weather phenomena such as storms, cloud formations, or fog
  4. Mechanical devices such as machinery and equipment.

Field recordings can also be naturalistic sonic portraits of a particular place, community, or people. A common theme in field recording is capturing the natural soundscape of a place unobtrusively so that it can be experienced as a coherent whole without being perceived in terms of individual sonic events.

Field Recording Versus Documentary Film Sound

In the world of documentary filmmaking, there is often a sharp contrast between “realistic” recorded sound and that which has been added during post-production. In reality, the use of background or location sound in the film is critical to the success of the final product. Field recordings are not designed for this purpose; they are intended to document events as they were heard by the person who made them but not necessarily as a finished or finalized useable sound source.

Field Recording With an Ambient Sampling Mentality

The goal of capturing a soundscape is not to create a “binaural” re-creation for headphone listening, but rather, an ambient sound portrait of a particular environment. The field recordist makes a conscious effort to avoid being too selective in choosing which sounds to record. This approach differs from the more conventional method of film and video production where everything in front of the camera is deliberately and carefully considered and set up.

Onsite Recording: The First Step to Respectful Advocacy

I think that the first thing that anyone interested in doing onsite recording/work should do is to go to a place where they are not familiar with, take a day or half a day, and just try to collect as much material as they can without any pre-conceived ideas on what that material may be. This will get them out of the mindset of, “I’m going into this place to create something.” You know, they’re not coming in to create anything; they are there to record what’s there in all its forms.

Recordings That Both Complement & Enhance Original Sounds

The best field recordings complement what already exists; they do not attempt to recreate the original soundscape. I try to only use the ambiance of a place as “support” for an original recording sound that I make. This is especially true if what you are making is music. The concept behind this approach is that people want to hear things they haven’t heard before; they don’t want to hear the same things over again.

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A Commitment To Authentic Original Sounds

I try to reflect my own perspective and experience in everything I do, not just what it sounds like. That’s why I’m very particular about making sure that whatever it is that I take away from an experience or location is something that reflects myself back at myself, back at my own experience and perspective.

carousel Ambient Sound and Atmosphere
carousel Ambient Sound and Atmosphere

How To Capture Ambient Sound Using a Field Recorder

In order to capture ambient sound, it is important to first identify the type of sound that you are trying to capture. Once you have determined what you are looking for, it is important to choose a location that will best represent the soundscape that you are hoping to capture.

Once you have arrived at the chosen location, it is important to set up your equipment and get familiar with the surroundings. This will help you to better anticipate any potential sounds that may occur during the recording process.

It is also important to be patient and allow yourself time to experiment with different recording techniques in order to find the most effective way to capture the desired sound.


The microphone is the main instrument used when recording. Literally, almost all mics are available for field use but some are particularly valuable: Shotgun mics offer very good side resistance and a strong forward movement. Often used in identifying sounding places when a listener has little or no room to dwell. The Sennheiser XY condenser microphone Mk416 can easily be found in smartphones and tablets. They can create an effective way for making stereo recordings of ambient environments and are often employed for miking close. Binaural mics create realistic space recording by combining human-body and head-related transfer functions.

Wind protection is not a myth, and it should be factored in. If you do not cover your ears/microphones with a furry covering while filming even the slightest windy weather, you will hear lots of wind noise when you capture sounds. You want to get rid of this unwanted noise during recording or can use tools like RX9. Built in mics can be protected as well with small “dead cat” wind protection, there are no dead animals involved, this is just a term that is used to protect your mics from wind noise in the outside world. Sound Effects is all you want, we also have an article if you are interested in “How to Record the Sound of Wind

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Field Recorders

The mobile recording industry has grown exponentially over the past year with a growing number of mobile devices being sold. Decent Stereo Recorders are available for around $200-300 dollars. As the price increases, you get higher-quality preamps, a bigger channel, and ambisonic encoder capabilities. For beginners, I would recommend these minimal specifications. Several devices contain this attribute. Zoom has been shown to be an excellent solution that can be used in many applications. Sound Equipment 888 16 channel field mixing with 20 tracks Zoom FM9 nm field recording.

