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ADDAC System Introduces ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling!



ADDAC System Introduces ADDAC112 VC Looper Granular Sampling

ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling

ADDAC System Introduces ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling. There’s a long history behind the granular concept and many reinterpretations of its core principles, this is ADDAC System’ take on it. In a loose description digital Granular refer to pieces of sound files being played at the same time with slight or completely different parameters originating what is commonly referred to as granular clouds. Normally there’s a buffer size from which the granular engine snips its pieces and plays them according to the parameters set. This buffer size is normally small in size where grains are so small that can reach the hearing spectrum and be heard as a sort of ever-changing complex wavetable, this is the principle behind granular synthesis.

ADDAC System Introduces ADDAC112 VC Looper Granular Sampling 1
ADDAC System Introduces ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling! 39

In the ADDAC System vision, they added the possibility of long buffer sizes up to 5 minutes, allowing “softer” approaches to the granular principle using it as an effect that can generate from “accidental” effects like slight “stutters” to extreme processing and transformation of any incoming audio signal.

ADDAC112 ControlsSide
ADDAC System Introduces ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling! 40

This module is conceptually deep but easy to grasp and operate as all controls are in its dedicated panel, all jack inputs and outputs have its own separate panel to allow no compromise when playing its controls.

ADDAC112 VC Looper Granular Sampling
ADDAC System Introduces ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling! 41

There are three main sections in this module

  • Looper Engine: The Looper is where all the Real-Time recording happens. The audio input feeds the recording buffer, multiple controls allow to record and play loops into a list so that any sample in the list can be accessed at ay time and more acting as a standard looper
  • Granular Engine: The Granular acts upon the buffer of whatever LOOP is selected.
  • Output Mix: The output mix allows individual control for the Dry Input, Looper Volume, and Grains Volume.
ADDAC112 VC Looper Granular Sampling Description
ADDAC System Introduces ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling! 42

Besides these main sections there’s also a simple strip down MENU mainly used to LOAD and SAVE Banks, no Menu diving guaranteed.

Pricing and Availability

Expected availability: late March

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Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022



signal sounds image small 1

Hello everyone. We’ve been on a Budhist retreat in a cave on the dark side of the Moon for the last two years and literally just returned to Earth today. Did we miss anything whilst we were gone? Anything exciting happen?

Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022

Now that we’re back, fully enlightened and settled in again we’ll endevour to make these mails more regular, keeping it short and sweet and hopefully giving you the best new synths and modules and a few interesting titbits we’ve seen on our travels over the internetz.


Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 60

Superbooth is the primary source of excitement in the modular and synth world at the moment, taking place in Berlin on Thursday 12th May through to Saturday.  Both myself and Aleks will be bothering every one of the 100+ companies exhibiting there to get the lowdown on what new delights they have for us.  We’ll do a round up afterwards but the best place to see regular updates would be on our Instagram page.

Ben DivKid

Ben DivKid
Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 61

Ben DivKid continued his mission to bring interesting and affordable modules to the world,  His last was with Stead State Fate (the wildly successful RNDStep) and this time around he returns to his first partners, Befacco, to bring us the Stereo Strip. 

It’s outrageously good value given that some companies charge more than £200 just for an Audio In and Out module – this one offers that feature (Eurorack or standard Line level, separately selectable for both in and out) PLUS a very high quality Stereo panner and EQ circuit.  It’s very funky and not very chunky given that it’s only 6hp.  The usual high quality video from Ben (above) is here if you need more convincing.

Look Mum No Computer 

Look Mum No Computer
Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 62

Look Mum No Computer has been a big figure on YouTube for a long time now and has a repuation for unusual large format 5U modular synths but has now taken those designs and succesfully transplanted them into Eurorack format.  The first (of many) module is an all analogue Oscialltor with built in visual Tuner (something rarely seen and since the demise of TipTop’s Z3000…almost impossible to find) and other performance oriented features like Octave Switches.  Almost sold out already, move quick if you need to get one.

Non Eurorack Stuff 

Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 63

Non Eurorack Stuff – still lots of interesting stuff happening outside of your rack, look out for some really, really good stuff from Polyend, Moog and Korg in particular and of course the new Dave Smith/Oberheim release, the OB-B8 which we’ll be elbowing people out of the way to get a shot of at the show.

signal sounds image small 1
Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 64

Signal Sounds Shop – if you’ve communicated with us over email in the last year you’ll have heard us moan about how long it’s taken to get the new place fully up and running after out move, however…..we have some final touches being applied to the showroom next week and after that we’ll be in a much better place to make a really inviting and comfortable place to enjoy synths and geek out in. There’s all the Eurorack you can eat plus a cross section of vintage synths, drum machines, mixers and effects to mess with. And a Beer Fridge.

New and Updated Stock

Just a few bits that are in stock now that are worth mentioning

Signal Sounds New Gear
Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 65
  • Tendrils Mutants MK2 – newly designed 3.5mm to 1/4″ Jack cables from Tendrils in their usual array of tasty colours
  • AJH Synth – Multii Burst. The fist batch of these sold out on teh first day, second batch are coming on Friday, don’t miss out on this new take on the Burst Genarator concept with adjustable attack and decay slopes for each pulse in the Burst group.
  • Random Source – Serge APNC has you covered for crossfading between complex audio and CV signals AND a Noise Source (Pink and White) too.
  • Cre8 Audio – Function Junction.  Cre8 have hooked up with Pittsburgh Modular and have some very exciting releases planned over the next few weeks.  Check out this very affordable and clever modulation source module for starters.  And wait until you see what else they have coming….it’s pretty damn fine.
  • Ziqal – Dimension Wavetable Processor. A really interesting new Wavetable Oscillator with some unique features (24 note polyphony and full Unison mode for starters), it was highly successful on Kickstarter and now gets a more general release for the rest of latecomers.
  • Acid Rain Technology – Constellation.  With a similar approach to Torso’s T-1 Euclidean Sequencer generator, this new module from Acid Rain has 8 channels of subtly interacting tracks giving endlessly interesting and unique pattern generation.

