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Kilohearts Version 2 – Get AMAZING Cinematic Sound Design



Kilohearts Updates the Entire Kilohearts Ecosystem to v2

Kilohearts has released the eagerly awaited v2 update to its entire ecosystem of music production tools. This update is focused mainly on modulation, introducing new modulators, and incorporating the Phase Plant modulation system into Multipass and Snap Heap.

This opens up dramatically increased possibilities for dynamic modular effects creation. If you’re a producer, musician, or sound designer, you’re going to want to check out what Kilohearts has cooked up with this massive update!

Snap Heap

Kilohearts Version 2

Kilohearts released a major update to its product line, with every plugin in the Kilohearts ecosystem being updated to version 2. The update is focused mainly on modulation, introducing new modulators, and incorporating the Phase Plant modulation system to Multipass and Snap Heap. This dramatically increases the possibilities for dynamic modular effects creation.

Key Updates

In addition, a new “Modulation Master” plugin has been introduced, providing a central location for managing all modulation sources and destinations. The update also includes a number of other improvements and bug fixes, making it an essential upgrade for all Kilohearts users.

Phase Plant, Multipass, and Snap Heap are being improved with new updates that bring new features and improvements. The latest update includes MPE support, improved visualization of modulation connections, external automation for any parameter, modulator/effects groups, and much more.

image 6
Phase Plant

This makes the software more user-friendly and efficient, allowing users to save time and produce better results. These updates are essential for anyone using these tools for their audio production needs. With the new features and improvements, users will be able to work faster and more effectively to create the best possible audio results.

With the new update, there are now more ways than ever to create unique and interesting sounds. To help users discover the myriad new possibilities for audio processing and sound design, there is also lots of new factory content to explore.

image 2

Users will be able to take advantage of new features such as granular synthesis, Pitch Editor, and the Waves Spectrum Analyzer. In addition, they will also have access to a wealth of new presets and sound banks.

Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or just getting started, this update has something for everyone. So dive in and start exploring the new world of audio possibilities that have been opened up by this update.

The Kilohearts Modulation System

The Kilohearts Modulation System is a powerful tool for creating unique sound effects and modulation effects. It’s been used to great effect in Phase Plant, and now it’s been added to Snap Heap and Multipass.

This gives users of these modular machines a wider range of options for sound design and modulation. The Kilohearts Modulation System is easy to use and gives users a lot of flexibility in how they create their sounds. With this new addition, Snap Heap and Multipass are sure to become even more popular among sound designers and musicians.

The Kilohearts Modulation System is a set of high-quality, creative modulation effects that can be used to create dynamic, evolving, responsive, or chaotic modular effects. The system includes a wide range of different modulation sources, including LFOs, envelopes, step sequencers, and random generators.

These can be used to modulate any parameter within the system, making it possible to create highly customized and unique sounds. The modulation sources can also be chained together to create more complex modulations.

In addition, the system includes a selection of different filters that can be used to shape the sound of the modulated signal. The Kilohearts Modulation System is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to create new and exciting sounds.

New Modulators

Curve – MSEGs done the Kilohearts way

The Curve modulator is a powerful tool for creating detailed modulation shapes. With the ability to set and modulate loop points, it provides a wide range of possibilities for shaping the sound of your music.

image 3
Curve – MSEGs done the Kilohearts way

Whether you’re looking for long, slow changes or extended complex modulations, the Curve modulator can help you achieve the sound you’re after. And with a selection of loop modes, you can tailor the envelope to your specific needs. So whether you’re looking for a traditional envelope or something more unique, the Curve modulator is a great option.

LFO Table – Cycle through 256 LFO shapes in one modulator.

LFO Tables are a type of LFO that loads wavetables. This allows for a greater degree of control over the shape of the waveform, as well as the ability to create unique and complex shapes. When combined with the Random modulator, LFO Tables are incredibly powerful for crafting evolving generative patterns.

image 4
LFO Table – Cycle through 256 LFO shapes in one modulator.

The module also includes a built-in attenuator for each wavetable, allowing you to create more nuanced modulation. In addition, the LFO Table can be used as an audio rate modulation source, making it a versatile tool for sound design. Whether you’re looking for traditional LFO shapes or something more experimental, the LFO Table is sure to offer something new and exciting.