Transferable Recording Sound Skills

Traditional studio recording techniques can be beneficial in this context, particularly the golden rules: listen to yourself first. The key differences with this technique are that you record objects you did not design to listen to or use in situations that might work against you. In addition, there are less tools to manage the negatives. It does not matter what rules are followed besides the ability to make the recording and travel light, but it is extremely rewarding and rewarding and allows for refinement techniques that could also be applied to a recording studio session.


Field recording is the process of capturing soundscapes using a field recorder. In order to capture the best sound, it is important to first identify the type of sound that you are trying to capture, and then choose a location that will best represent the soundscape. It is also important to be patient and allow yourself time to experiment with different recording techniques in order to find the most effective way to capture the desired sound.

Once you have found the best location, it is important to consider what equipment will be needed for the task. Although it might be tempting to use too much equipment, field recording requires a minimalist approach in order to respect the natural soundscape. Once all of these steps have been completed, listeners can create a more immersive experience by using binaural or ambisonic techniques. Although this process can be difficult at first, with a little bit of patience and determination, field recording is a rewarding activity that allows for the creation of more immersive experiences.

Village ambient
Field Recordings Capture Ambient Sounds

Do it with the right setup. There are many different options out there, but I chose one that was inexpensive and a cheaper alternative. This can be accomplished by using similar quality files. Additional resources that are available to you for free: Field Recording for Beginners. With this basic tutorial, you’ll learn how professionals use their recording device to improve music production, contemporary music, underscore films or trailers, and utilize the sounds gathered.

After recording the work stops not there, when you return to your studio any Field Recordists is editing the specific sound with additional software like a DAW, effect plugins, or tools like RX9.

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Sample Logic’s GENESIS: The Ultimate Pad Instrument




GENESIS sound library from Sample Logic

Sample Logic has done it again with their newest pad instrument, GENESIS. This powerful tool makes it easy to create lush pads that sound great and are perfect for any style of music production. With its vast number of sounds and FX chains, you can create unique instruments that come to life with just a few clicks. The streamlined design process makes getting the sounds you want easy without spending hours editing and processing samples. So if you’re looking for an easy way to create amazing-sounding pads, look no further than GENESIS!

As any composer knows, the sound is essential to creating a successful composition. The right mix of instruments can make all the difference between a piece that falls flat and one that comes to life. For this reason, many composers turn to software like GENESIS when looking for rich and unique sounds.

GENESIS is focused solely on the art of creating pads and offers limitless combinations of sounds, FX, and animations. As a result, it is the perfect tool for composers who want to add an extra layer of depth and richness to their music. With GENESIS, the sky is the limit when creating unique and inspiring sounds.

Sample Logics GENESIS In Kontakt 7
Sample Logic’s GENESIS – In Kontakt 7


The GENESIS is a powerful new sound design tool that gives you endless possibilities for creating unique sounds. With over 540 sound sources and presets, it has everything you need to start making music immediately. The 13 GB of sample content is high quality and can be easily manipulated to create any sound you can imagine. The tag-based preset browsing system makes finding the right sound easy, and the advanced waveform window lets you control how your samples are played back.

The dual-core sound morphing engine allows you to change the sound of your pieces in real time, and the infinite randomization engine ensures that you’ll always have new ideas to explore. The hot-swappable FX chain technology lets you add effects and modulations to your sounds, and the FX animators and LFOs make it easy to create tempo-synced sounds that keep your listeners engaged.

Sample Logics GENESIS In Kontakt 7 Cloud Pad
Sample Logic’s GENESIS – In Kontakt 7 Cloud Pad

A Multitude of Sonic Timbres

The long-awaited GENESIS sound library is finally here and does not disappoint. This collection of genuinely useable and musical sound sources spans a multitude of sonic timbres, from multi-sampled instruments to boundary-busting organic textures. The Sample Logic design team has spent countless hours researching and developing to push the playback engine to the max, and the results are truly incredible.