This little lot have show up over the last week or two:

Signal Sounds Restock
Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 66
  • Massive Tendrils restock, Right Angled and Straight
  • Malekko sent us a nice selection of Varigate and the Quad series (criminally under-appreciated modules in our humble opinion)
  • UDO Synths – the Super 6 Desktop and Keyboard synths are back in both colours
  • Korg – ARP 2600 Anyone? Comes in a very cool suitcase with a Keystep style keyboard controller.
  • MiniKorg 700? Also comes in a ridiculously lavish case, this thing is a work of art.
  • Dreadbox – Desktop Polyphonic Analogue for just over £350? Yes please.
  • Michigan Synth Works have sent us….the works!
  • ALM made us Workout by unpacking a huge box of Pam’s, Squid and all their patch cables amongst other highly sought after bits
  • ADDAC also sent us a hefty big box of modules, we’ve got pretty much everything in stock at the moment.

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ADDAC System Releases 106 T-Noiseworks Eurorack module



ADDAC System Releases 106 T Noiseworks Eurorack module

ADDAC System Releases 106 T-Noiseworks Eurorack module

ADDAC System launched a new eurorack module. With the release of ADDAC106 T-Noiseworks the complete the series of T modules. 106 T-Noiseworks is the last in ADDAC’s T-Networks series, a straight forward 4 voice module with frequency and decay controls for each of the voices. As the name already unveils ADDAC added a noise source and created 2 different circuits that explore the timbre of a t-network when used to filter noise.

ADDAC106 T-Noiseworks Features

  • 4 Voices each with:
  • Frequency control
  • Decay control
  • Timbre type, Hat/Snare (Voice 1 to 3)
  • Frequency Range Switch, Low/Mod/High (Voice 4)
  • Input
  • Audio Output

There are 2 different circuits in this module, voices 1 to 3 have a pre-vca t-network filter while in voice 4 the t-networks filter applied post-vca.

At each voice input there’s a switch which sets which type of input to use, this signal will be used to control an internal VCA hence why the type of setting defined here is important:
1. Trigger – Any incoming CV will be converted into a 1ms trigger as soon as it crosses it’s fixed threshold.
2. Mute – This disconnects then incoming signal effectivelly muting the voice.

ADDAC106 signalFlow 1
ADDAC System Releases 106 T-Noiseworks Eurorack module 86

3. Envelopes – This can be used with CV sources as well as Gate sources and simply follows the input signal.

This incoming signal will then be processed by a slew circuit which adds a decay factor allowing the user to set the “Tail” of each voice.

Trigger mode is mostly dedicated for percussive sounds while the Envelope mode is open to any external envelope control and able to control noise swooshes, swirls, crackles and pops simply out of t-networks filtered noise.

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Audio inputs are also welcomed to be used as a Trigger/Envelope input, in fact the results of using this method had us all extremelly surprised, so please do try it out!

Diferences between voices:
The first 3 voices also feature a Timbre selector switch: Hat/Snare
In Snare mode all frequencies coming from the t-networks filter pass thru to the output .
In Hat mode it adds a High Pass circuit which removes the mid/bottom frequencies (characteristic of the snare strike) creating a higher spectrum output which is closer to a Hat timbre.
All of these 3 voices are also differently tuned from each other to offer more timbrical options.

Voice 4 is closer to a typical t-networks circuit but this time peculiar one where the noise is gated by the vca and then sent through the t-networks filter.

Hat and Snare are terms used very loosely here, they are timbrical references and do not in any shape or form try to effectively replicate the complex timbres of a real-world Hat or Snare.

ADDAC System Releases 106 T-Noiseworks Eurorack module 87

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ADDAC System Releases ADDAC604 Dual Filter



ADDAC604 front

ADDAC604 Dual Filter

While developing their ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster module ADDAC System made a new multimode filter to place after the summing mix stage. ADDAC System was so pleased with the sound that the company decided to release it as a dedicated ADDAC604 Dual Filter.

To make it more interesting ADDAC System duplicated its circuitry to be able to use it in a stereo signal path. To make it more versatile they added a switch to set the working mode from Stereo to Dual Mono where both filters can be used independently.

ADDAC604 side
ADDAC System Releases ADDAC604 Dual Filter 99

In Stereo Mode the Left Cutoff is used to control the Right Cutoff.
In this case, the Right Cutoff Knob and CV Input are simply bypassed and will have no impact on the Right Channel operation.

ADDAC604 Dual Filter
ADDAC System Releases ADDAC604 Dual Filter 100

This allows immediate sync of both filter frequencies when the Stereo position is engaged.
Optionally there’s a jumper in it’s back that, when placed, connects the Right Controls back to the Right CV control allowing the possibility to control the offset of the Right Channel Cutoff.

Resonance is independent on both Modes and still has to be set manually to match both channels.

Both the Audio and CV inputs are normalled from the Left into the Right channels. As standard plugging, any input to the Right channels removes this connection.


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ADDAC System Releases ADDAC604 Dual Filter 101

Tech Specs

4 cm deep
70mA +12V
70mA -12V

This module will also be available as a full DIY kit.

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