Remap Transform incoming data into the desired output values using your own remap shapes. Transform incoming data into the desired output values using your own remap shapes. Ultimate precision control over output values from any input.

image 5

Great for locking pitch values to specific note frequencies, among other things. Remap enables you to control precisely what output value is produced from any given input value, using whatever shape you desire.

This gives you unprecedented control over the values produced by your devices, allowing you to make minute adjustments as needed. Whether you’re looking to lock pitch values to specific note frequencies or you need to make other precise adjustments, Remap is the tool you need.

Sample & Hold + Audio Follower + Pitch Track

Handy modulation utilities that convert incoming signals into modulation values. These utilities were previously only available in Snap Heap and Multipass but have been updated to be a part of the Kilohearts Modulation System.

image 1
Sample & Hold + Audio Follower + Pitch Track

Sample and Hold can be used to grab input values when triggered, the Audio Follower will track the amplitude of an incoming signal and use it to modulate whatever you desire, and the Pitch Tracker will do the same for pitch. These tools can be very useful for creating expressive synth sounds or adding movement to delays and reverbs.

And because they are now part of the Kilohearts Modulation System, they can be easily daisy-chained together with other modulation sources for even more possibilities. So if you’re looking for a way to add some life to your music, check out the Sample & Hold, Audio Follower, and Pitch Tracker utilities.

Kilohearts Ecosystem 2 Workflow Improvements

Kilohearts’ Ecosystem has been updated with some great new features that make it even easier to use.

First, the visualization of modulation connections has been improved so that you can see exactly what is connected to what with just a mouse hover.

Secondly, the modulation target menu has been updated to provide clearer values and a quick remap curve.

Lastly, the effects and modulator groups have been updated so that <you can quickly move and copy them.

Overall, these updates make the Kilohearts Ecosystem even more user-friendly and efficient. As a result, it is even easier to create complex, professional-sounding tracks.

Free for All Users

Kilohearts have released a free update to all users, adding new features and improvements. To install the update, simply run the Kilohearts Installer and follow the prompts. After updating, users will have access to new features immediately.

This is just the beginning for Kilohearts, who have more plans for future updates. Users can expect to see more improvements and additions in the near future. If there was something you were hoping for that hasn’t been added yet, keep an eye out for future updates!

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Virtual Instrument Library

80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts



80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts poster

Cheat Code by Pegboard Nerds

Phase Plant is a synthesizer from Kilohearts. The plugin is capable of producing a range of sounds from vintage synth to full-on sci-fi soundscape with just one knob! In order to help people get started, Kilohearts released Cheat Code – a Content Bank with 80+ customizable presets for Phase Plant.

80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts poster
80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts 50

Retro gaming sounds for champions

Cheat Code includes 80+ presets for Phase Plant. This bank includes all sorts of different patches – so there’s something for everyone. I was so excited to see the Soundscapes section in this new soundset! It has some really amazing pieces.

Cheat the system and learn from the masters

When you think the system can’t be cheated, it’s time for some real action. Cheat the system and learn from those who have mastered it.

In this huge Bank, Pegboard Nerds reveal their sound design secrets, with over 80 presets for adding that vintage vibe to modern electro house and beyond. Customizable patches to get you started in the right direction, as well as plenty of room for personalization. The nerds have developed an immensely useful bank where each sound will inspire you, utilizing the power of music to create a bank for every single musical note, including all the options you need to tweak, twist and turn sounds into your own.

80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts
80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts 51

Cheat Code contains 80+ presets for Phase Plant by Kilohearts

About Pegboard Nerds

Pegboard Nerds are the electronic music producers Alexander Odden and Michael Parsberg. They hail from Norway but now reside in Trondheim where they produce their unique sound of bass-heavy electro house by combining their two names into one to form Pegboard Nerds. The pair has produced dozens of singles and remixes, collaborating with artists such as Krewella, Jauz, Nervo, and Knife Party. On the popular Monstercat label, they’ve released eight EPs.

In October 2015, the pair launched Pink Cloud to raise money for breast cancer research, which peaked at number two on iTunes’ Dance Albums list and topped Billboard’s Dance albums chart.

What is Phase Plant?