Create Custom Pads

The GENESIS engine is a powerful tool that allows you to create custom pads that are truly inspiring. With it, you can create rich orchestral ensembles, blissful moonscapes, otherworldly synths, and incredible sound-designed ambiances. You can also inject motion into your sounds with animations and never-ending variables. Pads are the foundation of great music productions, so let GENESIS motivate and inspire you. With its vast array of features and capabilities, the GENESIS engine will surely bring your music production to the next level.

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Composer Need Rich and Unique Pads 

When it comes to composing music, the pads you use can make all the difference. Sure, you can get by with your software’s default sounds, but where’s the fun in that? With a little effort, you can find or create rich and unique pads to help bring your compositions to life. The best places have a wide range of timbres and textures, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You may be surprised at what you can come up with. So get out there and start creating some beautiful music!

At first glance, the new GENESIS sound library from Sample Logic might seem like just another collection of organic textures. But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this library is anything but ordinary. The collection features a unique combination of wind & string ensembles, vocals, keyboards, and synths. But that’s just the beginning. The Sample Logic design team has spent countless hours researching and developing to push the playback engine to the max. As a result, GENESIS is capable of producing truly unique sounds. So if you’re looking for something extraordinary, check out GENESIS. You won’t be disappointed.

The full paid version of Kontakt, version 6.7.1 or higher. It will not work in the free Kontakt Player! The Screenshots were taken with Kontakt 7.

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Zero-G ENIGMA: The Ultimate Ambient Sound Creation Instrument



Enigma UI

The Zero-G ENIGMA is a new musical instrument that helps you create ambient pads, drones, and cinematic textures.

Do you want to create unique ambient sounds imaginably? If so, then Zero-G ENIGMA is the perfect instrument for you! This revolutionary new software allows you to create lush pads, drones, and cinematic textures that are unique. Whether you’re a professional sound designer or a hobbyist, Zero-G ENIGMA will allow you to express your creativity like never before. So what are you waiting for? Try it today!

Pads, Drones, and Cinematic Textures

The Zero-G ENIGMA is a new musical instrument designed to create ambient pads, drones, and cinematic textures. It is the first instrument of its kind that can be played in zero gravity, making it perfect for space travel. The ENIGMA is also highly versatile, producing a wide range of sounds. Whether you’re looking to create relaxing background music or heart-pumping action scenes, the Zero-G ENIGMA is the perfect tool. So if you want to add some extra dimension to your music, check out the Zero-G ENIGMA.

Perfect for Trailer, Ad, Game or Film Score

A well-crafted trailer, ad, game, or film score can make all the difference in setting the tone and delivering the desired impact. The right music and sound effects can add suspense, drama, or even a sense of humor. And with today’s technology, there are more options than ever for creating unique sonic textures.

Pads can provide a bed of atmospheric sound, while drones can make sense of tension or menace. And cinematic textures like crashes and whooshes can add excitement or help to set the scene. By carefully selecting the right sounds and effects, you can create an audio experience that is truly unforgettable.

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Enigma Shaping The Waves
Enigma Shaping The Waves


If you’re looking to add a little extra something to your next track or underscore, why not try incorporating some pads, drones, and cinematic textures? Places are great for creating a sense of atmosphere, while drones can add a sense of tension or unease.

Meanwhile, cinematic textures can help make sense of motion or urgency. Combining these three elements can create a truly unique and memorable piece of music. So go ahead and experiment – who knows what you might come up with?

7GB of Sound Content and 250 Presets

Zero-G Enigma comes equipped with 7GB of compressed 24bit wav files, and over 250 presets ranging from atmospheres, pads, textures, and drones to basses and leads to SFX, noises, hits, and stabs. Enigma has been designed to meet the needs of professional film, video, and game score composers, as well as many genres of music production.

  • Zero-G Enigma comprises 7GB of compressed 24bit wav files and over 250 presets.
  • The presets range from atmospheres and pads to textures and drones, basses and leads, SFX, noises, hits, and stabs. 
  • Enigma has been designed to meet the needs of professional film, video, and game score composers as well as many genres of music production.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect sound to complete your latest composition or you need a virtual instrument that can do it all, Enigma is sure to meet your needs.

Enigma Presets
Enigma Presets

6-Voice Sound Creation Instrument 

Zero-G Enigma is a revolutionary 6-voice sound creation instrument for Mac OSX and Windows PC designed to create lush ambient pads, drones, and cinematic textures. With its unique combination of granular synthesis, space convolution, and an innovative user interface, Zero-G Enigma is an instrument of extraordinary power and originality.

Enigma XY Pad & Randomise Function

At the heart of Enigma is the XY pad. The four corners of the XY pad represent the four leading voices of the currently loaded patch. You can move the cursor to any position inside the yellow cube to create movement between these four voices, from the super-subtle to the ultra-extreme.

You can also record your cursor movement pattern to create amazingly complex and evolving sounds. Enigma is an instrument that allows you to explore new soundscapes and dimensions of timbre and texture. So dive in and start exploring!

The randomize function is a great way to get inspiration for your next sound patch. It will take all the sounds in the patch and randomize them, giving you a brand-new patch to work with.

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The Randomise All function is the perfect way to add a bit of spice to your life. It’s like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’ll get. And that’s what makes it so exciting. Will you get a sweet sound or a sour sound? A soft sound or a complex sound? There’s only one way to find out. So go ahead and press the Randomise All button. You may be surprised at what comes out of your speakers.

You can edit this new patch to your liking or use it. Either way, it’s a great way to create your unique sounds.

The XY pad is a powerful tool for shaping sound. By manipulating the four leading voices, you can create a wide range of sonic textures, from the smooth and subtle to the harsh and extreme. The four corners of the XY pad represent the four main voice types, and by moving the gimbal around, you can mix and match these voices to create new sounds. So experiment with the XY pad, and see what crazy sounds you can come up with!

Sound Effect and Sound Shaping Tools Included

Enigma is not your average software synthesizer. In addition to its impressive analog-modeling capabilities, Enigma comes complete with a powerful FX section.

The 20 included convolution reverbs provide a wide range of sonic possibilities, from classic halls and plates to exotic ones specializing in algorithms that model the behavior of physical spaces. In addition to the convolution reverbs, the FX section includes Delay, Phaser, Reverb, Compressor, EQ, Chorus, and Wave Shaper. With such a comprehensive set of tools at your disposal, Enigma is sure to become your go-to synth for all your sound design needs.

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Enigma FX Tools
Enigma FX Tools

What is Convolution Reverb

Convolution reverbs use sampled impulse responses to create realistic acoustic spaces. These sampled impulse responses can be anything from a recording of a concert hall to the sound of a thunderstorm. Convolution reverbs offer many sonic possibilities and are perfect for adding realism to your sounds.

What is Delay

Delay is an audio effect that delays a signal’s sound by a certain time. This can be used to create interesting sonic textures or to make your sounds more realistic.

What is Phaser

Phaser is an audio effect that creates a sweeping filter effect. This can be used to create interesting sonic textures or to make your sounds more psychedelic.

What is Compressor

A compressor is an audio effect that reduces the dynamic range of a signal. This can be used to make your sounds more consistent or louder.

What is EQ

EQ, or equalization, is the process of altering the frequency response of a signal. This can be used to make your sounds more consistent or to emphasize certain frequencies.

What is Chorus

Chorus is an audio effect that adds a slight delay to the sound and then mixes it with the original signal. This can be used to make your sounds more lush and full.

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What is Wave Shaper

Waveshaper is an audio effect that alters the waveform of a signal. This can be used to make your sounds more aggressive or to add distortion.

Designed to create lush ambient pads/drones and cinematic textures

Enigma is a 6-voice sample instrument designed to create lush ambient pads/drones and cinematic textures, amongst a variety of other things. With all these sound-shaping tools, it’s little wonder that Enigma is one of the most popular choices for film and game composers.

But what about the more traditional musician? Is Enigma still a viable option for them? Absolutely! The sound-shaping capabilities of Enigma are so versatile that they can be used to create just about any type of sound imaginable.