If you want to learn more about Phase Plant take a look at our review: Phase Plant Review – an Enormous Hybrid Synthesizer and Sound Design Tool by Kilohearts

Phase Plant is a modular-style synth. It is a modular synth that connects the Kilohearts Snapin effects with a range of unique signal creation and intonation devices. By combining the established Kilohearts effects, adding new ones, you can build compelling synthesis and sampler instruments. Phase Plant offers four signal generators: the analog oscillator, the noise generator, the sample player, and the wavetable oscillator. Each one of these is very persuasive and you can combine, mix and match and combine as you want. If you do already own existing Kilohearts plugins, those will be available in Phase Plant. When purchasing Phase Plants it helps to reduce the spent.

80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts 2
80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts 52

Pricing and Availability

Cheat Code By Pegboard Nerds is available now.

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Virtual Instrument Library

Astral Beings – A Phase Plant Soundset by Dash Glitch



image 25

Astral Beings by Dash Glitch

Kilohearts released Astral Beings by Dash Glitch, a new Content Bank containing 50 customizable psytrance presets for Phase Plant.

On a beach in Goa, southwest India, night turns into morning to the rippling thrum of an acid squelch. Your blood feels warmer than your veins, your skin cooler than the breeze in the palms. 

A spacey arpeggio floats across your consciousness and awakens the smooth revolving pad which was already there. Stars and circles and red and green and yellow all dance together.

The sun is up, the ice is crackling in your glass, and you’re feeling the wonder of psytrance.

Dash Glitch – streamer, educator, artist, and veteran of the genre – has curated an essential collection of sounds, as much for the curious psytrance experimenter as for the lifelong believer. Basses, pads, keys, arpeggios, effects, and more, are ready for your visit.

About the author

Dash Glitch is an electronic music producer, sound designer, and YouTube creator from Cape Town, South Africa. Having performed and released tracks for over a decade, in recent years Dash has focused on educating others through his YouTube content. He is most well-known for his artist-specific breakdown videos which run through various techniques for creating sounds from popular Psytrance tracks.

Dash first started experimenting with analog synthesis at a very young age and quickly became hooked by the weird and wonderful world of possibilities that synthesizers offered. Hardware and analog synthesizers still play a huge role in the inspiration behind a lot of his sounds, however the ever-expansive world of software synthesis opened up a whole new dimension to explore.

Dash has been releasing content for various software plugins since early 2018, which has been admired by music producers across the spectrum.

Psytrance special collection. See the sound of the other side. Astral Beings includes 50 presets for Phase Plant

Pricing and Availability

The Astral Beings Content Bank is available for $29 in the Content Bank Shop or, if you are a Kilohearts Subscriber, you can just run your installer and update to add Astral Beings to your Content Bank collection immediately.

image 25
Astral Beings - A Phase Plant Soundset by Dash Glitch 61

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All Kilohearts Plugins Updated to v1.8.5



All Kilohearts Plugins Updated to v1.8.5

Update all Kilohearts Software

New update to all Kilohearts software is available.

Customers can update to v1.8.5 by simply running the Kilohearts installer and clicking ‘update’. Customers can download the installer here.

New in v1.8.5


  • Added VST3 support
  • Fixed a problem where some popups were canceled by clicking outside them when they shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed a problem where the “edited” asterisk in the top bar was not removed properly when saving.
  • Fixed a problem where config files could become corrupted and get stuck in this corrupted state.

Pitch Shifter

  • Added an option for Latency compensation allowing more compensation at the expense of more latency, or no compensation to get zero latency in the dry signal.

Snap Heap & Multipass

  • Fixed a problem where ADSR envelopes sometimes did not update the state of their gates as the threshold level was adjusted.

Phase Plant

  • Added multiple Unison modes, allowing both more control of regular Unison as well as additional creative and chord Unison modes.
  • Added support for Unison on the Sample generator module.
  • Added “Normalize Global Peak” and “Normalize Frame Peak” fixes in the Wavetable Editor
  • Added “Center” and “Range” knobs to the Note modulator allow tweaking of the range
  • Reworked the layout of the generator modules to give more space to the displays, and hide away complexity when not used.
  • Fixed a problem that caused modulation envelopes to not get retriggered at the correct times in monophonic patches.
  • Fixed a problem where Gain and Mix was not modulated properly on Poly lanes.
  • Fixed a problem where browsers would not understand files with the wrong extension case.
  • Fixed a layout issue that could cause the status bar to go off-screen when the preset browser is open.

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