Zero G Enigma Installer
Zero-G Enigma Installer

Once you launch your DAW and load the plugin for the first time,– Enigma will ask you for the HR files (these are the seven sample library files that are named Enigma_1_0_0_Samples.hr1, etc) follow the on-screen instructions to select the first one (Enigma_1_0_0_Samples.hr1) – it will then ask you for a directory where you wish the samples to be installed. After a short while, the installation will be complete.

IMPORTANT: at this point, close the plugin and restart the DAW. On the restart, the plugin will load, and you are good to go!


Zero-G ENIGMA is a revolutionary 6-voice sound creation instrument for Mac OSX and Windows PC designed to create lush ambient pads, drones, and cinematic textures.

Enigma is a 6-voice sample instrument that gives you everything you need to create lush ambient pads/drones and cinematic textures. With all the sound-shaping tools at your disposal, it’s little wonder that Enigma is one of the most popular choices for film and game composers. If you’re looking for an instrument that can do it all, look no further than Enigma.

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ARTEFACT: A Toolkit of Ambient Pads, Motions, and Textures for Exotic Sonic Journeys




Ambient Pads Motions and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journeys poster

If you are looking for sonic textures and sounds to take your music production to the next level, look no further than ARTEFACT. This incredible toolkit features ambient pads, motions, and textures that will add an exotic feel to your tracks. Whether you are creating ambient music or want to add a new dimension to your soundscape, ARTEFACT has you covered. With over 100 presets and sequences to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect sonic texture for your project.

ARTEFACT by Dark Intervals

ARTEFACT Ambient Cinematic Toolkit, This toolkit is based on ambient pads, ambient motions, and various sequences and textures and is designed to provide an ambient bed for different sonic journeys. The sounds are less synth-sounding than Dark Interval’s previous pad instruments, and we believe they will provide a more immersive and exotic experience for our users.

Ambient Pads Motions and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journeys
Ambient Pads, Motions, and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journeys

Create an Atmosphere that Aids the Viewer Connect with The Story

The score sets the tone in any film and creates an atmosphere that helps the viewer connect with the story. For a composer, finding the right sound can be essential to conveying the emotion of a scene. Ambient pads are a type of synthesized sound that can be used to create a sense of space and an ethereal feeling.

They can add just the right touch to a film score when used sparingly. Pads can be used to accentuate a particular moment or to provide a backdrop for an entire scene. Because they are so versatile, ambient pads have become a staple in many film scores. Whether you’re looking for something eerie or otherworldly, pads can help create the perfect atmosphere for your next film score.

There’s something about ambient pads that are just so ethereal and beautiful. They have a way of enveloping you in their soundscape and taking you to another place entirely. Whether you’re looking to create an exotic sonic journey or just want to relax and meditate, ambient pads are the perfect toolkit. Ambient pads provide the ideal foundation for your sonic exploration with their wide range of sounds, from synth-like pads to more organic textures. And with ARTEFACT, Dark Intervals has created the ideal toolkit for all your ambient needs. With its vast library of sounds and sequences, ARTEFACT a AMBIENT CINEMATIC TOOLKIT is the perfect toolkit for anyone looking to create beautiful, relaxing, and inspiring music.

Ambient Pads Motions and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journey 970x250 1
Ambient Pads, Motions, and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journey

Ambient Cinematic Toolkit

The ambient cinematic toolkit is the perfect solution for any composer or trailer producer looking to add some Hollywood polish to their tracks. The collection of sounds is designed to provide an expansive sonic palette, with everything from eerie atmos to massive hits. Veteran sound designers produced the library, which features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find the perfect sound for any scene.

All sounds were created using various hardware and software synthesisers, and they have been carefully processed to create a wide range of ambiences. From dark and brooding to light and airy, this toolkit has everything you need to create stunning cinematic soundscapes.

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Whether scoring a horror film or a romantic comedy, the ARTEFACT by Dark Intervals has what you need to take your tracks to the next level.

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